NeutralInvitation of the Master
Start Lord Chamberlain [69.1, 81.8]
End Rendle [65.3, 66.3]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Revendreth
Experience 3,900
Rewards 6g 31s 80c
Previous N [58] The Sinstone
Next N [58] Bottom Feeders, N [58] The Greatest Duelist


Ride the Darkhaven Carriage.


The great Sire Denathrius, Master of Revendreth, and King of the venthyr, has asked me, his loyal Chamberlain, to escort you safely to his personal gardens. This is an honor never before bestowed upon a living mortal.

You should feel honored.

Come, join me in the carriage and we shall ride to the castle in style.


You will receive:

  • 6g 31s 80c
  • 3,900 XP


Oh good, still not dead yet?

You see where the Lord Chamberlain or Cudgelface landed?


On accept:

Lord Chamberlain says: Come, mortal, let us away from this place.

Enter the Darkhaven Carriage and enjoy the trip:

Lord Chamberlain says: No doubt by now you have heard of the anima drought plaguing our reality.
Lord Chamberlain says: We face this challenge with dignity and remain united behind the Master. Revendreth remains resolute!
Rendle says: Lord Chamberlain! There's a commomtion up ahead. Looks like a fight.
Lord Chamberlain says: Rebels. Just drive either over or through them. They would not dare to- Aah!
Lord Chamberlain says: What in the name of the Master?
General Draven flies off with the carriage in his claws.
General Draven says: This mortal will not become another puppet of the Master.
Lord Chamberlain says: He is your Master too, traitor! Release us at once.
General Draven says: As you command, Lord Chamberlain.
General Draven releases his grip and the carriage plummets towards the Endmire.
Cudgelface says: Aaaaaaaa!
Rendle says: Aaaaaaaaa!


  1. N [58] A Plea to Revendreth
  2. N [58] The Sinstone
  3. N [58] Invitation of the Master
  4. N [58] Bottom Feeders and N [58] The Greatest Duelist
  5. N [57] On The Road Again
  6. N [58] Rebels on the Road and N [58] Anima Attrition
  7. N [58] To Darkhaven

Alpha version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the alpha stages.
Dialogue from the carriage ride
Lord Chamberlain says: Come, mortal, let us away from this place.
Lord Chamberlain says: My master, the supreme Sire Denathrius, has a plan to see us through these dark times.

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