Infernal Strike

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Infernal Strike
Ability demonhunter infernalstrike1.png
  • Infernal Strike
  • Level 10 Vengeance demon hunter ability
  • 30 yd range
  • 20 sec recharge
  • Instant cast
  • Leap through the air toward a targeted location, dealing (31.122% of Attack power) Fire damage to all enemies within 6 yards.

    Rank 2 (Level 28):
    Max 2 Charges

    Rank 3 (Level 52):
    Infernal Strike damage increased by 25%.
Usable by
Class Demon hunter
School Physical
Recharge 20 seconds
Other information
Level learned 10
Improvements [Abyssal Strike], [Flame Crash]

Infernal Strike is a level 10 Vengeance demon hunter ability.

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