Infiltrating Shadowforge City (Horde)

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HordeInfiltrating Shadowforge City
Start Galamav the Marksman
End Razal'blade
Level 55
Type Dungeon
Category Blackrock Depths
Experience 785
Rewards 8s
Previous Adventurers Wanted: Blackrock Depths
Next H [55D] The 109th Division


Speak to Razal'blade.


We're fighting a losing battle right now, I'm afraid. The Dark Irons would be difficult to defeat on their own, but their elemental allies have given them new bleeding edge warriors that we simply can't compete with.

I need you to help us infiltrate their domain and kill as many of their vital leaders as possible. Hopefully that will shock their forces and turn the tide in our favor. Report to Razal'blade for further instruction. He's stationed beyond this gate and to the right.


You will receive: 8s


Beyond this door lies the commander of the Dark Iron Army, surrounded by trained soldiers. Are you up for a little killing?

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