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Ink-splattered Page

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Ink-splattered Page

Ink-splattered Page is a book object found in Rook's Rise in Black Rook Hold. Its author is Illysanna Ravencrest.


Ink-splattered Page

Though I distrusted Illidan, my father did not. He appointed the young sorcerer as the Moon Guard's commander. Immediately, Illidan set to work reforging the order. He pushed the sorcerers to their limits and developed new methods of wielding arcane magic.

The most controversial of these methods involved Illidan channeling the other sorcerers' powers through himself. This granted him incredible arcane might, and he used it to annihilate scores of demons. Yet there was a price. The sorcerers who gave their power to Illidan were left defenseless in battle. Many succumbed to the Legion's fel-tainted blades. Illidan never apologized for these deaths. He saw them as necessary sacrifices.

As the days and weeks passed, Illidan's mood darkened, though I am not sure why. I believe something had changed in his relationship with Malfurion and Tyrande. Whenever I mentioned his ill humor, Illidan would talk about a different subject, or he would simply glare at me and say nothing.

Some elves admired Illidan. After all, he was hurting the demons. Making them suffer. Under his command, the Moon Guard had become one of the resistance's most powerful weapons. Yet my father grew concerned about Illidan's recklessness, and he questioned his decision to make him the Moon Guard's leader.

Perhaps Kur'talos could have stopped Illidan's rash behavior, but he never had the opportunity. A Legion agent assassinated my father, and his death threw the resistance into turmoil and uncertainty.

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