An Incubus

The Incubus is the male variant of the Sayaad, the third demonic minion available to the warlock, summoned through the [Summon Sayaad] ability. The female counterpart is the Succubus. The two are functionally identical in terms of gameplay, with the only differences being cosmetic.

By default, Summon Sayaad summons either an Incubus or Succubus at random, but warlocks can speak with Alliance Laphandrus Voidheart/Horde Kazak Darkscream to obtain a  [Barbed Collar of the Incubus] that changes the spell to [Summon Incubus], ensuring that only that gender is summoned.


An Incubus from Burning Crusade Classic.

  • "Finally, a chance to demonstrate my... talents."
  • "I knew you'd want me back."
  • "Shall we begin?"
  • "What is your desire?"
Summon/ordered to attack
  • "Haha! Off the leash at last!"
  • "Mmm, this will be fun!"
  • "Now the REAL fun starts."
  • "Time to get naughty."
Ordered to cast a spell
  • "At once, o great one."
  • "By your command."
  • "Fine, but all work and no play is a waste of my... potential."
  • "The least you can do is ask nicely."
  • "Yes, yes, whatever you say."
  • "Aww, I was just starting to enjoy myself."
  • "But I thought I was your favorite!"
  • "You'll call me back. I know it."
  • "You're going to miss me..."


  • As with the Succubus and Shivarra, targeting the Incubus with a /flirt or /kiss emote will cause a heart to appear above his head for a short time.

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