• 10 Achievement points
  • In His House He Waits Dreaming (25 player)
  • Experience all 3 visions of Yogg-Saron's mind in 25-player mode.
  • Criteria:
    • The Assassination of King Llane
    • The Tortured Champion
    • The Forging of the Demon Soul

In His House He Waits Dreaming (25 player) is a dungeon & raids achievement earned for experiencing all 3 visions of Yogg-Saron's mind on 25-player mode.

The Visions

The Assassination of King Llane

Garona says: Bad news, sire.
Garona says: The clans are united under Blackhand in this assault. They will stand together until Stormwind has fallen.
Garona says: Gul'dan is bringing up his warlocks by nightfall. Until then, the Blackrock clan will be trying to take the Eastern Wall.
Yogg-Saron says: A thousand deaths... or one murder.
King Llane says: We will hold until the reinforcements come. As long as men with stout hearts are manning the walls and the throne, Stormwind will hold.
Garona says: The orc leaders agree with your assessment.
As she speaks, Garona suddenly thrusts both her daggers forward, impaling Llane through the chest and he falls at her feet immediately.
Yogg-Saron says: Your petty quarrels only make me stronger.

The Tortured Champion

The Lich King says: Your resilience is admirable.
Immolated Champion yells: Arrrrrrgh!
Immolated Champion says: I'm not afraid of you!
The Lich King says: I will break you as I broke him.
Yogg-Saron says: Yrr n'lyeth... shuul anagg!
Yogg-Saron says: He will learn... no king rules forever; only death is eternal!

The Forging of the Demon Soul

Neltharion says: It is done... All have given that which must be given. I now seal the Dragon Soul forever...
Ysera says: That terrible glow... should that be?
Neltharion says: For it to be as it must, yes.
Malygos says: It is a weapon like no other. It must be like no other.
Yogg-Saron says: His brood learned their lesson before too long, you shall soon learn yours!

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