Bonuses for Intellect can only be obtained through Yellow gems, Orange gems and Green gems, as well as a single Meta gem.

Color Name Effect(s)
UI-EmptySocket-Red.png Red  [Brilliant Tourmaline] +4 Intellect
 [Brilliant Blood Garnet] +6 Intellect
 [Brilliant Living Ruby] +8 Intellect
 [Brilliant Crimson Spinel] +10 Intellect
UI-EmptySocket-Red.pngUI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Orange  [Reckless Flame Spessarite] +3 Intellect +7 Healing
 [Luminous Noble Topaz] +4 Intellect +9 Healing
 [Reckless Fire Opal] +4 Intellect +11 Healing
 [Luminous Pyrestone] +5 Intellect +11 Healing
 [Reckless Citrine] +4 Intellect +5 Spell Damage
 [Infused Fire Opal] +4 Intellect +6 Spell Damage
UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.pngUI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Green  [Dazzling Deep Peridot] +3 Intellect 1 Mana every 5 sec
 [Dazzling Talasite] +4 Intellect 2 Mana every 5 sec
 [Dazzling Seaspray Emerald] +5 Intellect 2 Mana every 5 sec
UI-EmptySocket-Blue.pngUI-EmptySocket-Red.png Purple  [Purified Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +5 Spirit
UI-EmptySocket-Meta.png Meta  [Insightful Earthstorm Diamond] +12 Intellect Chance to restore mana on spellcast