Infusing the Wildseed

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NeutralInfusing the Wildseed
Start Droman Aliothe [60.1, 53.9]
End Ara'lon [60.1, 52.8]
Level 56 (Requires 56)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 3,800
Rewards 12g 51s 90c
Previous N [57] Passage to Hibernal Hollow
Next N [57] Echoes of Tirna Noch


Use Soulshape to collect anima from Proglo, then infuse the wildseed with the collected anima.


Dreamweaver tells me of a ritual to quell the wildseed's nightmares... but it will require anima.

A soul named Proglo lives beneath this tree, gathering anima for the grove's caretakers to use.

His mortal life came to a violent end, and his soul has been skittish ever since. He will not respond well to your current form.

I will grant you the ability to assume the soulshape of a fox. Approach Proglo in your new form to gain his trust and ask for his anima.


You will receive:

  • 12g 51s 90c
  • 3,800 XP


I hope we can aid this wildseed.


It's going to be difficult, but I know of a place where there may be enough anima to help this wildseed.


On accept:

Droman Aliothe says: Accept this portion of my power, mortal. Use it to alter your shape into one that the soul below will find more... welcoming.
Dreamweaver says: We'll prepare the ritual!

Head under the tree. Should players have not been soulshaped when they talk to Proglo:

AH! What are you? Four spriggans in a whatever you call yourself costume?
One of those blighted monstrosities?
Whatever you are just... just go away! Please?

Use [Soulshape], then head under the tree. Speak with the frog:

Greetings! Are you here for the anima? Proglo has been making sure to keep it stored for any wildseeds that may need it.
Those nasty spriggans and blighted creatures won't get their hands on this!
Proglo is one of the bravest souls in Ardenweald. Nothing gets by him!
Gossip Droman Aliothe said you were storing anima that we could use to help a wildseed.
Of course! Proglo has saved this anima to use just for an event like this.
Here you go. Take care, and if you need anything remember that Proglo is one of the bravest souls in Ardenweald!
Gossip Thank you Proglo. I'll use this anima to help the wildseed.

Speak with Dreamweaver:

I see the dreams of the spirits. They are beautiful.
Gossip I'm ready to perform the ritual on the wildseed.
Dreamweaver says: Let's hope this is enough...
Magic beams into Dreamer's Wildseed.
Niya says: Did it work?
Dreamweaver says: No... the nightmares still linger. We need more anima.
Ara'lon says: I may know where we can acquire more.

This concludes the "This is the Way" chapter of the Ardenweald storyline. The campaign continues with N [57] Echoes of Tirna Noch.


  1. N [57] The Way to Hibernal Hollow
  2. N [57] Soothing Song
  3. N [57] Remnants of the Wild Hunt
  4. N [57] Toppling the Brute
  5. N [57] Ride of the Wild Hunt
  6. N [57] Passage to Hibernal Hollow
  7. N [56] Infusing the Wildseed

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

Dreamweaver tells me of a ritual to purge the nightmares from this wildseed.

A soul named Proglo lives beneath this platform, gathering anima to use for wildseeds.

He's a skittish soul due to his violent death. He will not respond well to your current form.

I will grant you the ability to soulshape into a fox spirit.

Use this to gain the collected anima from Proglo, then bring it to Dreamweaver.

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