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Incarnadine Ink (quest)

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NeutralIncarnadine Ink
Start Inkmaster Glenzu
End Inkmaster Glenzu
Level 90 (Requires 85)
Category Weekly
Experience 236,000 XP
Rewards 11g 40s (or 19g 84s 50c if completed at level 100)


To attain the color Inkmaster Glenzu is seeking will require an unconventional source of pigment. His description evokes in your mind the color of blood - specifically the blood of tigers...

Craft 5 Incarnadine Ink. The recipe can be found in your Inscription pane under Quests.


The practice of caligraphy is an old custom in Pandaria. I am working on a piece about an ancient war, so I seek an ink that is suitable to the subject matter.

I have searched high and low for the right hue, but it eludes me. Can you think of a way to achieve the color I am seeking?






You will receive: 11g 40s (or 19g 84s 50c if completed at level 90)


236,000 XP

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