MobIncomplete Drakkari Colossus
Image of Incomplete Drakkari Colossus
Race Drakkari golem (Mechanical)
Level 35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Drakkari tribe
Location Lightning Vein Mine, Isle of Thunder[49.9, 20.6]
Status Killable

Incomplete Drakkari Colossus is a troll golem found in the Lightning Vein Mine on the Isle of Thunder.


  • Death Stare — Deals 50,000 Shadow damage to a distant opponent and increasing their Shadow damage taken by 25% for 10 sec, when the Drakkari Colossus has no target to melee. 1 sec cast. Increases Shadow damage taken by 25% each stack.
  • Flamethrower 50 yd range — Deals Fire damage to targets in front of the Drakkari colossus 1.5 sec cast. Triggers every 0.2 sec...
    • Flamethrower 50 yd range — Deals 60,000 Fire damage to targets in front of the Drakkari Colossus. Instant. Ticks for 57-63K Fire damage.
  • Ground Slam — Deals 250,000 Physical dmage to enemies within 0 yds of the caster, stunning them for 4 sec, and knocking them back. 3 sec cast. Hits for 225-275K Physical.
  • Shockwave — Deals 200,000 Physical damage to enemies in a 50 yard cone in front of the caster, stunning them for 5 sec. 2.5 sec cast. Hits for 190-210K Physical.


The colossus is summoned at the Primal Ritual Stone on the rise outside the northwest Lightning Vein Mine exit.

The tank must stay in melee range to keep the colossus from casting Death Stare on the rest of the party, but should get out of range to avoid the Ground Slam. It will make a Shockwave on a marked area of effect - all combatants should get out of the area before the cast completes. It will also sweep the area with Flamethrower. Either run through the flame in the opposite direction or huddle on the edge of the platform near the cliff edge.

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