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Felblaze Infernal HS
Classification Gargantuan fel construct[1]
Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion
Racial leader(s) IconSmall DarkTitan Male Sargeras
Language(s) Eredun, Common, Orcish
Icon-RPG Understand Eredun[2]

Infernals are nearly mindless[3] amalgamations of matter and fel energy, created by more powerful and intelligent demons.[4] Acting as living siege weapons, these brutes use blazing fists of fel fire and stone to hammer down the defenses of their enemies.[5] Falling to earth as green, molten meteorites, infernals exist only to destroy every living thing in their path. Though their lifespans are limited, the mighty infernals have been known to destroy entire cities before their energies dissipated back into the Great Dark Beyond.[6]


Sargeras in Combat

Titan Sargeras fighting demons including a infernal.

Infernal (warlock minion)

A warlock's infernal minion.

The infernals are the embodiment of primal force. They are creatures that exist only to crush, pummel, or crash through whatever obstacles-living or not-lay in their path. The spells of the warlocks and other dark sorcerers of the Burning Legion make them a force nigh unstoppable.[7]

The dreadlords mark the pinnacle of their dark powers with the devastating ability to summon a fiery infernal. At their call, the infernal will streak down from the sky, stunning and wounding nearby enemy forces when it crashes to the earth. The infernal, engulfed in searing flame, will then rise to do the dreadlord's bidding.[8]

Although they are technically constructs, some have been shown to be in possession of hearts[9][10] that burn with intense heat, and felblood flowing through their bodies.[11] Minfernals are ill-tempered constructs of flame and rage that sometimes rise from the remains of larger infernals who fall in battle.[12]

Although often considered mindless, they do have souls,[13][14] and some infernals have been known to show a modicum of self-awareness. One of these is Raze who, during the quest Shadoweaver, would eagerly shout out "RAZE SMASH!" when fighting enemies, and would even instruct the player in how to make use of its abilities (although it should be noted that these instructions essentially boil down to "You point, I smash", further highlighting the limited thoughts of Infernals). Another example is Krosnis, as Khadgar mentions that it was capable of telling others its name.[15] When Kroshius was originally brought back to life he would yell "Kroshius live? Kroshius crush!", and after the Shattering he will still eagerly shout at any that engage him in combat. Another infernal on the Broken Isles even decided to keep an elf's heart as a keepsake.[16]


Unfinished infernals

Infernal golems that have yet to be infused with fel.

The Deathforge in Shadowmoon Valley provides some details on how infernals are made. First, warlocks ritualistically summon fire elementals into pools of fouled water or lava, corrupting them until they turn into demonic "infernal souls".[17] These infernal souls are then fused together with a collection of fel rocks by mo'arg and gan'arg engineers (known in the Deathforge as Deathforge Smiths and Deathforge Tinkerers). When this process is complete, the end result is a newly-crafted infernal.

The bodies of infernals also seem to be centered around an infernal power core.[18][19][20] When an infernal is defeated, they can be easily re-summoned by infusing this core with felfire,[21] allowing for the demon's immediate return from the Twisting Nether. Several such drained cores can also be combined on their own to temporarily summon a single infernal.[22]

The stone that infernals are made of still contains large amounts of fel magic even after the infernal's death. If not gathered, the debris left behind from slain infernals will continue leeching corruption back into the ground.[23]

These cores can remain dormant, allowing for easy storage when stacked into piles, allowing for the infernals to be summoned from the skies as meteors, or simply picked up by any adventurer that might come across them. Inv infernalbrimstone [Infernal Brimstone] can also be rarely mined from these demonic corestones.

Some infernals are made by warlocks infusing pieces of Argus with fel energy to create living siege weapons.[24]


Hateful Infernal by Nathan Bowden

Hateful Infernal in the Trading Card Game.

As a companion pet[]

Main article: Minfernal

Minfernals can be captured in pet battles in Felwood.

As a mount[]

Notes and trivia[]

In the RPG[]

Infernal Monster Guide

Infernal in the Monster Guide.

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.
"The body of this massive creature is vaguely humanoid, made of shifting stones with an otherworldly appearance. The creature’s joints and face exude greenish-yellow flames."

Infernals are savage extraplanar creatures that dwell in an unknown, brutal corner of the Twisting Nether. They are a strange combination of demon and construct. Most demons shun them as uncontrollable and savage. Warlocks who summon infernals do so at great risk to themselves, for an infernal that breaks free attacks its former controller with unfettered ferocity.

Unsummoned infernals arrive through weaknesses in the cross-planar boundaries, crashing to Azeroth in devastating meteoric impacts. The infernal rises from the resulting crater and sets off on an orgy of destruction that can last hours. Fortunately for the rest of the world, an infernal’s time on Azeroth is limited to less than a day, whereupon the Twisting Nether swallows it up once again. Also fortunately for Azeroth, infernals appear only in places where the boundaries between planes are unnaturally weak, and such locales are rare.[27]


World of Warcraft
Warcraft III


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