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Iron Maidens

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BossThe Iron Maidens
Image of The Iron Maidens
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Iron Horde
Location Dread Grotto, Blackrock Foundry
Status Killable

The Iron Maidens - Admiral Gar'an, Enforcer Sorka and Marak the Blooded - are the final boss of the Iron Assembly wing in the Blackrock Foundry.

Adventure Guide

With little opportunity to exercise her tactical brilliance under the ancient social structure of the orc clans, Gar’an was thrilled to be one of the first warriors to volunteer for naval duty under the Iron Horde. Instantly successful in battle, she was named Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet and selected Marak and Sorka as her lieutenants. Together, they are called the Iron Maidens, and have crushed any who have dared face them.


The Iron Maidens continuously gain Iron Fury, progressively unlocking new abilities. Periodically, one of the Maidens moves to the Dreadnaught to bombard players with its cannon. A team of players must use loading chains to get to the deck of the boat, defeat the Deckhand stationed there, and sabotage the ammunition of the main cannon before it finishes Warming Up. When any one of the Maidens reaches 20% health, all three activate Iron Will for the remainder of the fight.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Blade Dash can be deadly - avoid standing close to other players if you are battling Sorka.
  • Intercept Garan's Penetrating Shot to save the targeted player.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Players who fail to avoid the Detonation Sequence from bombs fired by the Dreadnaught's main cannon will take heavy damage.
  • While Sanguine Strikes, is active, the raid while take heavy Shadow damage.
  • Ensure players targeted by Dark Hunt are not low on health when it expires.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Move between Marak and the target of her Blood Ritual to intercept the effect of Crystalized Blood.
  • Minimize damage taken by Marak's melee strikes while Sanguine Strikes is active.
  • Pursue Sorka or Marak when they board the Dreadnaught to bombard the docks.


Admiral Gar'an

The Iron Maidens

  • Ability ironmaidens ironwill.png  Iron Will — The Iron Maidens are bound together with Iron Will - whenever any of them is critically low on health, they will all rise to 100 Iron Fury. Every 20 seconds thereafter their damage dealt will increase by 1%. 

Admiral Gar'an

  • Inv ammo bullet 06.png  Iron Shot — Admiral Gar'an fires a shot from her rifle at a random player, inflicting 64750 to 75250 Physical damage. 
  • Ability ironmaidens rapidfire.png  Rapid Fire — Admiral Gar'an readies her rifle and tracks a player, firing a barrage of high-explosive rounds. Each round inflicts 111000 to 129000 Fire damage to players within 5 yards of the impact location. 
  • Ability ironmaidens ironshot.png  Penetrating Shot Deadly — Gar'an lines up a Penetrating Shot at the vitals of her target, inflicting 500000 Physical damage to the target after 6 sec. Players can move between her and her target, disrupting her aim and causing the damage inflicted to be split among all intercepting players and the target. Gar'an gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury. 
  • Ability ironmaidens deployturret.png  Deploy Turret — Gar'an deploys an automated Dominator Turret, which fires a series of blasts in a circular pattern. Dominator Blasts inflict 35000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 8 sec to any players they come into contact with. This effect stacks. Gar'an gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury. 

Enforcer Sorka

Enforcer Sorka
  • Ability rogue quickrecovery.png  Blade Dash — Dashes through a player within 45 yards, chaining to targets within 8 yards, as well as Sorka's primary target, inflicting 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to targeted players. 
    • Inv elemental primal air.png  Swirling Vortex — Follows in the path of Blade Dash. Inflicts 41625 to 48375 Nature damage and stuns for 1.50 sec. 
    • Ability ironmaidens sorkasprey.png  Sorka's Prey Deadly — Damage taken from Blade Dash is increased by 180%. 
  • Spell shadow devouringplague.png  Convulsive Shadows Magic Effect — Inflicts 20000 Shadow damage per stack every 2 sec. A stack is removed each time damage is dealt. When dispelled, inflicts 40,000 Shadow damage per stack to the dispelled player. Sorka gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury. 
    • Spell shadow devouringplague.png  Lingering Shadow — When Convulsive Shadows deals damage, a pool of Lingering Shadow is created, applying Convulsive Shadows to players. 
  • Ability ironmaidens darkhunt.png  Dark Hunt — Fixes her gaze on a player for 8 sec, after which she teleports to the player, inflicting 180000 Physical damage. Sorka gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury. 

Marak the Blooded

Marak the Blooded
  • Ability ironmaidens bloodritual.png  Blood Ritual — Targets a player within 45 yards, inflicting 92500 to 107500 Shadow damage to all players in a cone in front of Marak. 
    • Inv enchanting wod crystalshard.png  Crystallized Blood — Inflicts 277500 to 322500 Physical damage to the player closest to Marak affected by Blood Ritual. 
    • Ability ironmaidens maraksbloodcalling.png  Marak's Bloodcalling — Damage taken from Blood Ritual increased by 180%. 
  • Ability ironmaidens boomerangrush.png  Boomerang Axe Barrage — Bounces between 3 marked targets for up to 400000 Physical damage. Damage decreases the farther the axe travels between each target. Marak gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury. 
    • Ability deathwing bloodcorruption earth.png  Volatile Blood Orb — Spawns a Volatile Blood Orb at the location of players hit by Bloodsoaked Heartseeker, periodically casting Volatile Bloodbath. 
      • Ability warrior bloodnova.png  Volatile Bloodbath — A Volatile Blood Orb erupts in a bath of corrupted blood magic, inflicting up to 27750 to 32250 Shadow damage to all players on the dock. Players further from the Volatile Blood Orb take less damage. 
  • Ability ironmaidens sanguinestrikes.png  Sanguine Strikes Tank Alert — Marak the Blooded's melee attacks become so powerful as to corrupt the life essence of her target, causing their blood to erupt, duplicating a portion of damage dealt to her primary target to all players as Shadow damage. Marak gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury. 

The Dreadnaught

When one of the Maidens mans the Dreadnaught's main gun, a group of players must use the loading chains to travel to the Dreadnaught and defeat that Maiden's deckhand before the Maiden completes the warmup sequence of the main gun. While the gun is warming up, the main cannon will barrage the docks with bombs, which players who remain on the docks must avoid.

Bombardment Pattern

One of the Maidens fires a barrage of bombs with the main cannon of the ship towards the dock. After the initial barrage, the main cannon fires a much larger burst of bombs towards the dock.

  • Ability ironmaidens bombardment.png  Bomb Impact — When a bomb lands, it inflicts 74000 to 86000 Fire damage to nearby players, knocking them back. 
  • Ability ironmaidens bombardment.png  Detonation Sequence — Explodes, inflciting 150000 Fire damage to enemies within 7 yards. 

Blackrock Deckhand

  • Uktar, Deckhand of Admiral Gar'an — Defeating Uktar will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves. 
    • Ability vehicle reloadammo.png  Grapeshot Blast — Fires a blast of grapeshot at a player, inflicting 69375 to 80625 Fire damage to players within a cone. 
Battle Medic Rogg
  • Ability earthenfury giftofearth.png  Earthen Barrier Important Interruptible — Rogg envelops an ally with an Earthen Barrier, absorbing 323750 to 376250 damage. 
  • Ability earthenfury giftofearth.png  Protective Earth Important Interruptible — Rogg creates a pool of Protective Earth. Any of his allies who enter the pool gain Earthen Barrier. 
  • Spell nature chainlightning.png  Chain Lightning Interruptible — Inflicts 60125 to 69875 Nature damage to a player, jumping to any nearby players. 

Shattered Hand Deckhand

  • Gorak, Deckhand of Enforcer Sorka — Defeating Gorak will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves. 
    • Ability rogue deadlybrew.png  Deadly Throw Important Tank Alert — Throws a poisoned knife towards a target, inflicting 203500 to 236500 Physical damage and reducing movement speed by 80% for 5 sec to the closest player in their direction. 
    • Achievement character orc male brn.png  Call for Reinforcements — Gorak calls for reinforcements, summoning an Iron Evsicerator from the hold of the Dreadnaught. 
Iron Eviscerator
  • Ability fixated state red.png  Fixate — Iron Eviscerators fixate their attention on a random target, and will only attack their fixated target. 
  • Swiftness
  • Expose Armor

Bleeding Hollow Deckhand

  • Uk'urogg, Deckhand of Marak the Blooded — Defeating Uk'urogg will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves. 
    • Ability animusdraw.png  Blood Corruption Aura — Uk'urogg has been twisted by Marak's dark blood magic, such that he radiates foul energy. This energy causes all players on the Dreadnaught while he is alive to periodically create pools of Corrupted Blood underneath them. 
      • Ability animusdraw.png  Corrupted Blood — A pool of corrupted blood lingers on the ground, inflicting 120000 Shadow damage every 2 sec to any players who stand in it. 


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Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
 [Battle Medic's Wand] Caster wand  [Koloch Na, the Blood Feast] (H · M) Caster one-hand axe
 [Bombardeer's Targeting Helm] Mail helm  [Sorka's Chainfist] (H · M) Agility fist weapon
 [Grapeshot Hood] Leather helm  [Gar'an's Brutal Spearlauncher] (H · M) Gun
 [Vortex Plate Helm] Plate helm  [Sorka's Nightshade Cowl] (H · M) Leather helm
 [Sorka's Ear Collection] Strength necklace  [Cloak of Sanguine Terror] (H · M) Strength cloak
 [Gauntlets of Flickering Blades] Leather gloves  [Drape of the Dark Hunt] (H · M) Agility cloak
 [Deckhand's Cord] Cloth belt  [Bloodsoaked Heart Protector] (H · M) Plate chest
 [Incendiary Leggings] Cloth leggings  [Bloodwhirl Bracers] (H · M) Mail bracers
 [Rogg's Earthen Legguards] Mail leggings  [Deckhand's Rope Belt] (H · M) Cloth belt
 [Impaler's Greatboots] Plate boots  [Uktar's Belt of Chiming Rings] (H · M) Plate belt
 [Blackheart Enforcer's Medallion] Agility trinket  [Turret Mechanic's Legwraps] (H · M) Cloth leggings
 [Ebonflame Grips] Cloth gloves  [Treads of the Dark Hunt] (H · M) Leather boots
 [Sootfur Gauntlets] Leather gloves  [Uk'urogg's Corrupted Seal] (H · M) Caster ring
 [Ashlink Gloves] Mail gloves  [Vial of Convulsive Shadows] (H · M) Strength trinket
 [Blacksteel Gauntlets] Plate gloves  [Gauntlets of the Iron Conqueror] (H · M) Armor token
 [Gauntlets of the Iron Protector] (H · M) Armor token
 [Gauntlets of the Iron Vanquisher] (H · M) Armor token
 [Draenic Thaumaturgical Orb] Quest item

Related Achievements


Admiral Gar'an yells: Patience, sisters. The sooner we finish our work, the sooner we crush our enemies.
Admiral Gar'an yells: Sorka, ensure the peons are keeping pace!
Enforcer Sorka yells: My pleasure.
Admiral Gar'an yells: Marak, load the ammunition into the main cannon!
Marak the Blooded yells: Right.
Admiral Gar'an yells: What? The trains are behind schedule?
Enforcer Sorka says: I think I see the problem...
Enforcer Sorka yells: Let's see how well you trained our soldiers, Gar'an.
Admiral Gar'an yells: You insufferable...
Docks cleared
Enforcer Sorka yells: What brutality... What bloodshed... Beautiful!
Admiral Gar'an yells: Sorka! This isn't a game! Get down there!
Enforcer Sorka says: Don't worry, I'm coming... this looks fun.
  • Admiral Gar'an yells: Sisters, to battle!
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: I'm going to enjoy this...
  • Marak the Blooded yells: Time to die.
Rapid Fire
Admiral Gar'an yells: Rapid fire!
Penetrating Shot
Admiral Gar'an yells: Lining up my sights...
Blood Ritual
Marak the Blooded yells: Death...
Bloodsoaked Heartseeker
  • Marak the Blooded yells: Ancestors, guide my axe...
  • Marak the Blooded yells: Dance with my blade!
Blade Dash
Enforcer Sorka yells: Too slow!
Convulsive Shadows
Enforcer Sorka yells: Catch!
Dark Hunt
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: You...
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: ...die now!
The Dreadnought
  • Admiral Gar'an yells: You will burn!
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: All will burn!
  • Marak the Blooded yells: You will know pain...
Iron Will
Marak the Blooded yells: Lok'tar ogar...
Enforcer Sorka yells: No greater pleasure...
Admiral Gar'an yells: ...than battle to death!
Killing a Player
  • Admiral Gar'an yells: None will stand against the Iron Horde!
  • Admiral Gar'an yells: Enemy down.
  • Marak the Blooded yells: Feast, Koloch na!
  • Marak the Blooded yells: I win.
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: Oh, look... I broke it.
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: I'm just too good.
  • Admiral Gar'an yells: Sisters, I... failed...
  • Enforcer Sorka yells: It feels... so...
  • Marak the Blooded yells: My... blood...
Blackhand yells: The Iron Maidens have fallen? They were my favorite! Find these invaders, and bring me their heads!
Unused quotes
  • Admiral Gar'an: Grenade out!
  • Admiral Gar'an: Don't look!
  • Admiral Gar'an: BLOOD AND THUNDER!
  • Admiral Gar'an: Sorka, man the cannon!
  • Admiral Gar'an: Marak, let your aim be true!
  • Admiral Gar'an: Must I do everything myself?
  • Enforcer Sorka: Come closer!
  • Marak the Blooded: Koloch na, wind and blood!

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