In the Ruin of Rebellion

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NeutralIn the Ruin of Rebellion
Start Theotar [29.9, 42.3]
End Vorpalia
Level 59 (Requires 59)
Category Revendreth
Experience 970
Rewards 2g 55s 5c
Previous N [59] Securing Sinfall
Next N [59] Prince Renathal


Search Sinfall for any signs of Prince Renathal.


Well, here we are, Sinfall.

Last I saw the Master was dragging Prince Renathal and his most loyal followers here in a prison convoy. However, this is a forbidden place, wrapped in rumors and mystery. I heard it was once the workshop of Denathrius, where he performed dark experiments.

Intriguing to be sure, but we are here to find Renathal. Search below, but proceed with caution. I will send word for the Accuser to make her way here with what allies she can muster.


You will receive:

  • 2g 55s 5c
  • 970 XP


Flesh that walks and talks in the Shadowlands. Interesting.


I will sever your head from your body should you...


You are still alive? That means you are... the Maw Walker?


Note the stairs behind the quest givers and follow them downstairs to a blood mirror. Head down the next set of stairs to find a floating sword, Vorpalia, wandering around.


  1. N [59] In the Ruin of Rebellion
  2. N [59] Prince Renathal
  3. N [59] Cages For All Occasions
  4. N [59] A Royal Key
  5. N [59] Torghast, Tower of the Damned
  6. N [59] Refuge of Revendreth

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