NeutralInvestigate Tuurem
Start Wind Trader Lathrai
End Earthbinder Tavgren
Level 15-30
Category Terokkar Forest
Experience 10750
Reputation +250 Cenarion Expedition
Rewards 3g 10s
Previous N [15-30] A Personal Favor
Next B [15-30] What Are These Things?

Sealed Box guarded by the Firewing Courier at [54, 30]

At least the Wind Trader made it a more fair trade than you'd originally bargained for. Not that you had much say in the terms. So... Who did the parts go to?

This quest is part of The Terokkar Mana Bomb quest chain.


Find the  [Sealed Box] and then deliver it to Earthbinder Tavgren just outside of the Cenarion Thicket in Terokkar Forest.


You know, come to think of it, I do recall selling several boxes of strange and exotic engineering parts to Empoor about a month ago. I'm not sure what they'd be used for, but I know that they were delivered to Tuurem.

Perhaps one or more of those boxes is still there?


What news do you bring, <Name>?


Ethereals? Goods delivered to Tuurem? Exotic engineering parts? And a blood elf getting ready to deliver this last box to Firewing Point?

What does all of this mean?! How does it relate to what happened to the druids in the Cenarion Thicket?

I think we should have a look inside that box.


10750 XP, 3g 10s, +250 Cenarion Expedition reputation


The box is at 54,30. Coming from Shattrath, you pass 2 huts on your left, one on your right, then come to a bridge. Cross the river to your left (instead of going across the bridge). Look in the ruined huts there. You'll know you're there when you find the Blood Elf Courier.


You are first directed to Cenarion Thicket and Earthbinder Tavgren:

This is not a prerequisite.

  1. The quest line formally starts with both:
  2. N [15-30] By Any Means Necessary
  3. N [15-30] Wind Trader Lathrai
  4. N [15-30] A Personal Favor
  5. N [15-30] Investigate Tuurem
  6. B [15-30] What Are These Things?
  7. A [15-30] Report to Allerian Post or H [15-30] Report to Stonebreaker Camp
  8. B [15-30] Attack on Firewing Point
  9. B [15-30] The Final Code
  10. B [15-30] Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know

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