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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Iron Chef
  • Learn 200 cooking recipes

Iron Chef is an achievement that requires the character to learn 200 cooking recipes.


See the main article cooking recipes for detailed information about where to find every cooking recipe.


As of Patch 4.2.0, 202 recipes are available, of which  [Thistle Tea] is effectively Rogue only. In addition, one recipe may no longer be obtained, although existing copies may still be traded.

The remaining 200 recipes are available to everyone. To find and learn them:

Achievement recipes

Two recipes are only available after completing Guild Achievements:

Faction recipes

Complete all the listed cooking quests available to your faction and check the cross-faction auction houses for recipes available only to the other faction:

Horde Horde vendors

Alliance Alliance vendors

Alliance Alliance quests

Holiday recipes

During Day of the Dead one may acquire:

During Pilgrim's Bounty one may acquire:

During the Feast of Winter Veil one may acquire:


A confirmed bug reduces the count by one, as an unspecified recipe may not always be accurately counted. This was confirmed by a GM. (see discussion)

For some players, the achievement system shows a total recipe count one or two higher than the actual number known. This would enable those players to receive the achievement at 198 or 199 recipes. A reasonable explanation is that the system counted the two cookbooks that used to be required, and thus gave +1 or +2 to the count depending on whether the player was also affected by the confirmed bug mentioned above.

While technically not a bug, Wowhead lists more "recipes" than actually exist since:



Iron Chef (Japan), Iron Chef America, and Iron Chef UK are popular television series about famous and noteworth chefs competing against each other for the title "Iron Chef". The two chefs with the most wins on Iron Chef AmericaBobby Flay and Mario Batali—have cooking NPCs—Robby Flay and Bario Matalli—named after them for the Stormwind cooking dailies.

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