NeutralInto the Fire
Start General Taldris Moonfall [45.6, 85.8]
End Thisalee Crow [42.5, 59.7]
Level 35
Type Daily
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 69400
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards [Mark of the World Tree] x2
9g 40s
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [35] Flight of the Storm Crows
Next N [35 Daily] Flamewakers of the Molten Flow, N [35 Daily] Fire Flowers


Escort a Windcaller through the Furnace and secure the entrance to the Molten Flow.

  • Druid of the Talon Windcaller protected


Skylord Omnuron and his druids are seeking to push through the Furnace to our northwest. They've been able to fly over the dangers, but they really need someone on the ground to help them secure the territory past the fire... someone like you.

If you want to aid the Druids of the Talon, wait for one of Omnuron's Windcallers to start pushing through the fire, stay close to him, and keep him safe from any attackers within the flames.


You will receive: [Mark of the World Tree] x2 and 9g 40s


Glad to see the Skylord was finally able to get someone capable through without wings. Our flight has been of little use to us in these confined spaces and amidst the thermals beyond this ridge.

Looks like we'll have to resort to more conventional tactics. You game?


You will receive:


The phase changes on accept. Head northwest to Skycaller Omnuron's position just outside of the raging inferno.

Every minute or so a named Windcaller appears:

Windcaller says: I will go with you by foot and clear the path of flames. It will take all my concentration to keep the fire at bay, so you need to make sure that I remain safe.

The windcaller will set off, clearing the fire near him. Do not stick too close to the windcaller, but instead try to stay in the fire-free area.

Windcaller says: Stay close. Stay vigilant.

Several Flamewaker Assassins with ~77k health will charge the windcaller. Peel them off so the windcaller can keep moving. Make sure to keep up with the fire-clear area!

Windcaller says: We're almost through. Stay close!

Past the inferno, the windcaller will reach a clear area with a Pyrelord, an 85 elite fire elemental with 304k health. Any attacking assassins will deaggro and flee. The Pyrelord has the following abilities:

  • Incinerate — Deals Fire damage to your target. 2.5 sec cast. 6800-8000 Fire.
  • Backdraft — Pulls in all enemies within 60 yards. Used near the end of the fight to get players in position for post-fight activities.
Windcaller yells: Brothers! Strike now!

Finish off the Pyrelord and it will pull all nearby units to it as it dies. As it dies, the ground around it ruptures and players fall down in to the Molten Flow. Thisalee Crow is inside to the northeast. Speak with her to continue.

She also knows the way out:

Gossip How do I get out of here?

Back behind me, where you first came in, there is a large thermal vent, blowing hot air up and out of this place. Stand on top of the vent, and then... jump! The momentum from your leap should be enough to propel you up to the top.
Oh, one more thing - based on some reports I'm hearing from fellow druids, make sure you watch your head on the way out.

Gossip I think I understand. Thank you.

Of course. By the way: you'll find several smaller vents which behave the same way, deeper in the cavern. With time, you may learn to use them to travel more efficiently within the cavern - or simply as a way to torment those gutless flamewakers.

The Thermal Vent at [33.5, 67.6] back at the entrance will launch players to the surface, no head-watching required. To get back to the bottom without liquifying, a Rappelling Rope can be found at [34.4, 66.2] the hole's northern edge.


Prerequisite: N [35] Druids of the Talon

  1. N [35] Flight of the Storm Crows — unlocks a daily quest chain:
  2. N [35 Daily] Into the Fire 2 Mark of the World Tree
  3. N [35 Daily] Flamewakers of the Molten Flow 2 Mark of the World Tree
  4. N [35 Daily] Fire Flowers 2 Mark of the World Tree
  5. N [35 Daily] Hounds of Shannox 1 Mark of the World Tree -or- N [35 Daily] How Hot 1 Mark of the World Tree (unlocked by N [35] Need... Water... Badly...)
  6. Fireplume Peak dailies: Two of:
  7. N [35 Daily] Strike at the Heart (unlocked by N [35] Calling the Ancients)

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