AllianceInspiring Ashran

Jaesia Rosecheer
Start Lieutenant Howell [35.6, 75.8]
End Lieutenant Howell [35.6, 75.8]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Stormshield
Experience 7850
Rewards 8g 60s
Previous A [90] Host Howell
Next A [90] A Surly Dwarf


Knewbie McGreen

Speak with Jaesia Rosecheer, Vindicator Nuurem, and Knewbie McGreen.


I hope you will find our facilities up to your high standards.

This inn is run by Jaesia Rosecheer, and in my opinion this is the best place to hearth in Draenor.

We have new recruits coming through the portal daily. In fact our latest recruit, Knewbie McGreen, just came through the portal today.

If you are looking to trade for weapons or armor, Vindicator Nuurem will be happy to help.

On accept:

Lieutenant Howell says: Everyone is a litle on edge with the Iron Horde's presence looming. Your visit here is much appreciated.


You will receive: 8g 60s


How did your walk go?


Thank you again for taking the time to visit, commander. You have no idea how much it means to us.


  • 7850 XP


Jaesia is inside the inn at the back of the first floor.

Welcome, commander. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable.

Exit the inn and loop around south to the town hall to find Vindicator Nuurem:

Welcome, commander. I carry the finest weapons and armor in all of Ashran.
Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Finally, head northeast to the mage tower, which has a portal to Stormwind. Knewbie McGreen is nearby:

Whoa! You are here too? Phew... I was starting to think I made a bad call. I'm ready to win this war for the Alliance, <Sir/Madam>!


  1. A [90] Ashran Appearance
  2. A [90] Host Howell
  3. A [90] Inspiring Ashran
  4. A [90] A Surly Dwarf
  5. A [90] Delvar Ironfist

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