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Gender Male
Race Tol'vir
Affiliation(s) Ramkahen
Occupation Bronzesmith
Status Deceased

Irmaat was a renowned tol'vir bronzesmith[1] who lived in the city of Ahmtul[2] thousands of years ago. He was known all throughout Uldum for his excellent work in creating magical weapons that represent the air spirits that live there,[3] but his pride proved to be his undoing.[4]


Irmaat was a master without peer among the tol'vir and one of the most exceptional minds to have lived in Uldum. He worked tirelessly to arm his brethren with the finest instruments possible. He considered his work to be his calling: he saw his hands as extensions of the titans' will, and he wanted nothing less than to give his creations the ability restore order to all chaos. He began to imbue his weapons with magic, using different sources of power to inspire him. He was particularly interested in the power of air and secretly observed the creatures of the Skywall, the realm of air in the Elemental Plane.[4] He forged a set of four scimitars, each representing one of the djinn lords of the Conclave of Wind. One of them was the Scimitar of the Sirocco.[1] Then, in a ritual that stunned the tol'vir with its audacity, Irmaat summoned and bound those very four lords within the weapons themselves. Stories of the weapons rapidly spread and messengers from other tol'vir posts came to beg Irmaat for more wonders. However, the weaponsmith's satisfaction was short-lived, for he knew that even the might of four captured djinns was nothing but a light breeze in comparison to the true power of the Skywall.[4]

Irmaat carefully crafted two new weapons—a pair of handblades which he named Al'burq and Alra'ed, the Fists of the Heavens. He declared them to be his finest work and intended for them to be able to control the wind itself. All that was left was to infuse them with the ultimate power within the Skywall: Al'Akir, the Elemental Lord of air. Irmaat slowly began the ritual, not wanting to warn the Windlord of his plan. It took weeks of preparation, but once he was ready, it was over in an instant. The weaponsmith cast his spell, intending to open a portal to the Skywall and bind Al'Akir's essence. There was a great flash of light and a rush of air, and when it was done, Irmaat could feel his weapons trembling with elemental power. He believed he had succeeded and done the impossible. Unbeknownst to him, however, Al'Akir had learned of his capture of the four djinns, and now the Windlord could enact his vengeance. The power that Irmaat felt quivering within the blades was not Al'Akir's spirit, but Al'Akir's trap. When the tol'vir hefted his two weapons, an uncontrollable hurricane spilled forth, destroying Irmaat, his forge, and the city of Ahmtul and burying them beneath the sands.[2][3][4][5] The weapons themselves were hurled miles away, and the tol'vir who first tried to recover them were similarly destroyed. Al'Akir had made Irmaat's greatest creations unusable by filling them with so much power that no one could ever hope to control them. The tol'vir carefully buried the weapons. For millennia, nobody dared to touch them or repeat Irmaat's folly.[4]

After his death, his soul entered the Shadowlands and was sent to Revendreth.[6]