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Into the Jaws of Death!
Author(s) Walter Simonson
Artist(s) Mike Bowden, Trevor Scott
Pages 32
Publisher(s) Wildstorm
Publication date December 31, 2008
Format(s) Comic
Retail price US: $2.99
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Into the Jaws of Death! is the 14th installment of the World of Warcraft comic.


The saga of the missing King of Stormwind concludes here! Our band of heroes must traverse the dangers of Onyxia's cave in search of Prince Anduin and discover the final secrets of King Varian and Lady Katrana![1]


Varian, Lo'Gosh, Broll, Jaina, Thargas, Valeera, and the Stormwind guards arrive at the entrance of Onyxia's Lair, where they clash with a small army of dragonspawn, whelps, and wyrmkin that are are waiting for them. After Valeera and Broll kill a dragonspawn sorcerer raining fireballs down on the attackers, Broll summons roots from the earth to crush the wyrmkin soldiers. Varian is impressed and tells Lo'Gosh that he has made some "seriously useful friends".

Inside the cave, Anduin is overpowered by two of Onyxia's whelps and brought before the dragon herself, who declares that since the prince has served his purpose of luring his father to her, she will allow her newest hatchlings to feast on his flesh.

After the defeat of Onyxia's army, Jaina uses an enchantment to open the way into the lair. The party enters but immediately encounters a group of Onyxia's warders, though the dragonspawn are quickly dispatched by Jaina's frost magic and Broll's magical roots. Thargas remarks that the rest of the group barely even have to lift their blades with the two powerful magic users in their midst, but Jaina reminds him that the daughter of Deathwing has had thousands of years to perfect her own magical skills and that they shouldn't sheathe their weapons just yet.

Further into the lair, the party comes upon Onyxia, who is carrying Anduin in her claws and warns the intruders to stop lest she kill the boy. The prince yells at his father not to listen to her as she's going to kill him anyway. In response, Lo'Gosh throws a blade that impales Onyxia's other foreleg, enraging her and causing her to drop Anduin onto a clutch of her eggs, which immediately hatch into hungry whelps. Broll quickly transforms into a bird and swoops in to carry Anduin out of harm's way but is felled by the dragon's fire breath, causing the prince to land among the whelps once more. Valeera and Thargas rush in to save Anduin and Broll (who quickly gets back on his feet), with Valeera giving the prince one of her enchanted daggers to fight with. Thargas tells Valeera to guard the prince while he and Broll rush the dragon.

The Stormwind guards begin firing enchanted arrows at the dragon, but when Thargas charges in he is swept into more hatching eggs by Onyxia's tail. The black broodmother takes to the air, incinerates several of the guardsmen, and summons in yet more reinforcements. In response, Broll summons huge, living roots to kill the whelps and ensnare the dragon herself so they can take the battle to its source without wasting time on her brood. As Varian and Lo'Gosh prepare to strike at their nemesis, however, she casts a fear spell targeted at Broll that washes over many of the other combatants, briefly paralyzing them. Onyxia seizes the opportunity to break free of her bonds, knock Jaina to the floor with her tail, and gloat that after the House of Wrynn is destroyed, the Lady Prestor will "reluctantly" become the regent and eventual ruler of all Stormwind.

Onyxia begins to chant in Draconic, yelling "Reln nu ramani ar ravelahn" ("Let the will of this puppet be broken"). Varian recognizes it as the start of the spell that almost destroyed Lo'Gosh back on the island. Yelling that Lo'Gosh is the embodiment of the will of Stormwind's king, Varian jumps in front of his double as Onyxia finishes "Abela mal am dakana!" ("Once and for all!") and unleashes the spell, which impacts both Varian and Lo'Gosh simultaneously.

After a long moment of silence, the reborn Varian Wrynn emerges from the spell, his two halves having been inadvertently fused back together. Onyxia tries a final time to incinerate him, but Varian jumps atop her head and impales her skull with his newly-fused sword. As Onyxia's corpse collapses on the floor, Varian jumps down and embraces his son. The king declares that Onyxia is dead and that the line of Stormwind's kings has been restored. Through her machinations, Onyxia has made Varian twice the warrior, statesman, and king he was before, and he proclaims that "on this night and in this hour, Stormwind has been reborn!"


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