In Teldrassil's Shadow

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Alliance only In Teldrassil's Shadow
  • Complete the Tyrande's Ascension storyline.
  • Reward: 'Night Warrior' Night Elf Customization
Black eyes for the night elves.

In Teldrassil's Shadow is a quest achievement earned for completing the Tyrande's Ascension storyline, the Alliance intro to the Battle for Darkshore warfront.


  1. A [50] On Whispered Winds
  2. A [50] Waning Hope
  3. A [50] Shores of Fate
  4. A [50] No Survivors & A [50] Hope
  5. A [50] In Darkest Night (grants Alliance [In Teldrassil's Shadow])
  6. A [50] We Are Coming

Completing it unlocks a new skin color for night elves that comes with black eyes.


  • There was a unreleased black haircolour for night elves in the 8.1 PTR.[1] This color is available for Demon Hunters.

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