HordeIn Favor of Spirituality
Start Ken'jai
End Tai'jin
Level 4 (Requires 5)
Category Priest
Experience 90
Next H Priest [4] Garments of Spirituality

You have learned all the Ken'jai can teach you in the Valley of Trials. You are ready to speak with the priest trainer Tai'jin in Razor Hill to continue your training.


Speak to Tai'jin in Durotar.


Aye, mon. Our kind have joined the Horde because they be good for us. They loyal, and they teach us much 'bout tings like honor. But our old ways die hard. The orcs may not approve of all our traditions, but that not mean we can't continue to practice some them in secret.

You know this, an' that's why I send you to Tai'jin in Razor Hill. She teach you more 'bout our history. She teach you the ways of our tribe. Go to her when you be ready.


You will receive:


Ahh... so you finally come to Tai'jin. This be good.

You already know that we are not da same tribe that once joined with the Horde. We be much stronger now. We stronger 'cause we adapt--the Horde teach us that much. We no longer defeat our enemies and gain strength from them; now we gain strength, and then defeat our enemies.

The difference be subtle, but you will learn. You will see. The tribe count on you to learn such things.


Leave the Valley of Trials and stay on the road until you come to the main Durotar north/south road. Turn left (north) to go to Razor Hill (and ultimately Orgrimmar). Turning right (south) will lead you to Sen'jin Village.

Tai'jin, the priest trainer, is located in the Razor Hill Barracks, which are on the right (east) side of the center of Razor Hill.

Once you leave the Valley of Trials, talk to the orc Ukor just before you reach the main north/south Durotar road. He gives the quest H [5] A Peon's Burden which requires you to go to Razor Hill as well.


  1. H Priest [4] In Favor of Spirituality
  2. H Priest [4] Garments of Spirituality

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