Infallible Mind

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NeutralInfallible Mind
Start Bloodmage Lynnore
End Bloodmage Lynnore
Level 50 (Requires 45)
Category Blasted Lands
Rewards  [Cerebral Cortex Compound]
Repeatable Yes

This is one of the Blasted Lands buff quests. It rewards characters with a potion giving +25 intellect for a period of 60 minutes.


Bring ten Basilisk Brains and two Vulture Gizzards to Bloodmage Lynnore.


The Basilisk Brains are dropped from Redstone Crystalhides and Redstone Basilisks in the surrounding area. The two Vulture Gizzards are found from Black Slayers. They tend to be found in packs.


Your focused concentration has dwindled so soon? More research must be done!

Oh yes, the price remains the same, <name>. Venture forth into the blasted lands and return to me with ten brains from the redstone and two vulture gizzards.


This is the repeatable version of the quest N [50] The Basilisk's Bite.

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