AllianceInside the Frozen Citadel
Start Apprentice Nelphi
End Lady Jaina Proudmoore
Level 25-30 (Requires 25)
Type Dungeon
Category Forge of Souls
Experience 5500 (3g 30s at 80)
Reputation Valiance Expedition +25
Rewards 1g 90s
Next Echoes of Tortured Souls


Enter The Forge of Souls from the side of Icecrown Citadel and find Lady Jaina Proudmoore.


<Class>! Come close quickly, I must have a word!

My patron, the Lady Jaina Proudmoore, has uncovered a hole in the defenses of Icecrown Citadel into a place she referred to as "The Forge of Souls." She sent word before she left for me to find any help that I could... and, well, I was hoping that might be you.

Please, find her there as soon as she can.


<Name>! I'm so glad you've come.

We've been afforded a rare chance to delve into Icecrown Citadel, but we must move quickly if we're to avoid Arthas' notice.


You will receive: 1g 90s (+1g 40s at max level)


Apprentice Nelphi patrols around Dalaran, stopping in the Silver Enclave, the Legerdemain Lounge, the Dalaran Merchant's Bank and Krasus' Landing.

To get to the Forge of Souls (52.5, 89.4), fly west out of Dalaran towards Icecrown Citadel. On the high parapet just to the southwest of the citadel's main entrance (look for the first 'c' of 'Icecrown' on the in-game zone map) is a small entrance marked by Argent Commanders astride Argent Hippogryphs. Inside is the Frozen Halls, a small sanctuary inside the citadel guarded by commanders of the Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade. There are three wings of the halls: the Forge of Souls, the Halls of Reflection, and the Pit of Saron, clockwise from the north.

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Optional breadcrumb: B [25-30D] Inside the Frozen Citadel

  1. B [25-30D] Echoes of Tortured Souls
  2. B [25-30D] The Pit of Saron
  3. B [25-30D] The Path to the Citadel
  4. B [25-30D] Deliverance from the Pit
  5. B [25-30D] Frostmourne
  6. B [25-30D] Wrath of the Lich King

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