For the Burning Legion teleportation bases also called invasion points, see Forge site#Invasion Points.

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Invasion Points (or Argus Rifts) are worlds targeted by an invasion of the Burning Legion. The portal network on Argus allows adventurers to access them, using riftstones from Kil'jaeden's ship. The goal is to clear out the Legion invasion force, fight a boss, do an event, and complete an objective.


Players will first be introduced to Invasion Points through a quest that challenges them to enter and defeat the demonic forces inside. Each Invasion Point can be accessed without a queue to enter and while no group is required, additional players will be able to enter the Invasion Point instance within a short period of each other. No queue is required to enter.

There are two tiers of Invasion Points that will not only increase in difficulty, but also increase in rewards—and you'll need to bring along extra help if you want to complete the highest tier.

  • Tier 1 Invasion Points will allow anywhere from 3–10 players within the instance. While you can enter alone, you'll ideally want to recruit at least two other friends to join you in order to complete the scenario.
  • Tier 2 Invasion Points or Greater Invasion Points, will require a raid to bring down the boss within, but with greater risk, also comes greater reward.

Several Invasion Points will be available on Argus at any given time along with one Greater Invasion Point. The portals into these encounters will be visible on your world map and each player will need to click on the portal to enter (even when in a group.) Each Invasion Point will cycle within a couple of hours and despawn, so you'll want to keep an eye on the timers indicated on your map. You and your party will face some additional challenges from location to location, whether it's contending with the extremes of cold or playing in fire. Completing these Invasion Points will provide Argus Waystones which can be used toward earning a weekly reward.

Greater Invasion Points will provide access for you and your raid to one of the new World Bosses and the chance to get some great loot starting at ilvl 930. If you don't have a raid at your beck and call, there's always the Group Finder (I) where you're sure to be able to recruit some heroes to join you. Bosses will only award loot once per week. The invasion points provide a certain degree of variation to Argus and allows players to see some different settings.[1][2]


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From its stronghold on Argus, the Legion employs a vast array of portals to spread across the cosmos like a plague. Countless worlds have been plundered for resources, their inhabitants forced to serve the Dark Titan or endure a slow, agonizing death.

Unless these worlds can be liberated, the Burning Crusade will consume everything it touches and leave the universe in ashes.

  • Matron Folnuna: Matron Folnuna destroys worlds by infecting them with her spawn. These vile creatures spread like a plague over the landscape, corrupting and devouring anything in their path.
  • Mistress Alluradel: All those who gaze upon Mistress Alluradel fall under her sinister control. She commands victims of her dominance to inflict gruesome torments upon themselves. A thrall's only hope of escape is death, and Alluradel will not allow that release until their agonized screams have ceased to amuse her.
  • Inquisitor Meto: Inquisitor Meto's mastery over fel magic is rivaled by few in the Legion. Meto uses this power to sow chaos and destruction across the cosmos, leaving countless burning worlds in his wake.
  • Occularus: Occularus feeds on the minds of his enemies, savoring their despair as he sears their flesh. This malevolent creature has devoured worlds, yet his hunger remains insatiable.
  • Sotanathor: Sotanathor's legendary strength was forged through countless burning campaigns across the cosmos. A brutal general, this demon commands vast legions that have never known defeat.
  • Pit Lord Vilemus: Pit Lord Vilemus' brutality is renowned even among the Legion. He delights in setting his foes aflame in fel fire, then laughing at their despair as they beg for the mercy of death.



A planet composed of floating islands with seemingly nothing but clouds beneath them. There are mysterious temporal anomalies on the islands.

Scenario: Invasion Point: Aurinor

Stage 1 – Seize a Foothold
  • Disrupt the Legion's forces.
Stage 2 – Temporal Anomalies
  • Destroy the Temporal Anomalies.
Final Stage – Kill the Head
  • Kill the Legion's commander.


A foggy world with a pine forest, resembling Grizzly Hills. The plantlife here grows very quickly. Bonich's wildlife includes frogs, nether rays, unicorns, and deer, including a particularly large stag named Elkeirnir.

Scenario: Invasion Point: Bonich

Stage 1 – Clearing the Clearing
  • Disrupt the Legion's forces.
Stage 2 – Push Back the Legion
  • Slay Invasive Gazers.
Final Stage – The Legion's Commander
  • Defeat any remaining denizens to ensure victory.


A Firelands-like planet, with lava and molten rock. The fire elementals here are being corrupted by the Legion.

Scenario: Invasion Point: Cen'gar

Stage 1 – Rift Breaker
  • Kill the Crazed Corruptors to force the Smoldering Rifts to collapse.
Stage 2 – Magma Flows
  • Defeat the Molten Giants.
Final Stage – Secure Victory
  • Defeat the Legion's Commander.


A Zangarmarsh-like planet with mistlurkers.

Scenario: Invasion Point: Naigtal

Stage 1 – Scattered to the Winds
  • Disrupt the Legion's forces.
Stage 2 – Repel the Legion
  • The Legion is sending reinforcements - repel them!
Stage 2 – Revitalize
  • Feed the caps of the nearby Spore Stalks to the Weakened Shamblers to restore their vitality.
Stage 3 – Something Wicked
  • Defeat the Legion's Commander.


A Sethekk Hollow-like planet, with bones and and a lake of blood. When Legion Blood Drainers are destroyed, something stirs beneath the surface. Occasionally tentacles will erupt out of the ground as well.

Scenario: Invasion Point: Sangua

Stage 1 – Stem the Bleeding
  • Destroy the Blood Drainers.
Stage 2 – Stop the Legion
  • Defeat the Legion forces.
Final Stage – Restore Balance
  • Defeat the Legion's commander.


A frozen world of icy spires. The Illidari also assaulted it.

Scenario: Invasion Point: Val

Stage 1 – Seize a Foothold
Illidan Stormrage yells: This frozen world has claimed the bones of many who came here seeking power. Ensure these demons are added to the collection.
  • Disrupt the Legion's forces.
Stage 2 – Enhanced Enemies
Illidan Stormrage yells: The Legion is reeling from your onslaught. Cut them down!
  • Release frozen Illidari from their prisons.
Final Stage – Change in Leadership
Illidan Stormrage yells: The Legion is reeling from your onslaught. Cut them down!
  • Kill the Legion's commander on Val.
Illidan Stormrage yells: Well done, champions. News of this victory will spread throughout the Dark Beyond.

Other scenarios

Scenario: Invasion Point: Rekindling

Stage 1 – Stop the Defilers
  • Stop the Legion from defiling the fire elemental.
Stage 2 – Stoke the Flames
  • Deliver Coalesced Flame to Pyrox.
Final Stage – Rekindled!
  • Defeat the Legion's Commander.

Scenario: Greater Invasion Point: Matron Folnuna

Stage 1 – Rift Breaker
  • Kill the Crazed Corruptors to force the Smoldering Rifts to collapse.
Final Stage – Champion of the Legion
  • Defeat Matron Folnuna.

Scenario: Greater Invasion Point: Sotanathor

Stage 1 – Stem the Bleeding
  • Destroy the Blood Drainers
Final Stage – Champion of the Legion
  • Defeat Sotanathor.

Scenario: Greater Invasion Point: Occularus

Stage 1 – Seize a Foothold
  • Defeat Legion forces.
Final Stage – Champion of the Legion
  • Defeat Occularus.

Scenario: Greater Invasion Point: Inquisitor Meto

Stage 1 – Scattered to the Winds
  • Defeat Legion forces.
Final Stage – Champion of the Legion
  • Defeat Inquisitor Meto.

Scenario: Greater Invasion Point: Pit Lord Vilemus

Stage 1 – Legion Lieutenants
  • Defeat Legion forces.
Final Stage – Champion of the Legion
  • Defeat Pit Lord Vilemus.

Scenario: Greater Invasion Point: Mistress Alluradel

Stage 1 – Clearing the Clearing
  • Defeat Legion forces.
Final Stage – Champion of the Legion
  • Defeat Mistress Alluradel.



Patch changes

  • Legion Hotfix (2018-02-12): Now must be level 110 to use the Invasion Point portals.
Previously had no level restriction, enabling low-level characters with  [Wormhole Generator: Argus] to use Invasions Points for leveling. The toy was also adjusted.