Were you looking for the Mage spell, [Invisibility]?

Invisibility is a mechanic that renders the owner unseen. Unlike [Stealth], it is of magical origin. There is no chance to detect an invisible target without a detection effect. However, detection effects reveal invisible units at any range. Even when detected, invisible units are transparent and do not display a name tag.

Just like Stealth, Invisibility comes undone if you take most actions other than movement. This does not necessarily apply to mobs, most of whom remain invisible when attacked. While invisible, the player can only be seen by party members, and those with special invisibility detection (see below).

There are only a few items in the game that provide invisibility. They are: [Lesser Invisibility Potion] (requires level 23 to use; lasts 15 seconds with a 10-minute cooldown), [Invisibility Potion] (requires level 37 to use; lasts 18 seconds with a 10-minute cooldown), [Gnomish Cloaking Device] (requires 200 Engineering to use; lasts 10 seconds with a 1-hour cooldown) and  [Invisibility Field] (requires Engineering 500 to use; lasts 15 seconds with a 5-minute cooldown). The only spells which allow invisibility are the Mage's [Invisibility] and the Warlock's Succubus' [Lesser Invisibility]. All currently available invisibility effects are limited to their caster.

Invisible mobs

There are several invisible mobs in the world. There are the Lordaeron Citizens in the Ruins of Lordaeron in Tirisfal Glades, the Unseen in Raven Hill in Duskwood, the shades of Naxxramas and the infamous invisible patrols in Dire Maul West.

Then there are the Eyeless Watchers in the 3 main encampments in the Eastern Plaguelands and of course the Stratholme Eye of Naxxramas.

Other than those in Dire Maul and Eastern Plaguelands, however, most invisible mobs of the world tend to be neutral, and won't attack unless provoked, which means that you wouldn't know they were there unless you had invisibility detection or happened to hit them with an AoE (in which case they would engage you, but remain invisible).

There are also the Skulking Witches in the Arcatraz.

Invisibility detection

There are a few items and abilities in the game that provide limited ability to see through invisibility:

  • [Hunter's Mark] allows the hunter to see the afflicted target through stealth or invisibility
  • [Vendetta] allows the rogue to see the afflicted target through stealth or invisibility
  • [Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility] (requires level 29 to use; lasts 10 minutes) grants a very minor degree of invisibility detection

Mobs with invisibility detection

Each of the major cities has patrolling guards with Stealth and invisibility detection abilities, and some mobs in instances (some were added to Stratholme in patch 1.6, for example) can also detect some grade of invisibility.

Tables of invisibility and detection

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Invisibility Level Duration Source
100 5 min WarlockSuccubus' [Lesser Invisibility]
100 15 sec [Lesser Invisibility Potion]
200 10 sec [Gnomish Cloaking Device]
200 18 sec [Invisibility Potion]
340 20 sec Bc icon.gif Mage [Invisibility]
unknown 15 sec Cataclysm  [Invisibility Field]
Detection Level Duration Source
100 10 min [Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The spell is named incorporeality.[1]