NeutralIntelligence Gathering
Start Aurochs Grimbane
End Aurochs Grimbane
Level 80 (Requires 77)
Type Daily
Category Icecrown
Experience 22050
Reputation +325 Knights of the Ebon Blade
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [80] The Story Thus Far...


Aurochs Grimbane at Death's Rise wants you to collect 5 Onslaught Intel Documents.


I need to know what the Scarlet Onslaught is planning today. You will be my instrument in this task.

Fly to Onslaught Harbor and rifle through their baggage trunks for documents. The trunks will be locked, so you'll have to take the keys from the Scarlet Onslaught members by whatever means.


You have information for me?


Hand them over. I will sift through the useless ones and if there's anything actionable, I will call upon you.

Either way, return tomorrow. It is well known that they change their plans on a daily basis.


While looting chests, the  [Note from the Grand Admiral] stands a chance of being inside too, which starts N [80] The Grand (Admiral's) Plan.

This can be a frustrating quest, as the keys have quite a low drop rate, and the chests also only have a chance of giving the intel documents. These combined drop rates can make this quest take quite a long time.


  1. N [80] To the Rise with all Due Haste!
  2. N [80] The Story Thus Far...
    Optional daily side quests:
  3. N [80] Blood in the Water
  4. N [80] You'll Need a Gryphon
  5. N [80 Daily] No Fly Zone

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