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Bc icon Invasion of Outland
Azeroth v Legion on Outland
Part of Burning Crusade
Date 26 ADP[1]
Location Blasted Lands, Outland, Isle of Quel'Danas
Begin Reopening of the Dark Portal
End Fury of the Sunwell

Decisive Alliance-Horde victory


Alliance Alliance, Horde Horde



Illidari Illidari


Burning Legion Burning Legion

Commanders and leaders

Alliance Alliance, Horde Horde




Illidari Illidari Illidari


Burning Legion Burning Legion Burning Legion

Casualties and losses

Alliance Alliance, Horde Horde

  • Light

Illidari Illidari

  • Near annihilation

Burning Legion Burning Legion

  • Mortal forces near annihilated, Demonic forces presumably light
Major Battles Battle of the Dark Portal, Battle for Sun's Reach
Previous Ahn'Qiraj War, First Battle for Hillsbrad
Next War against the Lich King, Nexus War

The invasion of Outland[2] was the combined invasion of Outland by the Alliance and the Horde after the Burning Legion's third attempt of invading Azeroth. The goal of the war is to prevent the Legion from securing a foothold on Outland to further their attacks on Azeroth through the Dark Portal.

Later in the conflict, the Alliance and the Horde also came into conflict with Illidan's forces.



Preparations for war[]

Since coming to Outland in the aftermath of the Third War, Illidan Stormrage had spent the last several years amassing power. He both conquered and enslaved natives of the dead world, and trained an army of demon hunters, all for the purpose of instigating an attack on the Burning Legion's homeworld, Argus. After Illidan destroyed the dreadlord homeworld of Nathreza and dealt the greatest blow that the Burning Legion had felt in ten thousand years, the Legion was now clearly aware of the threat that Illidan posed and would learn from spies from within the Illidari that Illidan planned to launch a similar assault on Argus. Seeking to put an end to Illidan, the Betrayer believed that Kil'jaeden had decided to attack the forces of Azeroth, and lure them into entering Outland. Once within the shattered realm, the Horde and Alliance would begin striking against both the Legion and the Illidari. Kil'jaeden manipulated his enemies into fighting each other, and when they were weakened from the battle he planned to destroy them all.[3]

Right before the invasion of Outland began, Khadgar and Velen reached out to the naaru independently, both seeking aid against the dark forces amassing on Outland. The Army of the Light heard their pleas but could not spare many forces, occupied as they were fighting the Burning Legion across the Great Dark Beyond. However, a faction of the naaru known as the Sha'tar, led by A'dal, did agree to help. They arrived on Outland in the great dimensional fortress Tempest Keep.[4][5]

New alliances[]

Blood elves join the Horde[]
Invisibility TCG

Blood elves join the Horde.

In the Eastern Kingdoms, the blood elves were able to reclaim much of Quel'Thalas, coming under the leadership of Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron, Ranger General Halduron Brightwing, and Grand Magister Rommath. When Rommath was sent back to Azeroth, he relayed their beloved prince's message of hope for the blood elves remaining in Quel'Thalas: that one day Kael'thas would return to lead his people to paradise. Rommath had made great progress in teaching the blood elves advanced techniques to manipulate arcane energies.[6] However, new trials appeared on the horizon: the technique of taking magic from external sources resulted in the birth of the "Wretched," a small offshoot of undead-esque, disorganized magical addicts who were unable to keep their withdrawal in check. Their presence became a reminder to the blood elves of the importance of controlling their magical addiction — for if they do not, it will control them. Blood elven adventurers went about putting down a number of the small pockets of Wretched lingering in Eversong. Despite their troubles, many of the blood elves were emboldened by Prince Kael'thas' promises and would even seek to journey to Outland in order to partake in the paradise Kael'thas had promised them.[7]

After Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's conquest of Tempest Keep, he captured a naaru named M'uru and sent it to Quel'Thalas so that the magic-addicted blood elves could feed upon it. Back in the capital city of Silvermoon, Magister Astalor Bloodsworn was not content with this idea. After long months of study and experimentation, he and his fellow wizards learned how to manipulate and corrupt the naaru's luminous energies. In the end, the wizards devised a process by which the powers of the Light could be transferred to recipients who had not earned such abilities. Instead of feeding upon the naaru's magic, the blood elves would wield the naaru's Light-given powers themselves.

Lady Liadrin, formerly a priestess, had recently renounced her vows, for she felt the Light had abandoned her people. She learned of the wizards' achievement and volunteered to be the first to bend the stolen powers to her will. With her decision a new order was born: the Blood Knights. These renegade paladins would be able to harness the sacred powers of the Alliance's noblest heroes, an advantage that enticed Warchief Thrall and High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof despite their distaste for the blood knights' methods.

The blood elves were caught in the throes of constant combat: with the Scourge presence emanating from Deatholme on one hand, and continued raids and attacks coming from the Amani trolls, who maintain their own holdings within the ruins and ziggurats of Zul'Aman on the other. The former threat was ultimately neutralized, thanks to the combined efforts of the sin'dorei Magisters and Farstriders, along with support from the Forsaken. Under direction from leaders within the Ghostlands, this culminated with the eventual battle with and the demise of the Scourge leader, Dar'Khan Drathir, whose head was sent to Regent Lord Lor'themar. Concurrent with failed negotiations with the Alliance, and night elven incursions into Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar began to forge an alliance with the faction his Forsaken allies now belonged to: the Horde. Several ambassadors were sent to and from Silvermoon, and Dar'Khan's death cleared any doubts that the blood elves would be a hindrance to the Horde.[8] With the blood elves' induction into the Horde, the sin'dorei now have the military might to secure their lands and the logistical aid for their pilgrimages to Outland, while the Horde gains the diverse expertise of the blood elves and a guide for Thrall to find the uncorrupted Mag'har orcs.[9][10]

Draenei join the Alliance[]
Heroic Presence

Draenei join the Alliance.

In Outland, Prince Kael'thas' blood elves discovered the power of Tempest Keep and successfully seized it. To escape, the draenei came out of hiding and managed to wrestle control of a wing of the keep, the Exodar, and tried to use it to flee and find aid in retaking their home. Before they could, however, the blood elves managed to sabotage what is essentially the "engine" of the draenei's transdimensional travel. The remainder of the Keep lies in Outland in Netherstorm and is now the home of Prince Kael'thas.

A month later, a terrible explosion tore open the skies above northern Kalimdor. At that moment, the great ship Exodar, plummeted from the heavens and crashed upon the world of Azeroth.

The Exodar crash-landed on a chain of islands, the Azuremyst Isles, off the western coast of Kalimdor. Their arrival on Azeroth wasn't pretty — they ended up tearing up the landscape over on Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isle. While they were, of course, concerned about their fellow survivors,[11] they were just as concerned with what they'd done to the land and the creatures on it.[12] Nevertheless, the noble draenei had succeeded in finding a safe haven and a new home. Eventually they came to discover that Kael'thas's blood elves (known as the Sunfury) had followed them to Azeroth to murder them,[13] enslave O'ros,[14] and steal the Exodar.[15] After fending off the blood elven incursions,[16][17] the draenei rescued an injured night elf priestess who thought the draenei to be their demonic eredar kin.[18]

Inspired by tales of the heroic Alliance that stood against the might of the Burning Legion, the draenei have come to enlist aid in retaking their shattered homeland. Dedicated to preserving life and upholding the tenets of the Holy Light, the draenei hope to gather a new coalition of warriors to battle the Burning Legion and put a halt to its horrific Burning Crusade. Armed only with courage and their unshakable faith in the Light, the draenei sought out the Alliance in order to usher them towards the destiny that awaits beyond the skies of Azeroth.[19] Prophet Velen had long foreseen the friendship the draenei would have with the noble Alliance and his prophecy came to fruition when his people made the first contact with the residents of Odesyus' Landing.[20][21] Together, they uncovered a conspiracy to harm the Alliance and the draenei involving the Sunfury, the Venture Company, and their traitorous agents: Engineer "Spark" Overgrind[22][23] and Sironas.[24] After further investigation, it is discovered that the traitor eredar Sironas (who has been hiding among the draenei populace) has been leading a group of blood elves called the Sunhawks in abducting draenei survivors, torturing them[25] until they willingly desire to become man'ari eredar,[24] and also opening Sun Gates to prime Kalimdor for a blood elven invasion.[26] After securing Blood Watch, the draenei of the Exodar recognized they would require allies and resources to fend off future threats. Anchorite Paetheus had sent draenei adventurers to Auberdine, the closest Alliance settlement, to propose cooperation in the fight against their common foes.[27][28] They have also sent Emissary Valustraa to Darnassus and Emissary Taluun to Stormwind City to maintain diplomatic ties with their new allies and direct their adventurers to support their allies in their troubled lands. Eventually, the Alliance destroyed the Sun Gate[29] and defeated Sironas and her Sunhawks; which consequently prevented Prince Kael'thas from invading Kalimdor and corrupting the draenei into demons.[30]

Dark Portal Opens[]

Main article: Dark Portal Opens
Dark Portal Active

The reopened Dark Portal.

Prior to the re-opening of the Dark Portal, the Burning Legion launched several attacks on Azeroth from Outland. The demons opened portals to several areas in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms as well as in the capital cities. Illidan Stormrage's demon hunters closed the portals on the Outland side.[31]

Doomlord Kazzak discovered an unknown relic and used its power to re-open the Dark Portal. In his stead, he left fellow doomlord Highlord Kruul to sow discord across the major cities of Azeroth. Several waves of contingents from the Burning Legion attempted to breach the portal from Outland's side, but were kept at bay by the soldiers and mages from Nethergarde Keep, supported by reinforcements from the ever-vigilant Argent Dawn and mercenary troops from across Azeroth. Alliance and Horde forces under Watch Commander Relthorn Netherwane and Warlord Dar'toon arrived later in the battle and were able to successfully repel the Legion's forces.

This part of the war is officially called the Battle for the Dark Portal.[32]

Hellfire Peninsula[]

Conjoined invasion of Outland[]

TCG March of the Legion

The March of the Burning Legion.

After repelling the Legion's forces, Netherwane and Dar'toon dispatched adventurers to aid the troops under Commander Duron and Lieutenant General Orion in a conjoined effort to claim the Stair of Destiny and establish footholds in Hellfire Peninsula.[33] When the defenders of Azeroth pushed through into Hellfire Peninsula, Kruul joined his forces at the Stair of Destiny to fight them. Unbeknownst to the Azerothian forces, Kruul was attacked by Illidari demon hunters who distracted him long enough for Illidan Stormrage to kill him with a blast of fel magic that tore a hole through his torso. Without Kruul to command them the demons fell into disarray, allowing the Alliance and Horde to gain a foothold at the Stair of Destiny. They would never learn that the Illidari had saved them from certain defeat at the hands of Kruul.[34]

The Alliance was able to reinforce their already established base at Honor Hold — still under the leadership of Danath Trollbane and his Sons of Lothar after two decades[35] — while the Horde forces under Thrall's trusted advisor Nazgrel established the new settlement of Thrallmar.[36]

While the Alliance and Horde focused on the threat of the Burning Legion and the Illidari, the Broken seeking to escape the violence of Outland fled to the Dark Portal in droves. Meanwhile, the blood elf pilgrims coming into Outland have sought new routes to Horde outposts not patrolled by the Alliance. Both Scout Vanura and Ranger Captain Venn'ren sent their agents to clear the Great Fissure of Stonescythe Whelps and alphas so their charges may use the secret pass to safely traverse to their respective destinations.[37][38]

Some of the Broken who eluded slavery by the Illidari found sanctuary with the Omenai in the Temple of Telhamat. Ever since the genocide of the draenei, the draenei have kept their distance from orcs — even those that were untainted by demonic corruption.[39] Vindicator Sedai believed it was time for the draenei to set their differences aside and negotiate a peace with the Mag'har orcs of Mag'har Post. Sedai never returned from his quest and when his brother Anchorite Obadei sent Alliance agents to search for Sedai, they found him murdered.[40] When the Alliance returned to the Temple of Telhamat to tell Obadei Sedai's fate, Obadei and some others believed the Mag'har murdered Sedai in cold blood.[41] The Broken Makuru, who saw Sedai as a brother, enlisted Alliance adventurers to kill Mag'har grunts in retaliation. Obadei found out about Makuru's vengeance and rebuked him as it went against Sedai's ideals.[42] Obadei sent the Alliance adventurer responsible for the Mag'har killings to Amaan the Wise[39] who subsequently sent the adventurer to retrieve 10 Sha'naar Relics from the Ruins of Sha'naar. Using the relics to create a Inv qirajidol sage [Seer's Relic], Amaan tasked the adventurer to return to the corpse of Sedai and witness a vision of a likely sequence of events that led to Sedai's death. The adventurer saw a vision that depicted Sedai not murdered by the Mag'har but rather by the Fel orc Krun Spinebreaker. The vision has cast doubt on the righteousness of the adventurer's actions and although the validity of the vision is not absolute, Amaan advised the adventurer to consider remaining open to the possibilities.[43]

Disruption of the Legion invasion[]

After the initial Azerothian victory at the Stair of Destiny, the Legion attempted to retake the Portal in order to cease the flow of troops into Outland and resume their invasion of Azeroth.

Legion teleporters set behind the enemy lines provided a constant flow of troops to throw themselves at the Stair of Destiny. A nameless Pit Commander organized an army of Infernal Siegebreakers, Fel Soldiers and Wrath Masters in an attempt to push back the Azerothian forces. The joint-faction army, inspired by the champions Justinius the Harbinger and Melgromm Highmountain fought a tireless battle to keep the Portal safe. Meanwhile, Sergeant Altumus and Sergeant Shatterskull led the Alliance and Horde in whittling away Doom Lord Kazzak's forces.[44][45] The Legion invasion was finally broken when Alliance and Horde forces under Forward Commander Kingston and Forward Commander To'arch later managed to take down the fel reavers that were protecting the Legion's front teleporters and proceeded to destroy the portals with decisive air-raids employing technology developed by Area 52.[46]

Bombing raids were carried out on the crucial Murketh and Shaadraz gateways[47][48] and the forge camps of the Abyssal Shelf.[49][50] Efforts to disrupt Legion factories at Forge Camps: Mageddon[51][52] and Rage were also carried out by Horde and Alliance troops.[53][54]

Later on, during the assault on Invasion Point: Annihilator, Warbringer Arix'Amal was killed and the portal shut down.[55][56] After translating a Inv letter 17 [Burning Legion Missive] that was dropped by the fallen Arix'Amal,[57][58] the Alliance and Horde set out to dispatch terrorfiend reinforcements at the Pools of Aggonar.[59][60] Eventually, Force Commander Danath Trollbane and Nazgrel sent heroes from their respective factions to dispatch Kazzak the Supreme's notorious lieutenant — Arazzius the Cruel.[61][62] Afterwards, the draenei in the Alliance sought to cleanse the Pools of Aggonar of its corruption[63][64] while the blood elves of the Horde sought to harness the Pools of Aggonar's fel power and stop the draenei from purifying it.[65][66] Concerned that the blood elves' magic addiction will lead to ruin, Elsaana sent Alliance adventurers to banish the uncontrolled voidwalkers of the Warp Fields in order to prevent the blood elves from consuming their energies.[67]

The Sunfury have also drawn hostile colossi to Fallen Sky Ridge by corrupting them with a giant red crystal which was dropped on the ridge and caused a massive earthquake. Since the red crystal emanated an evil presence, it turned the local colossi mad and hostile. Tola'thion of the Cenarion Expedition recruited adventurers to kill some of the raging colossi. After finding Crimson Crystal Shards on their corpses,[68][69] Tola'thion sent the crystal samples to Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze who discovered the crimson crystals were the cause of the colossi's hostile madness.[70] Galandria foiled the blood elves' machinations by sending adventurers to her magic circle and having them use a Inv misc food 02 [Seed of Revitalization]'s nature magic to heal the land around the crimson crystal through the natural forces of rain, growth and insect repopulation. Before the hero can complete the ritual however, they were met by Pathaleon the Calculator's Image, who summoned Goliathon to halt the hero's efforts. The adventurer was forced to put Goliathon down and Galandria was subsequently furious to learn Kael'thas Sunstrider's blood elves were responsible for such reckless desecration of the land.[71]

The final nail in the coffin for the Burning Legion's invasion was the defeat of Kazzak the Supreme at the Throne of Kil'jaeden.

War against the Fel Horde[]

Morlug Soulslaver TCG

An orc warlock fighting a fel orc.

The Alliance and Horde have also sent their forces to contend with the new fel orc threat.[72] The Horde from Thrallmar and the Sons of Lothar focused their efforts on diminishing the fel orcs of the Bonechewer clan in the Path of Glory.[73] The Horde, however, were also interested in studying their blood to discover how they've become fel tainted.[74] The Horde collected samples of Bonechewer[75] and Bleeding Hollow fel orc blood[76][77] to further their investigation, and fueled their Inv datacrystal01 [Demoniac Scryer] with the souls of Shattered Hand orcs. Afterward, Horde adventurers planted the Demoniac Scryer in Hellfire Basin, where it analyzed the findings[78] to conclude that Hellfire Citadel harbored a powerful demon likened to that of Mannoroth, and that it was imprisoned and coerced to somehow produce fel orcs.[79] After relaying this information to Nazgrel,[80] Nazgrel sent adventurers to kill Force-Commander Gorax and then tasked his agents to plant a Horde banner on his corpse. Afterward, the Horde heroes would then challenge the Hand of Kargath and slay him as well.[81]

The Alliance and Horde have also been clashing with each other to capture the Overlook, the Stadium and Broken Hill in order to gain a staging ground for their assaults on Hellfire Citadel.[82] The two factions also sent their champions to raid the Hellfire Ramparts,[83] steal their supplies,[84] and slay Watchkeeper Gargolmar,[85] Omor the Unscarred,[86] and the drake-riding Vazruden the Herald.[87][85] From Vazruden's lifeless corpse, the heroes discovered an ominous letter that proved that the Fel Horde was under the command of Illidan Stormrage.[88] The Alliance and the Horde then sent adventurers to the Blood Furnace in order to get fel orc blood samples so that they may study how Illidan was producing fel orcs.[89] After clearing the Blood Furnace of its defenders and slaying The Maker, Broggok, and Keli'dan the Breaker;[90][91] the Alliance and Horde raiders reported back their findings to their respective factions. Both factions grew concerned with how Illidan was using demonic blood and powerful demons to recruit his Fel Horde army.[92][93]

Fires Of Outland

A dwarf warrior fighting a fel orc warrior.

Meanwhile, the Alliance reclaimed insignias of fallen Honor Hold soldiers that the Bleeding Hollow clan were turning into cursed talismans.[94][95] Afterwards, Corporal Ironridge tasked Alliance adventurers to venture into Zeth'Gor and slay Warlord Morkh. With Morkh dead, the Sons of Lothar displayed Inv misc desecrated mailchest [Morkh's Shattered Armor] to embolden their soldiers and send a message to the Fel Horde.[96]

As the Alliance adventurers accomplished their mission in Zeth'Gor, Colonel Jules led the Sons of Lothar in an assault near Gor'gaz Outpost. Colonel Jules was stricken with demonic corruption during the battle, however, forcing Anchorite Barada to perform an exorcism on him.[97] Barada's assistant, Klatu, aided Barada in preparing for the ritual. Klatu sent Alliance adventurers to Gor'gaz Outpost to avenge Colonel Jules by slaying the Shattered Hand orcs and releasing their fel spirits.[98] He also tasked the adventurers with helping him find his Inv jewelry necklace 03 [Draenei Prayer Beads].[99] Anchorite Barada performed the exorcism successfully, saving Colonel Jule's soul.[100] With the Fel Horde reeling from their constant defeats, the Fel Horde began to make plans to launch an all-out assault on their enemies. Danath Trollbane dispatched Alliance heroes to disrupt their plans by eliminating the Fel Horde commander, Drillmaster Zurok.[101]

Magtheridon chained TCG

Magtheridon chained by orcish magic.

After Azeroth's champions slew Smith Gorlunk, they worked with their respective factions' blacksmiths to construct the Inv misc key 02 [Shattered Halls Key] — the key that opens the gate to the Shattered Halls. With the halls open to them, the Alliance and Horde sent adventurers to lay the final blow and take the fel orcs' seat of power.[102] Gunny and Caza'rez were fatally wounded by a powerful warlock curse during the assault, and they asked their compatriots to avenge them by slaying many of the Fel Horde's ranks.[103][104] After the heroes purified Gunny and Caza'rez of Grand Warlock Nethekurse's curses,[105][106] the heroes went on to slay Warbringer O'mrogg and displayed his warcloth as a token of the Alliance and Horde's military successes.[107][108] Finally, the adventurers killed Warchief Kargath Bladefist and brought his fist to their faction's leadership in order to usher in the end of the Fel Horde's reign of terror.[109][110] Ultimately, the adventurers delved deeper into Magtheridon's Lair. There they slew the Hellfire Channelers that were holding the pit lord captive, and ultimately slew Magtheridon himself. Without Magtheridon's demon blood to taint Outland's orcish population, Illidan could no longer sustain his fel orc army.

Plight of the Broken[]

In Hellfire Peninsula, adventurers aided Naladu atone for the betrayal of his tribe by freeing the elders of the Dreghood tribe from slavery[111] and slaying their Illidari overseer — Arzeth the Merciless.[112] Ikan, a Broken who found sanctuary with the Omenai in the Temple of Telhamat, recruited Alliance adventurers to slay the Illidari Taskmasters oppressing his Dreghood kin.[113]

Defending against Bloodreaver's army[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.
Ragnok Bloodreaver

Ragnok Bloodreaver with his army.

Sometime during the Invasion of Outland, Ragnok Bloodreaver sought to overthrow Illidan Stormrage and become the new Lord of Outland and, eventually, Azeroth. To these ends, Ragnok united a band of fel orcs under his strict rule and bargained with Kadavan, an ethereal mercenary, in order to gain his help with enslaving nether drakes and dragons to bolster his forces.[114]

Eventually, he managed to defeat his rivals, the Dragonmaw clan, and took their surviving warriors and nether dragons to strengthen his army. With them, he set out to conquer the Dark Portal. His machinations were foiled by Jorad Mace and a combined Alliance, Horde, Aldor, Silver Hand, and Broken army; who defeated his forces at the Stair of Destiny. Ultimately, Jorad Mace destroyed Ragnok's device which controlled his nether dragons and called on the Light to judge Ragnok, blasting apart his chest with a radiant swing of his hammer and sending his disintegrating body tumbling from the back of his nether dragon mount. With their leader dead and losing the nether dragons' support, the Alliance and Horde armies drove off the remains of Ragnok's forces.

Following the battle, Tyrygosa took the enthralled nether dragons to the Nexus in the hopes of freeing them from their enthrallment.[115]

Desiccation of Zangarmarsh[]

Lady Vashj (tactics)

Lady Vashj in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

Under the command of Lady Vashj, Illidan's Naga began to enslave the tribes of the Broken in an effort to bolster the naga's workforce and further their agenda in Outland. Nearly all of the Wastewalker tribe has been captured and put to work to drain the waters of Zangarmarsh. The plan was to take control of all the waters of Outland, and through them, its people.[116]

The Alliance began to militarize the draenei ruins such as the Temple of Telhamat and Telredor. The draenei from these ruins sought to reconnect with the Broken from other draenei settlements such as the Kurenai in the Orebor Harborage[117] and the Feralfen Lost Ones in the Boha'mu Ruins.[118] While the Feralfen refused to re-assimilate with draenei society,[119] the Kurenai were more receptive to reconciliation.[117] In response to the Alliance's expansion, the Horde has begun creating outposts of its own. In Zangarmarsh, the Horde had established Swamprat Post and Zabra'jin.[120][121]

Aside from the hostile wildlife, the biggest threats to the Alliance and Horde are the Daggerfen tribe and the Ango'rosh ogres. The Ango'rosh are encroaching upon Orebor Harborage of the Kurenai Broken[122] and Zabra'jin of the Horde.[123]

Ikuti[124] wants their leader, Overlord Gorefist, dead because he believes that the centerpiece of an ogre tribe is the leader. While Shadow Hunter Denjai doesn't want only him dead, but his followers as well;[125] he also wants the head of Boss Grog'ak.[126] Ikuti and Denjai also sent adventurers to cull the Daggerfen Brokens' population since they are the most hostile Broken tribe in the marsh and they can't afford to let them spread their influence over the Lost Ones.[127][128] They also put a bounty on the Daggerfen leader, Chieftain Mummaki, for the numerous attacks on the Kurenai and Zabra'jin.[129]

The Cenarion Expedition also traveled to Zangarmarsh[130] to study Outland's pockets of life. Ever since the Cenarion Expedition set foot in Zangarmarsh however, the naga have continuously launched lethal attacks against them without warning. Warden Hamoot sent adventurers to the various naga strongholds in Zangarmarsh and had them cull their numbers in retaliation. [131] The Broken Ikeyen also sent adventurers to kill the Umbrafen tribe and their leader Kataru in order to safeguard escaped slaves such as himself.[132]

Eventually, the Cenarion Expedition discovered Zangarmarsh's lakes and marshes have consistently been drying up and began investigating in order to preserve the region's ecosystem.[133] The Cenarion Expedition discovered the naga have been draining the major lakes of Zangarmarsh[134] and sabotaged the nagas' steam pumps that were draining the lakes to prevent further damage to the marsh.[135]

Aided by adventurers, Ysiel Windsinger and Watcher Jhang led an expedition to investigate the evil machinations of the naga in the Coilfang Reservoir.[136] Adventurers met Skar'this, a Neptulon loyalist and political prisoner of Lady Vashj in the Slave Pens. Skar'this offers to grant the adventurers Inv trinket naxxramas01 [The Mark of Vashj] which allows entrance into Vashj's lair — the Serpentshrine Cavern — in exchange for helping him restore the Cudgel of Kar'desh.[137] Adventurers slew Gruul the Dragonkiller and Nightbane in order to obtain the elemental signets required to restore the cudgel. With the cudgel restored to him, Skar'this broke free from his bonds and marked the adventurers, giving the heroes access to Vashj's seat of power.[138] The expedition disrupted the nagas' operations and ultimately led to the slaying of Lady Vashj, ending their efforts to drain the waters of Zangarmarsh once and for all.

Surviving Terokkar[]

A'dal TCG

A'dal in Shattrath City

The Sha'tar naaru left their crystalline fortress Tempest Keep behind in Netherstorm, and were drawn to the ruins of Shattrath City where a small remnant of the draenei priesthood known as the Aldor conducted its rites inside a ruined temple. The Aldor quickly regained its strength as word spread that the naaru had returned and reconstruction of Shattrath began. Shattrath City soon became one of the last refuges of Outland and an infirmary for ailing refugees from wars.

A large regiment of blood elves had been sent by Illidan Stormrage's ally, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, to lay waste to Shattrath City. As the regiment of blood elves crossed the bridge, the Aldor's exarchs and vindicators lined up to defend the Terrace of Light. Then the unexpected happened: the blood elves laid down their weapons in front of the city's defenders. Their leader, a blood elf elder known as Voren'thal, stormed into the Terrace of Light and demanded to speak to the naaru A'dal. As the naaru approached him, Voren’thal knelt and uttered the following words: "I've seen you in a vision, naaru. My race's only hope for survival lies with you. My followers and I are here to serve you."

The defection of Voren'thal and his followers was the largest loss ever incurred by Kael'thas' forces. Nor were these just any blood elves. Many of the strongest and brightest amongst Kael'thas' scholars and magisters had been swayed by Voren'thal's influence. The naaru accepted the defectors, who became known as the Scryers. Despite years of war and hostilities among the Aldor and the Scryers, they both served the Sha'tar and now lived in the same city. Further attacks against Shattrath continued, but the city did not fall, and the Sha'tar under the command of the naaru Xi'ri led a successful incursion into Shadowmoon Valley - Illidan's doorstep. The Aldor and Scryers compete for A'dal's favor so that they may be sent to the front of Xi'ri's campaign. The two factions would even recruit adventurers to aid them in increasing their reputation in the city.[139]

Commander Ra'vaj leads the Sha'tari Base Camp and has been fighting a war against the Auchenai.[140]

Meanwhile, the Sha'tari Skyguard defends against Shattrath's enemies from the skies. The local chapter in Terokkar fought war campaigns against the Gordunni ogres of Barrier Hills[141] and the Arakkoa of Skettis.[142]

The Alliance utilizes Allerian Stronghold to maintain their presence in Terokkar Forest, and the Horde as well via Stonebreaker Hold. Both factions are focused on fending off the hostile arakkoa, Firewing blood elves, and remnants of the fel orcs and the Shadow Council.

The bombing of Cenarion Thicket[]

The Wrekt Broken and Lost Ones of Tuurem had allied with Kael'thas Sunstrider's Firewing blood elves of Firewing Point.[143][144] The Broken Empoor, a traveling salesman, delivered the ingredients[145] for a mana bomb[146] from Shattrath City to Tuurem, where the blood elf and Broken coalition made a prototype mana bomb device.[147] The nefarious coalition sent a Broken suicide bomber to blow up Cenarion Thicket, a Cenarion Expedition outpost, to test their mana bomb. Only one druid in the Cenarion Thicket survived, Warden Treelos. He went mad, though, and was found talking about tea time and how Naphthal'ar was watching him. Earthbinder Tavgren, a Cenarion tauren druid returning from a scouting mission, found the Thicket devastated and with all the druids, but Treelos, dead. Tavgren and an adventurer investigated the massacre of Cenarion Thicket and discovered the Firewing blood elves were making mana bombs and using the inhabitants of Tuurem as a smuggling go-between to do it.[148] The adventurer then assaulted Firewing Point, rescued Isla Starmane[149] and detonated a mana bomb there, annihilating the bomb manufacturing site and preventing more mana bombs from being used against friendly strongholds.[150]

Reconnecting in Nagrand[]

Befriending the Mag'har and Kurenai[]

Chronicle3 Thrall and Garrosh

Thrall speaks to Garrosh of his father, Grommash.

Alliance adventurers who aided Ikuti in Orebor Harborage were invited by the Kurenai to Telaar — the Kurenai's home village in Nagrand.[151] The Horde, on the other hand, discover the presence of the Mag'har orcs when Horde adventurers discovered a Mag'har axe had slain the fel orc assassin they had been hunting.[152] Since the Horde had been mandated to reconnect with the Mag'har by Warchief Thrall,[153] the Horde used spirit wolves to track the owner of the axe to Mag'har Post in Hellfire Peninsula.[154] The Mag'har were excited to hear that the son of Durotan leads non-corrupted orcs beyond the Dark Portal and tells the Horde they would welcome them in their home, Garadar.[155]

The Alliance and Horde traveled to Nagrand to strengthen relations with their long lost kin but found they were beset by their own problems. For the Mag'har, the Boulderfist clan have pushed them out of the Burning Blade Ruins and Bleeding Hollow Ruins, the Warmaul ogres attacked a Mag'har funeral procession,[156] and the Murkblood tribe have conquered Sunspring Post. Greatmother Geyah had fallen ill and the Mag'har's leader, Garrosh Hellscream, was too despondent to lead his people's defense.

The Kurenai also have problems with the same organizations. Ogres have always been fierce enemies of the Kurenai but the Boulderfist ogres have been more aggressive of late and the Murkblood Broken's machinations not only threaten their ecosystem but also threaten the safety of Telaar. To make matters worse, the Murkblood tribe's attack on Sunspring Post has set back peaceful relations between the Kurenai and the Mag'har.

Adventurers of the Alliance and the Horde proved their worth to their new allies by waging war on their allies' enemies and rescuing allies who were being held captive. They also discovered the reason for the Boulderfist ogres' increased aggression was due to them being displaced by the Warmaul and being forced to wage war out of a need for more food and resources. The adventurers established a peace treaty with the Boulderfist leader, Lantresor of the Blade, in exchange for helping him to pit the Warmauls against the Kil'sorrow clan.[157]

Altruis' campaign against the Burning Legion[]

The demon hunter, Altruis the Sufferer, also recruited adventurers in his assault on Forge Camp: Hate and Forge Camp: Fear. By using the camps' own fel cannons against the camps, the heroes destroyed the Legion outposts and prevented the Legion from advancing on the region.[158]

The Throne of the Elements[]

In the Throne of the Elements, the members of the Earthen Ring collaborate with the Furies of Outland to bring peace to the restless elemental spirits of Nagrand. Elementalist Lo'ap, under the guidance of Watoosun of the Water, instructs adventurers to kill the destructive Lake Spirits nearby and aids them with securing Incineratus' blessing.[159] With the fiery essence of Incineratus himself granted to the adventurers, Lo'ap tasked his agents to set fire to Windyreed Village, whose inhabitants had agitated the water spirits in their efforts to create a marshland in Nagrand.[160] Meanwhile, Watoosun cleansed the water spirits of their corruption; but in doing so, created a twisted spirit essence. Lo'ap sent adventurers to purge Watoosun's Polluted Essence and its offspring, the Lake Surgers.[161]

Gordawg also directs adventurers to kill tainted earth elementals and destroying the one responsible for their corruption: Gurok the Usurper.[162][163] Elementalist Morgh also sent adventurers to slay Murkblood Putrifiers, who have been using dark shamanism to control air spirits.[164]

Hero of the Mag'har[]

Eventually, Greatmother Geyah discussed with the Horde hero her wish to restore Garrosh Hellscream's confidence as a leader before she passes away since the Mag'har will need his leadership in the coming winter once she is gone. The Horde adventurer went on to aid the Mag'har in discovering why their ancestral spirits were so agitated lately. The Horde champion traveled to Oshu'gun and found K'ure, who explained that it was trapped in Oshu'gun and as its energies bled away over the centuries, a void slowly grew in their place. That void devoured orc souls into a void vortex which the Burning Legion (via the Kil'sorrow clan) has appropriated into drawing void minions and conscripting them into their army.

K'ure directed the Horde hero to speak to A'dal in Shattrath City, who knew how to end the cycle and free the orc spirits. A'dal instructed the Horde adventurer to slay Exarch Maladaar in the Auchenai Crypts in order to free the captive spirit of D'ore — the naaru ending its void state and is about to be reborn of Light. Once D'ore has completely regenerated, D'ore explained that the void-light cycle of a naaru is inevitable. The only way to free the darkened ancient orc spirits is to summon them using a Inv misc platnumdisks [Soul Mirror] and destroy them before they transform into void creatures. After restoring the serenity of the orcs' ancient ancestors, the Horde adventurers reported their success to Greatmother Geyah, who wanted the champion to personally deliver the news of their victories to Garrosh in order to inspire hope in him.

Due to the Horde adventurer's efforts in aiding the Mag'har where he could not, Garrosh Hellscream doubts himself and suggests that the Horde hero should lead instead of him. Disheartened that the hero's actions have not uplifted Garrosh's spirit, Greatmother Geyah nevertheless thanked the adventurer for their efforts and ended up remarking that the adventurer reminded her of her son. This, in turn, led the stunned adventurer to reveal that her grandson is Warchief of the Horde. Geyah, in her frail state, asked the Horde adventurer to send word to Thrall of her existence so their family could reunite.

After informing Thrall of the situation, he arrived to visit his grandmother. During this time, he showed Garrosh his father's last battle against Mannoroth causing him to become confident in himself and escape his doubt.[165]

The battle for Halaa[]

The Alliance and Horde also fought over Halaa in order to research Oshu'gun Crystal Powder,[166] but also to prevent their enemies from using the site and its research to threaten their local base in the region.[167][168]

The Consortium's business ventures[]

The Consortium of Aeris Landing also sought the crystal fragments of Oshu'gun but were ordered by Nexus Prince Haramad to hold off on the operation so as not to offend the naaru. Instead, the outpost's leader, Gezhe, plans to gain the Oshu'gun Crystal Fragments by hiring adventurers to steal them from the criminal Vir'aani ethereals, who have already begun despoiling Oshu'gun.[169] The Consortium has also been employing adventurers to collect the ivory tusks of the local elekks[170] and the Inv jewelry necklace 19 [Obsidian Warbeads] of the ogres;[171] slay the dangerous Voidspawn;[172] and also assassinate the rogue ethereal Gava'xi.[173]

Blade's Edge Mountains[]


Goc as seen in World of Warcraft.

In Blade's Edge Mountains, the Horde has pushed out the Bladespire ogres to reclaim Thunderlord Stronghold while night elves of the Alliance use their magic to grow the town of Sylvanaar and the Living Grove. Both bases are wary of each other, and the Horde would send their agents to cull the Alliance's Fey Drakes[174] and Ancient of War[175] in order to diminish their strength in the region, while the Alliance retaliates by slaying the Horde's dire wolves.[176][177]

Liberation of the ogre clans[]

Despite the rivalries of the Horde and Alliance, the Bladespire, Boulder'mok, and Bloodmaul ogres posed a more dire threat to their settlements. The Alliance and Horde would send their adventurers to cull their numbers in order to safeguard their bases. The Bloodmaul and Bladespire ogres are also fierce enemies of each other, and the Bloodmaul clan was in danger of being crushed by the Bladespire ogres,[178] and Gruul's sons who back them.[179] Vindicator Vuuleen would conspire with Alliance adventurers to plot the death of Gorr'Dim, the leader of Bladespire Hold,[180] and provoke Bloodmaul ogres to attack the Bladespire clan's holdings.[181] Commander Haephus Stonewall would also send out Alliance agents to slay the Bloodmaul leader Dorgok after receiving reports of an impending Bloodmaul attack on Sylvanaar and the Cenarion Expedition at the Ruuan Weald.[182] Meanwhile, the spirit of T'chali the Witch Doctor would enlist Horde adventurers to slay Grimnok Battleborn and Korgaah[183] and curse the Bloodmaul and Bladespire's buildings in order to avenge his death.[184]

After recovering the fallen Thunderlord clan's artifacts from the Bladespire ogres, the ancestors of the Thunderlord clan gave the Horde their blessing to inherit Thunderlord Stronghold. Once the artifacts have been returned, the spirit of Garm Wolfbrother advised Horde adventurers to aid Rexxar in his quest for it is tied to the future safety of the Horde.[185] When Horde adventurers find Rexxar, they discover he is searching for his people the Mok'Nathal, and relayed Garm Wolfbrother's information about the location of Mok'Nathal Village to him.[186] Rexxar asks the Horde adventurer to speak to his estranged father Leoroxx on his behalf[187] but Leoroxx has denounced his son since he left Draenor to follow the Old Horde many years ago. Despite Leoroxx's rejection of him, Rexxar is determined to prove to Leoroxx he is still Mok'Nathal and his son, whether he cares to admit it or not.[188]

Rexxar believes stopping the Bloodmaul ogres from harassing the Mok'Nathal would prove to his father he is worthy. Rexxar sent the Horde adventurer and his hawk Spirit to spy on the Bloodmaul ogres and discovered that the Bloodmaul's hostilities were under the orders of the Sons of Gruul.[189]Commander Haephus Stonewall also came to the same conclusion after Inv misc statue 09 [Gorgrom's Favor] was found on Dorgok's person.[190]

Rexxar and Commander Stonewall both send their adventurers to bargain for Baron Sablemane's help. Sablemane agreed to help them in exchange for a favor. Sablemane helps craft for Rexxar a poison which Rexxar used to poison the Bloodmaul ogres of Bloodmaul Camp[191] while for Alliance adventurers he crafts a sleeping powder which will aid them in the task he has in mind for them. The favor Sablemane demanded of the adventurers was to steal for him Inv misc bag 10 [Grulloc's Sack] from Grulloc's home in Cursed Hollow.[192][193] With the bargain fulfilled, Sablemane grants the adventurers a Spell fire burnout [Dragonfire Trap] which they used to kill Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater.[194]

Rexxar and Horde adventurers eventually went to rescue his captured wyvern Leokk from the Bladespire ogres outside of Gruul's Lair.[195] Meanwhile, Baron Sablemane has recruited Alliance adventurers in his quest for revenge against the gronn. Sablemane and the Alliance assault the Bladespire's toughest warriors, including Fingrom the ogre mage.[196] Ultimately, the adventurers (with Rexxar or Sablemane) have a final showdown with Goc, the master of the Bladespire ogres, at the Circle of Blood. With Goc slain, Sablemane has satisfied his thirst to avenge the deaths of his black dragon children, while Rexxar had safeguarded the Mok'Nathal but will continue to adventure in order to become a stronger and worthier Mok'Nathal in his father's eyes.[197]

Not all ogres in the Blade's Edge Mountains are hostile, however. Mog'dorg the Wizened leads the ogres of Ogri'la in saving the Bloodmaul clan from annihilation and liberating all of ogre-kind from the tyranny of Gruul. Mog'dorg recruited adventurers to assassinate the remaining sons of Gruul. With the sons of Gruul vanquished, their hold over the ogres of Blade's Edge Mountains is broken. The adventurer who liberated the ogres from such tyranny is hailed as their new king/queen.[198] Free of their bondage, Mog'dorg begins to reunify the ogre clans. In the meanwhile, the adventurers were sent to the settlement of Ogri'la where the enlightened ogres work to defend the mountains from its other threats.[199] The most trusted allies of Ogri'la would be entrusted with Banishing Crystals which would stop demons from resurrecting. With the banishing crystals, adventurers would be sent to clear out the demons of Forge Camp: Terror and Forge Camp: Wrath.[200] The ogres of Ogri'la were also allied with the Sha'tari Skyguard from Skyguard Outpost, and they performed bombing runs on the two Burning Legion camps as well for the mutual protection of their coalition.[201]

Fall of the Razaani[]

While Horde adventurers proved their worth to the Mok'Nathal of Mok'Nathal Village by aiding them in gathering supplies and hunting their most fearsome foes, Alliance adventurers were tasked by Commander Skyshadow to investigate what became of the gnome expedition that was cast out of Sylvanaar.[202] The Alliance champions soon discovered that the gnomes have established Toshley's Station,[203] and aided the various gnome scientists in conducting their experiments and testing their inventions. The Alliance and Horde also helped their allies safeguard their respective settlements. When the Mok'Nathal and the gnomes discovered that the Razaani Ethereals of Razaan's Landing were using the souls of their people to power their ethereal technology, they sent their adventurers to retaliate against the ethereals and slay their leader Nexus-Prince Razaan. The adventurers then retrieved the Spell shadow haunting [Collection of Souls] from Razaan's corpse and freed the captive souls.[204][205]

The wrath of nature[]

The Cenarion Expedition had set up the outpost of the Evergrove to heal the Ruuan Weald and the other pockets of nature in the mountains from the Burning Legion's corruption. Faradrella recruited adventurers to slay the Legion's Fel Corrupters and the tainted Felsworn creatures spreading the fel corruption in the forest.[206] After recovering and repairing a Inv helmet 31 [Felsworn Gas Mask] taken from a fallen Fel Corrupter,[207] Wildlord Antelarion used the mask to disguise his agent so that they can infiltrate Forge Camp: Anger.[208] After which the adventurer manipulated a demon lord into thinking the Legion camp was undergoing a revolt by using the Legion Communicator. Enraged that the camp was undermining the demon lord's authority, the demon lord authorized the disguised adventurer to slay the camp's engineers and attendants[209] and was guided to summon and slay Doomcryer, who the demon lord suspected of orchestrating the fake revolt.[210] The Cenarion Expedition pressed their advantage by using the Legion's fel cannons to fire nature imbued cannonballs[211] at Death's Door's two warp-gates.[212] Lastly they slew Baelmon the Hound-Master whose rituals kept Death's Door's portal functioning.[213]

Mosswood the Ancient also employed adventurers to purge his home, Skald, of the Legion's imps who burned down the woods[214] and replant Inv misc food wheat 02 [Ironroot Seeds] so that nature can flourish there once again.[215] After discovering the Arakkoa of Grishnath have been possessing the Raven's Wood Leafbeards and stonebarks with evil Koi-Koi Spirits,[216] adventurers aided Treebole in exorcising the possessed ancients and protectors of Raven's Wood.[217]

The Cenarion Expedition has also been having altercations with the Wyrmcult of the Blackwing Coven who have been despoiling the wildlife and woods of the Ruuan Weald. The Cenarion Expedition tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution but the wyrmcultists rebuffed them.[218] Tree Warden Chawn in response sent adventurers to slay the Wyrmcult's hewers.[219] After recovering a Inv scroll 06 [Meeting Note] from one of the fallen hewers,[220] Chawn sent adventurers to the Wyrmskull Tunnel to bolster the expedition's defenses led by Watcher Moonshade.[221] The adventurers reported that the wyrmcultists were amassing in the tunnel for an impending attack on the expedition. Moonshade tasked the adventurers to slay the Wyrmcult leader Draaca Longtail in order to sow in-fighting among the enemy and hamper their efforts to organize an attack.[222] The adventurer then donned an Overseer Nuaar disguise and attended a meeting with Kolphis Darkscale, who revealed that the wyrmcultists are mounting an all-out attack on the Cenarion Expedition under the orders of their leader, Maxnar the Ashmaw.[223] After reporting the news to Tree Warden Chawn, Chawn orders the assassination of the dragonkin Maxnar to end the Wyrmcult's machinations for good.[224]


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When Ner'zhul's portals destroyed Draenor and transformed it into Outland, Farahlon was transformed into the Netherstorm. The Twisting Nether constantly ate away at the Netherstorm's borders, and its chaotic magics slowly bled into Outland.[225] Kael'thas Sunstrider and his Sunfury reached Netherstorm, they captured Tempest Keep and used its machinery to harness the storm's magic, further compromising the already unstable land.[226][227] They dismantled parts of Tempest Keep and strategically built five tremendous manaforges across the Netherstorm, siphoning mana from the Twisting Nether itself and storing it in mana cells for the elves to feed on. Over time, the manaforges weakened the fabric of reality in the Netherstorm, attracting the attention of the ethereals, who arrived on Outland to ply their trade or pursue their war against the Void.[228] Later on, Kael'thas sent his Sunfury to attack the Kirin Tor of Kirin'Var Village. Ultimately, the battle ended with the blood elves blowing up the village with a mana bomb. The only survivors were Archmage Vargoth, who Kael'thas cursed to be imprisoned in his Violet Tower, and his apprentice Ravandwyr.[229]

During the invasion of Outland, the goblins of B.O.O.M. established Area 52 in order to finish construction of their X-52 Nether-Rocket. The Aldor and Scryers were also sent by A'dal to investigate Kael'thas' activities and have made camp in Area 52.

Courting the Consortium[]

After discovering the Consortium had a falling out with their Sunfury trading partners, the Sha'tar sought to capitalize on their enmity and sway the Consortium to their side. An Aldor/Scryer representative was sent to aid Nether-Stalker Khay'ji, the Consortium representative in Area 52,[230] by: aiding Khay'ji recover an Inv misc gem crystal 01 [Arklon Crystal Artifact] from the dreadlord Pentatharon,[231] cull the rogue Zaxxis organization, [232] and eliminate Warp-Raider Nesaad.[233] Furthermore, the Sunfury has reneged on another purchase of Consortium goods and the representative aided the Consortium recover their stolen boxes of surveying equipment from the blood elves of Manaforge Duro.[234][235] Eventually, the adventurer delivered the surveying equipment to an Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad himself who welcomed the representative to Stormspire.[236]

Nexus-Prince Haramad revealed to the adventurer that he was searching for the Inv datacrystal02 [Ata'mal Crystal], Spirit's Song, since he has heard rumors that it grants god-like powers to its bearer. However, the Burning Legion was also searching for it. Haramad recruited the adventurer to use his Inv staff 27 [Triangulation Device] to triangulate the location of the crystal and report the results to his agents: Dealer Hazzin and Wind Trader Tuluman.[237][238] Unfortunately, the data revealed the Ata'mal Crystal was on the move and was already uncovered by the Burning Legion. The adventurer hunted down the rogue dreadlord Culuthas, who has broken away from Socrethar's command to claim the Ata'mal Crystal for himself. Apparently, upon obtaining the crystal, Culuthas believed himself above the rule of the Burning Legion and killed the demon forces in the Ruins of Farahlon, replacing them with his own minions — the Hounds and Eyes of Culuthas. While agents of the Consortium purged the minions of Culuthas,[239] an adventurer slew Culuthas, reclaimed Spirit's Song, and subsequently returned it to Nexus-Prince Haramad's image. Haramad was so inspired by the adventurer's selflessness, that he personally came to the adventurer's defense when Kael'thas' ambassador — Ambassador Solannas — and his two honor guards attacked the adventurer to claim the Ata'mal Crystal. Inspired by the adventurer's nobility, Nexus-Prince Haramad decided to give Spirit's Song to the Sha'tar once Solannas and his guards were dealt with.[240][241]

Manaforge shutdown[]


One of the manaforges in Netherstorm.

While the Aldor sent their agents to assault Manaforge B'naar, culling and distracting their Sunfury forces,[242] the Scryers sent their agents to take the Inv scroll 03 [B'naar Personnel Roster] from Captain Arathyn.[243] The Scryers then shut down Manaforge B'naar's operations by slaying the specialists maintaining the manaforge,[244] while the Aldor infiltrated B'naar to transcribe the Sunfury's passwords and security codes for the naaru-made technology found in the Tempest Keep and the Exodar.[245][246] The Aldor and Scryers then used the Inv datacrystal06 [B'naar Access Crystal] they obtained from Overseer Theredis to elicit an emergency shutdown of Manaforge B'naar and permanently disable the manaforge's technology.[247]

Scryer agents disguised themselves as Sunfury personnel and infiltrated a meeting with Commander Dawnforge, Arcanist Ardonis, and Pathaleon the Calculator's Image. From the meeting, the Scryers discovered that Manaforge Ultris was destroyed by power overload, Manaforge Duro was under assault by mana creatures, and the Sunfury were recalling their forces to reinforce Duro.[248] With the Sunfury forces diverted to the other manaforges, the Aldor and Scryers assaulted Manaforge Coruu, and used the Inv datacrystal06 [Coruu Access Crystal] to shut it down.[249] After the assault on Coruu, the Aldor decided to infiltrate Manaforge Duro and retrieve Sunfury briefings.[250] Afterwards, the Aldor and the Scryers shutdown Manaforge Duro as well.[251]

Following up on a lead from the Sunfury briefings, the Aldor affiliates met up with Aldor agent Kaylaan at Tuluman's Landing.[252] The Aldor found Burning Legion demons aiding the Sunfury in running Manaforge Ara, proving Kael'thas was serving the Burning Legion. The Aldor dispatched the demons at Ara,[253] but Kaylaan became disillusioned with the Sha'tar's leadership and resented their collaboration with the Scryers; thus leading Kaylaan to ultimately abandon the Aldor.[254] The Consortium at Tuluman's Landing also undermined the Sunfury presence by hiring mercenaries to dispatch the Sunfury Nethermancers[255] and wresting control of Trelleum Mine from them.[256][257] Meanwhile, the Scryers were busy eliminating the Sunfury stragglers at Manaforge Duro.[258] Eventually, the Scryers met with Magister Theledorn, a Sunfury magister wishing to defect to the Scryers in exchange for information.[259] Theledorn told the Scryer agents the demons at Manaforge Ara hold damning evidence proving Kael'thas' alliance with the Burning Legion which the Scryers could use to gain a considerable political advantage. As suggested, the Scryers then obtained Kael'thas' orders from the demons which Spymaster Thalodien planned to relay to Voren'thal the Seer.[260] After uncovering the alliance between Kael'thas and the Legion, the Aldor and Scryers finished their assault by shutting down Manaforge Ara.[261]

Deathblow to the Legion[]

Socrethar's Seat

Socrethar's Seat

With the manaforges shut down, the Aldor and Scryers focused their efforts on taking down the Burning Legion commander, Socrethar. Socrethar is found in an island called Socrethar's Seat, which is only accessible by his most trusted lieutenants via teleportation. The Aldor and Scryers raided Forge Base: Oblivion and Forge Base: Gehenna in order to obtain the two halves of a teleportation stone from Forgemaster Morug and Silroth.[262][263] After reassembling the teleportation stone, the Aldor or Scryers met up at Invasion Point: Overlord where they teleported to Socrethar's Seat and prepared themselves for the final battle with Socrethar. For the Aldors, however, they were met by Kaylaan the Lost, whose hatred for the Scryers had allowed Socrethar to sway him to his side and go against the Sha'tar. The Aldor were forced to fend off their former brother in arms but during the middle of the battle, Ishanah arrived and offers herself as Socrethar's prisoner in exchange for releasing Kaylaan from demonic corruption. Socrethar refused to bargain and slew Ishanah, which persuaded Kaylaan to abandon his vengeance and use the Light to bring Ishanah back to life. Enraged by Kaylaan's redemption, Socrethar murdered Kaylaan and resolved to kill the heroes himself. Ultimately, a great battle erupted between the Aldor/Scryer forces and Socrethar which led to the death of Socrethar.[264][265]

Assault on Tempest Keep[]

Tempest Keep Wallpaper

Kael'thas and his lieutenants.

Thanks to Nexus-Prince Haramad's intelligence, A'dal learned there were two shards of a key that when combined, will unlock access to Tempest Keep's Arcatraz satellite. One half was held by the ancient Warp Splinter in the Botanica, and the other held by Pathaleon the Calculator in the Mechanar.

Adventurers of the Horde and Alliance subsequently fought over the Eye of the Storm since its rich energy deposits and close proximity to Tempest Keep made it a valuable staging ground against Kael'thas' stronghold. Eventually, the adventurers breached Tempest Keep's Botanica and Mechanar. Under the telepathic guidance of A'dal, the adventurers eliminated high-profile targets in Tempest Keep that posed a threat to Outland. In the Botanica, A'dal ordered: the deaths of Commander Sarannis, High Botanist Freywinn, and Thorngrin the Tender;[266] the culling of the Botanica's twisted specimens and also the acquisition of a frond sample from Laj for the Sha'tar to study;[267] and lastly to put down the impure Warp Splinter and obtain its half of the key.[268] In the Mechanar, A'dal tasked the adventurers to slay Mechano-Lord Capacitus[269] and subsequently Pathaleon the Calculator — in order to obtain the remaining half of the Arcatraz key.[270] Lastly, A'dal has ordered the adventurers to recover the naaru artifact, Ability paladin sheathoflight [Blinding Fury], from the Cache of the Legion.[271]

Eventually, the adventurers recovered the two halves of the Arcatraz key and returned it to A'dal who combined them to form the Inv datacrystal03 [Key to the Arcatraz].[272] The adventurers used the Arcatraz key to grant them entrance into the prison satellite but found the prisoners of Arcatraz were undergoing a revolt when they arrived. The Old God servant, Harbinger Skyriss, corrupted Warden Mellichar and made him release many of the prisoners.[273] With the prisoners running amok, the heroes of Azeroth raided Arcatraz to prevent the escape of its dangerous fugitives. A'dal tasked Alliance adventurers to slay the Void lord Zereketh the Unbound[274] and the two powerful agents rallying the demons of the Burning Legion, Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates and Dalliah the Doomsayer.[275] Afterwards, A'dal ordered the assassination of Harbinger Skyriss: the mastermind behind the prison breakout.[273]

When the elemental spirits of Outland revealed that Kael'thas had learned Inv misc rune 10 [The Cipher of Damnation] spell,[276] the Sha'tar knew that Kael had to be stopped before he used the cipher to collapse Outland. The heroes who completed A'dal's four trials[277][278][279][280] proved themselves worthy of receiving the Inv datacrystal11 [The Tempest Key].[281]

Once the Tempest Key opened up the entrance to Kael'thas' lair, the army of adventurers stormed the Eye of Tempest Keep. Eventually, the heroes breached the Tempest Bridge and faced off against Kael'thas Sunstrider and his blood elf lieutenants. Ultimately, the heroes of Azeroth slew Kael's lieutenants and severely wounded Kael'thas himself. The adventurers left Kael for dead and presented Kael'thas' Inv misc gem pearl 06 [Verdant Sphere] to A'dal so that it may unlock the sphere's secrets. As A'dal publicly venerated the champions responsible for Kael'thas' defeat and sang Spell holy lastingdefense [A'dal's Song of Battle], the sphere received an ominous message from Kael'thas — who was revealed to be still alive. Kael'thas mocked the adventurers for failing to kill him and maniacally threatened that they will all meet their doom during the impending return of his master Kil'jaeden.[282]

The conflict with Illidan[]

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The Skull of Gul'dan

Illidan the Lord of Outland.

With the Legion threat diffused, the Alliance-Horde entente became less of a united, cohesive force. Both factions, however, turned to the threat of Illidan Stormrage, who was the hegemonous power in Outland, ruling from his seat at the Black Temple of Karabor.

This conflict was not conducted as an organized war effort, but rather as a series of smaller-scale conflicts across Outland, against fel orcs, blood elves, demons and naga loyal to Illidan. Only the forces of Shattrath City offered any form of organized attack; Xi'ri, a naaru general under the command of A'dal offered to push back Illidan's troops at the gates of the Black Temple with a joint Aldor-Scryer force.[139]This provided an elaborate distraction for the liberated Maiev Shadowsong, Illidan's tireless jailer and Akama, Illidan's once-ally, to enter the Temple.

Adventurers, with the help of the Ashtongue Deathsworns, proceeded to bring down the high command of Illidan's vast empire, and even Illidan himself, from the inside.[283]

The Gods of Zul'Aman[]

Seething with hatred against his ancient enemies in the Alliance, and spiteful towards his former allies among the Horde, who chose to ally themselves with the blood elves, Zul'jin rallied an army of Amani trolls and sealed power from the Amani animal gods within the strongest of his warriors in pursuit for revenge. As Zul'jin amassed his army in Zul'Aman, however, Budd Nedreck and his disposable crew of treasure hunters attempted to infiltrate Zul'Aman and pillage its riches.[284]

However, the vanguard of Budd's crew never returned and with them lost, so was Budd's map.[285] Budd hired Griftah to recruit more adventurers for him so they can do all the dirty work,[286] and in exchange, Budd promised them vast amounts of treasure. Despite the troll disguises given to his original scouts, the scouts Budd sent out to map Zul'Aman were massacred by High Priest Nalorakk and the other Amani warriors. Budd sent his new adventurers to slay Nalorakk and recover his map.[285] Afterwards, he sent the adventurers to explore the chambers of Halazzi, Jan'alai, and Akil'zon, which subsequently forced the adventurers to vanquish those Amani warriors as well.[287] Lastly, Budd tasked the adventurers to vanquish Hex Lord Malacrass. After accomplishing the task, however, Budd fired his adventurers; presumably to keep all the glory to himself.[288]

Undeterred, the adventurers pressed on and faced off against Zul'jin. Ultimately, Zul'jin was slain by treasure-seeking adventurers and his army was scattered. The adventurers proudly presented the Inv potion 20 [Blood of Zul'jin] to Budd as a trophy of their accomplishment. Budd however, belittled the heroes' feat and threw the vial into a burning building; all while taking credit for defeating Zul'jin. Budd's arrogance seemed to have offended the troll gods however, as some mystical force pulled him into the burning building where he was set on fire. Panicked, Budd ran off in flames while trying to appease the troll spirits by blaming the adventurers and proclaiming his love for forest trolls.[289] Donna Brascoe, a spy of the Shattrath City Peacekeepers that infiltrated Budd's gang, ultimately rewarded the adventurers for stopping Zul'jin.[290]

The Battle for Quel'Danas[]

Main article: Battle for Quel'Danas

The Isle of Quel'Danas occupied by the Legion.

The final stage of the conflict on Outland would transpire outside of Draenor itself, on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Kael'thas Sunstrider, once Illidan's most trusted advisor, had aligned himself and those of his still loyal subjects with the Burning Legion.

After extracting enormous amounts of arcane energy from Netherstorm via hijacked naaru-technology, Kael'thas was confronted and seemingly defeated at Tempest Keep. The Prince, however, managed to survive, albeit as a wretched mana-hungry fiend. Using the great amount of energy taken from Outland[citation needed]  and the captured naaru, M'uru,[citation needed]  Kael'thas triumphantly restored the shattered Sunwell for the most abominable purpose: the summoning of Kil'jaeden into Azeroth.

A united effort of the Aldor, Scryers and the Blood Knight order formed the Shattered Sun Offensive, which successfully repelled the Burning Legion from Quel'Danas. With the Legion driven back from the Isle, the proud defenders of Azeroth invaded the Magisters' Terrace and at long last killed the Sun King.[291]

These brave adventurers then turned their attention to stopping Kil'jaeden's summoning into Azeroth. Within the Sunwell Plateau the demon lord was in the process of being completely summoned and only with the sacrifice of Anveena and the support from the blue dragonflight was he banished from Azeroth.

Restoration of the Sunwell[]

Main article: Sunwell Plateau epilogue
The Sunwell is back

The Sunwell restored by the spark of M'uru.

Using the spark of the fallen naaru M'uru, the draenei leader Velen reignited the Sunwell, explaining:

"In time, the light and hope within will rebirth more than this mere fount of power. Mayhap, they will rebirth the soul of a nation."

This strongly indicates that the Sunwell has indeed been restored using the energies of M'uru, returning the blood elves' "fount of power". The Sunwell's new energies are possibly derived from M'uru's powers of the Light rather than arcane magic.

Furthermore, with Illidan dead, the Elder Sage Akama swears to fill the halls of the Black Temple with Light once again.


The aftermath of the invasion, due to the conflicts primarily staying on Outland, left the politics of Azeroth for the most part unchanged. However, shortly after of this events, Varian Wrynn reclaimed his throne as King of Stormwind, and Warchief Thrall found and appointed the son of his close friend Grom, Garrosh Hellscream as his advisor.

The blue dragon Tyrygosa, while on Outland discovered and researched the eggs of the Netherwing dragonflight, prized tools in Illidan's war machine. At the start of the war, she took some of the eggs back to the Nexus where she cured her flight's patriarch, Malygos, of his insanity. In turn, Malygos would declare war on all magic users for their rampant misuse of magic over his long exile.

And the battle for Quel'Danas, while primarily an organized battle against the Burning Legion, saw the first organized movement of Scourge forces since Naxxramas appeared over the Plaguelands. If the Lich King subconsciously sent the Scourge there himself to halt the Legion's advance, or an unseen necrolord believing he was doing his what was best for his master is unknown. However, soon after the crisis, the Lich King himself awoke from his long dream and attacked Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and then declared war on the living, intending to wipe out all life on Azeroth.




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