Iron Colossus

Combat 32.pngIron Colossus
Iron Colossus.jpg
Image of Iron Colossus
Gender Male
Race Iron giant (Giant)
Level 25-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Storm Peaks

The Iron Colossus was built by the stormforged iron dwarves to reinforce Loken's army in Ulduar. The Iron Colossus was made in Narvir's Cradle and Nidavelir in the Storm Peaks, using saronite and iron ore. It also used the Inv jewelcrafting greateramplifier.png [Heart of the Storm], without which its weapons would be much weaker.[1] No matter how tough the colossus' armor was, it was still vulnerable to acid, a weakness that Bruor's men took advantage of with their trained, adult jormungar's acid breath.[2]

Objective of


  • It is one of the tallest NPCs in the game.

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