Into the Scarlet Monastery

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HordeInto the Scarlet Monastery
Start Doctor Gregory Victor[68.4, 37.8]
End Dark Ranger Velonara[75.8, 80.0]
Level 30 (Requires 28)
Type Dungeon
Category Scarlet Monastery
Experience 245
Rewards 2s 50c
Next H [30D] The Dark Side of the Light
For the Alliance version, see The Scarlet Monastery.


Report to Dark Ranger Velonara.


Oftentimes the best way to ensure our men sustain as few injuries as possible is to cause great harm to our enemies in their very homes and prevent battles from ever occurring!

Travel to the Scarlet Monastery and speak with Dark Ranger Velonara in their graveyard. She is leading a Forsaken assault there and could benefit from a seasoned <class> such as yourself.


It looks like Darthalia sent an able <class>, as I requested.


  1. Graveyard
  2. Library
  3. Armory
  4. Cathedral

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