Not to be confused with Ironforge Siege Brigade.
AllianceIronforge Brigade
Ironforge Brigade.jpg
Brigade members stationed in Silithus
Main leader IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Captain Blackanvil
Secondary leaders IconSmall Human Male.gif Sergeant Carnes

DwarfDwarf Dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome

HumanHuman Human
Base of operations Ironforge Brigade Outpost
Theater of operations Silithus
Language(s) Dwarven, Common
Affiliation Ironforge, Alliance
Status Unknown

The Ironforge Brigade is an Alliance military force, mostly composed of Ironforge dwarves, that saw action during the campaign in Silithus. Based from their outpost near Hive'Zora, they guarded against the nearby hive and supported the Cenarion Hold in fighting the silithid and aqir hordes pouring across the region.[1] During the offensive, they remained short on supplies and rewarded members of the Alliance with Cenarion Logistics Badges, which could be traded for rewards at Cenarion Hold.

After the successful campaign, the Ironforge Brigade apparently remained stationed in Silithus. The decimation of the region by Sargeras which ended the Burning Crusade would ultimately wipe out the Ironforge Brigade Outpost and cause at least some casualties.[2] The brigade's status following these events remains unknown.



Name Role Status Location
Alliance  Captain Blackanvil Captain Unknown Silithus
Alliance  Sergeant Carnes Sergeant Unknown Silithus
Alliance  Janela Stouthammer‎ Member Deceased Silithus
Alliance  Arcanist Nozzlespring Member Unknown Silithus




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