Iron giant
Dark Rune Giant.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Pantheon, Old Gods' forces (Iron army)
Racial capital Ulduar
Racial leader(s) Unknown
  Formerly  Loken †
 Steelbreaker †
Homeworld Azeroth (Northrend)
Language(s) Titan (presumed)

Iron giants are a type of giant. In ancient times, they were led by the keepers to make war on the Old Gods and free Azeroth from their will.[1]

They are allied with the iron dwarves and iron vrykul in the service of Loken, their creator. As such, they are at war with the frost giants, earthen, and frostborn.

Stone giants, such as Archavon the Stone Watcher, are another form of giant and are often found enthralled by Loken.

Despite the defeat of both Loken and Yogg-Saron, there are still many iron troops throughout Northrend. Thorim and Mimiron are looking for a way to "fix" them.[2]