Invasive Species

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NeutralInvasive Species
Start Archmage Y'mera
End Archmage Y'mera
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mac'Aree
Reputation +150 Argussian Reach
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous N [110] Not-So-Humble Beginnings
Next N [110] The Longest Vigil


Collect 30 Partially Digested Arcana.


We should seek out an alternate source of energy just in case I am wrong about the conduits.

Luckily enough, I think I know where we can find one.

The panthara native to Argus are solitary creatures, but it seems whatever magic the Wakeners possessed has drawn them here in great numbers.

This is no time to be gentle with the environment- panthara devour energy to survive.

Slay them and see if you cannot reclaim some of the power they have consumed.


You will receive: 14g 60s


There is always room for a backup plan. Did you find what we seek?


I had not imagined the final product to be so... sticky.

<Y'mera wipes her hands on her robes.>

It will do.



  1. N [110] A Floating Ruin
  2. N [110] Mac'Aree, Jewel of Argus
  3. N [110] Defenseless and Afraid & N [110] Khazaduum, First of His Name
  4. N [110] Consecrating Ground
  5. N [110] The Path Forward
  6. N [110] Not-So-Humble Beginnings
  7. N [110] Conservation of Magic & N [110] Invasive Species
  8. N [110] The Longest Vigil
  9. N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery
  10. N [110] The Defiler's Legacy
  11. N [110] The Sigil of Awakening

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