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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Image of Iridi
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Priestess
Affiliation(s) Alliance[1]
Location Buried in Outland
Status Deceased

Iridi was a draenei priestess who hailed from the shattered continent of Outland. She became an instrumental player in the battle of Grim Batol and the death of Dargonax.


Iridi traveled with an unnamed draenei shadow priestess and an apprentice, along with her unnamed draenei friend, to an unnamed naaru in Outland. When they finished their studies, they were each given a powerful staff by the naaru. They eventually made their way to Azeroth with the hopes of using their power to help people. When Iridi's comrade was murdered by Vereesa Windrunner's cousin Zendarin - who in the process stole the staff from the corpse of the draenei - Iridi took it upon herself to travel to Grim Batol in order to retrieve the stolen staff. She also sought to find and rescue the nether dragon Zzeraku.

During her quest, Iridi eventually arrived at Menethil Harbor in the Eastern Kingdoms. While staying in the city, a dwarf by the name of Garthin Stoneguider accompanied her. After she learned that she would have to stay in the harbor, a group of raptors attacked the town. Garthin immediately went to battle against them and insisted that Iridi stay safe. She followed him, however, and the dwarf took her to a secret passageway. There she used her magic to render him unconscious, assuring that he was all right before leaving him in the tunnel.[2] Free to venture forth in the Wetlands, Iridi came into contact with the red dragon Krasus and the blue dragon Kalec. Iridi learned about the creation of Anveena - an avatar of the Sunwell - as the two dragons argued with one another, as Kalec was bitter about Krasus's meddling.

In time Iridi became separated from the dragons and encountered Vereesa Windrunner, as well a group of dwarven warriors under the command of Rom. After surprising them by revealing her knowledge of Krasus, Rom ordered the others to carry out their duties. Once alone, Rom was questioned by Vereesa about why he looked older than he should. He confided to her and Iridi that it was due to the evil inside Grim Batol. Veterans like himself had aged quicker and a good many had died before their time.[3] The group later came under attack by fire elementals, causing Iridi to become separated from her companions. She came across Rhonin as he searched for his wife, Vareesa. The duo forged an alliance with the local raptors, who had formed a sort of army due to the ominous events at Grim Batol. During the attack that followed, Iridi ended up separated from her compatriots yet again. She encountered Rom and the two freed Zzeraku, who was quick to engage the twilight dragon Dargonax in battle. As the two dragons clashed, Rom directed her to join Rhonin's side. Rom took the battle to Rask and the two killed one another as Iridi watched, helpless. Her fallen friend would be avenged, however, when Zendarin was killed by Vereesa.

Meanwhile, as the two dragons clashed in the skies above Grim Batol, it seemed that Zzeraku was doomed. In his darkest hour, Iridi gave all of her staff's power (and most of her life energy) to empower Zzeraku. Even with the powers of Iridi and her staff, however, Zzeraku was unsuccessful in fighting Dargonax and was devoured by the latter. In one final, desperate hope to slay the twilight dragon, Iridi - with help from Rhonin, Vereesa, Krasus, and Kalec - used the last of her energy to destroy Dargonax. The major loss of power proved too much for Iridi. After telling her new-found friends that she wished to see Outland one last time, Iridi died knowing that she had played a large part in saving Azeroth. Granting Iridi's last wish, Kalec took her body to Outland to give her the burial she deserved.


  • "I've failed... All that, and I've failed you... brave Zzeraku... friend..."
  • "Twilight... dragon... that's what I called it"
  • "Praise Zzeraku... he did more than... than he imagined..."
  • "With Zzeraku... praise be to his part in ending this... Azeroth... Azeroth is a world of marvels... but I miss... I find I miss Outland... even with so much struggle... there... I wish... I wish I could..."

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