The Interface Bar, also the Main Menu Bar,[1] is the UI bar at the bottom of the screen for command shortcuts and the experience bar. Prior to patch 8.0.1, it also contained the micro menu and bag slots.


Since patch 8.0.1
Interface Bar BfA.jpg
Default interface bar
Interface Bar BfA extra no bottom right.jpg
Additional action bar (Bottom Left, without Bottom Right)
Interface Bar BfA extra no bottom left.jpg
Additional action bar (Bottom Right, without Bottom Left)
Interface Bar BfA extra.jpg
Additional action bars (Bottom Left and Bottom Right bar)
Prior to patch 8.0.1
Interface Bar.jpg
Interface Bar extra.jpg
Additional action bars just above the interface bar

Patch changes


  • The file name for the gryphon appearing on the bar is UI-MainMenuBar-EndCap-Dwarf.blp. Likewise, the unused lion art is named UI-MainMenuBar-EndCap-Human.blp.
    • This could indicate that the user interface were originally planned to be race-specific, like in Warcraft III.


  1. ^ The codename given in the game files