MobIron Fleet
Iron Fleet.jpg
Main leader IconSmall OrcBrown Female.gif Admiral Gar'an
Secondary leaders IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Commander Vorka
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orc Mag'har orc
Theater of operations Sea
Affiliation Iron Horde
Status Destroyed (presumed)

The Iron Fleet is the fleet of the Iron Horde. The Iron Docks in northern Gorgrond represented the heart of the Iron Horde's naval might.[1] Other notable harbors included Ironfist Harbor in Nagrand and Ironhold Harbor in Tanaan Jungle.

Gar'an was thrilled to be one of the first warriors to volunteer for naval duty under the Iron Horde. Instantly successful in battle, she was named Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet.[2]

It was used during the Defense of Karabor and was destroyed at the end of the battle.[3] Other ships were used to invade Shattrah City, but they, too, were destroyed by the combined forces of the draenei, Frostwolf Orcs aided by the Alliance and Horde.[4] Solog Roark, who originally designed the Iron Docks and the iron dreadnaughts worried that the fleet may be rebuilt.[5] After Gul'dan's takeover, Iron Horde still had some naval power left.[6] The Alliance and Horde garrisons of Lunarfall and Frostwall expanded to contain shipyards and conducted naval battles against the Iron Horde across known Draenor[7][8] and beyond.[9] Iron Horde destroyers also planned to level Broken Horn Village in Gorgrond, but they were stopped.[10] Several ships surrounded a kraken, but the Azerothian forced destroyed the ships.[11] They used submarines to transport gold.[12] Moreover,  [Iron Fleet Treasure Chest] could also be obtained.