AllianceIronforge Guard
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ironforge, Ironforge Guard
Location Ironforge, Dun Morogh

Ironforge Guards are dwarf guards located throughout Ironforge and the ramp leading up to it in Dun Morogh.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

They defended the city during the Elemental Unrest. When King Magni turned into a diamond, three of them were stationed near his body in the Old Ironforge. They later arrested Ambassador Slaghammer.

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

They were seen in Siege of Orgrimmar.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

They were present during the Legion Invasions in Kharanos and other areas in Dun Morogh.


  • Ability marksmanship.png  Shoot — Shoots at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage.
  • Ability warrior sunder.png  Sunder Armor — Hacks at an enemy's armor, reducing it per application of Sunder Armor. Can be applied up to 5 times. Lasts 20 sec.
  • Spell nature thunderclap.png  Thunderclap — Inflicts Nature damage to nearby enemies, increasing the time between their attacks and slowing their movement speed for 6 sec.

Objective of


Legion Invasions - on the path leading to the Gates of Ironforge
  • We've got the higher ground. Use it against 'em!
  • We've got to hold 'em back! Our boys are strugglin' ta keep 'em outta the Gates!
  • I've never seen anythin' like this before. They jus' don't stop comin'!
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They can provide directions to various locations in town. They are generally portrayed as kind and jovial, except when asked for directions to a rogue or warlock trainer.

What do ye need directions to?
Gossip Auction House
Where is the Auction House? Why it's right by the gates of Ironforge as you enter our fine city. Ye'll find it just across from The Vault.
Gossip Bank of Ironforge
Do ye have some new treasures that ye want to keep safe n' sound? Then ye'll be wanting to store them at The Vault with the Stonemantles.
You'll find The Vault just a hammer's throw northeast from the entrance to Ironforge.
The bank? Oh, ye mean The Vault! No safer place to store yer valuables than The Vault. Ye'll find it just northeast of the entrance to Ironforge.
Gossip Other Continents
Ironforge is not the port town of Stormwind but we be offer'n many a route to other continents.
Where ye be looking to travel?
Gossip Stormwind and other Alliance Capitals
Aye, everyone wants to ride the tram to Stormwind, it's a real hoot and a half. Well, if ye want to find the tram, it's located over in Tinker Town just east of the Gates of Ironforge.
Oh, the tram, the tram... everyone wants to ride the tram to Stormwind. What happened to the good ol' days of flying on the back of a gryphon, gripping the saddle for dear life as you flew up high in the sky above?
Bah! You go take the tram then... it's over in Tinker Town with the rest of the gnomish contraptions.
Gossip Hellfire Peninsula in Outland
Hellfire Peninsula you say. That scorched wasteland in Outland. Well, our host of mages have created a portal to git ye there in the Hall of Mysteries located in the Mystic Ward.
Gossip Howling Fjord in Northrend
Oh, Howling Fjord in Northrend. You be in fer a bit of a ride. Seek out Gryth Thurden the Gryphon Master to scure a flight to Menethil Harbor. The Northspear sets sail from there for Valgarde.
Gossip Gryphon Master
Ah, nothing quite like a ride on a gryphon, is there? The night elves can keep those hippo's of theirs, just give me a gryphon and in the wind in me hair!
Well now. I won't keep ye any longer, just head over to Gryth Thurden on the east side of The Great Forge and he'll get ye on yer way.
Looking to take a ride on a gryphon, now are ye? Gryth Thurden is the one ye'll want to be seeing about that.
Ye can find him on the eastern side of The Great Forge in the middle of Ironforge.
Gossip Guild Master & Vendor
If yer thinking about forming a guild, then ye'll need to put it past Jondor Steelbrow o'er in the Ironforge Visitor's Center. Just head southeast from the gates of Ironforge to see him.
Well now, ye'll need papers to form a guild, and Jondor Steelbrow can help you get started with the process. He can be found over at the Ironforge Visitor's CEnter when yer ready to get started.
Gossip The Inn
If yer of need of an Inn, The Stonefire Inn[sic] is where ye should be. Ye'll find it just to the left of the entrance to Ironforge if ye be coming, or to the right if ye be going.
Oh, and if yer going that way, then tell them to have a tankard ready for me.
The Inn? Ah, ye looking to toss back some of the best ales Ironforge has to offer? The Stonefire Tavern is where ye'll want to go.
Ye'll find it just to the left of the entrance to Ironforge if ye be coming, or to the right if ye be going.
Gossip Mailbox
Bah! Mailboxes... all I get is junk mail lately!
Increase the size of this... decrease the size of that... act now for your free Sword of Dragonslaying. I have to change my mailbox number every other month!
Well, ye can't say I didn't warn ye. If you're looking for the mailbox it's just outside the Stonefire Tavern.
You can find a mailbox right o'er by The Stonefire Tavern. It's just north of the gates of Ironforge.
Gossip Stable Master
Over in the Hall of Arms you can find our resident stable master, Ulbrek Firehand. He'll make sure any pets you have are well fed and rightly cared for.
Taking care of animals is something that Ulbrek Firehand takes quite seriously. He usually hangs out with the hunters at the Hall of Arms if ye want him to loook after a pet or two.
Gossip Battlemaster
Ye can find the battlemasters around the war table in the Hall of Arms.
Gossip Barber
You can find the barber shop on the west portion of The Commons.
Gossip Class Trainer
Which class trainer might ye be looking for?
Gossip Druid
There's a worgen druid by the name of Dareth just outside the city gates; he might be able to help you.
Big beast of a fellow, covered in white leathers and furs. You can't miss him.
Gossip Hunter
Do ye have the potential to be a skilled hunter? Well <laddie/lassie>, only time will tell. Just don't ye go shooting at apples atop peoples' heads till ye've spoken with Regnus o'er in the Hall of Arms.
I overheard Regnus Thundergranite in the Hall of Arms bragging about a new trophy for his den the other day. If yer looking for training from a skilled hunter, Regnus is the one to see.
Gossip Mage
That wee wizardly lass, Bink, over in the Hall of Mysteries would probably be able to help ye out with any magical needs you have.
The Hall of Mysteries is just north of the gates of Ironforge.
Well ye'd be sure to find some training in the magical arts over in the Hall of Mysteries, north of the gates of Ironforge. Juli Stormkettle can always be found there with her nose in a book.
Gossip Paladin
Ah, good ol' Brandur Ironhammer. There's no doubt he'll provide ye with the guidance ye seek, <lad/lass>. Ye'll find him in the Hall of Mysteries north of the gates of Ironforge.
Brandur Ironhammer would be the one ye'd want to see. Ye can find him in the Hall of Mysteries north of the gates of Ironforge.
Gossip Priest
Ah, Braenna Flintcrag. She has magic hands, that one. Braenna is the one to see about Priestly matters.
Ye'll want to travel north from the gates of Ironforge to the Hall of Mysteries. That's where ye'll find her.
Ah, nothing better than a priest to cure what ails ye. Of course a nice tall pint cures a lot of what ails ye too, but I don't think Braenna Flintcrag teaches brewing. I guess ye'll have to settle for some priest training over in the Hall of Mysteries instead.
Gossip Rogue
All the roguish types hang out in The Forlorn Cavern, north of the gates of Ironforge. I'd wager ye'll find Fenthwick there, no doubt counting the coin of another cut purse. I'll catch him one of these days.
In the meantime I'll have my eye on you as well, <lad/lass>.
Now why would ye be needing the services of one of those types? We get enough trouble out of that rogue, Hulfdan Blackbeard, over in The Forlorn Cavern, do I need to be turning my eye to you as well?
Gossip Warlock
A warlock, eh... Well, if you've got a mind to be doing that sort of thing around here then ye best keep yer demons on a leash <boyo/girlie>. I don't like demons, but I love putting mah axe to them. Ye get me?
Now you just leave me be and go get lost in The Forlorn Cavern. That's where you'll find that warlock, Thistleheart.
Where better to look for a dark and brooding lot, than the dark section of Ironforge, aptly named The Forlorn Cavern. Thistleheart is sure to be found there, likely summoning some manner of vile creature to do his bidding.
Gossip Warrior
Kelstrum is a loudmouth and a braggart... and if that weren't enough he's also one of the most skilled warriors ye'll ever meet!
I tell ye, if ye're looking to be trained the ways of a warrior, that's who ye should be talking to. I'm sure he can be found in the Hall of Arms east of the Gates of Ironforge.
Och! Ye seek training in the way of the warrior, do ye? Kelstrum Stonebreaker will put ye through yer paces! Just march yerself over to the Hall of Arms east of the gates of Ironforge.
Gossip Shaman
Well now, you can find Farseer Javad in the area of The Great Forge, just a bit to the North on the East side.
Gossip Monk
Oh, Liu of the Bottomless Tankard? He's been in a drinking contest for the longest time at the Stonefire Tavern, just north of the gates of Ironforge.
Gossip Profession Trainer
Which profession trainer would ye be looking for?
Gossip Alchemy
An Alchemy trainer is what you need? Well, I just came from there, I did. Ye'll find Ms. Berryfizz over in Tinker Town where the gnomes gather.
Yer looking for an Alchemy trainer are ye? Just came from there, I did. Ye'll find Ms. Berryfizz over in Tinker Town where the gnomes gather.
::sigh::[sic] ...why o' why didn't I take the blue potion.
Gossip Archaeology
The good Doktor Professor Ironpants may be found in the Hall of Explorers.
Gossip Blacksmithing
Are ye really askin' me where the Blacksmith is? Have ye not heard of The Great Forge!? All our best blacksmiths gather there to craft their weapons and armor!
It's dead smack in the middle of Ironforge, and that's where you'll find one of our most brilliant blacksmiths, Bengus Deepforge.
Ye've come to the right place <lad/lass>! People come here from all o'er the world to train to be a blacksmith. Ye'll find Bengus Deepforge hammering away at an anvil in the middle of our fine city by The Great Forge itself.
Gossip Cooking
A Cooking trainer is it? Well then, get yerself over to the Bronze Kettle on the northeastern side of The Great Forge. Daryl Riknussun will teach ye to make a mighty fine dish that's sure to put the life back in ye!
Och! That Daryl Riknussun is a brilliant cook! He makes a chilli so hot ye could temper steel with it! I don't think he'll teach ye the recipe, but he'll certainly help ye to become a good cook. Ye'll find him at the Bronze Kettle o'er on the northeastern side of The Great Forge.
Gossip Enchanting
Ah, I believe Gimble Thistlefuzz is who ye'll be needing if yer looking to learn the Enchanter's profession. Ye'll find Gimble in his shop, Thistlefuzz Arcanery, right by the Gryphon Master at The Great Forge.
Och! ye should be careful what ye get enchanted <lad/lass>. I had me mug enchanted so it wouldn't spill a drop, but now I can't drink from it! Such a tragedy.
You be sure to heed me advice when ye see Gimble. He'll be in his shop right by the Gryphon Master at The Great Forge.
Gossip Engineering
Oh, you're looking for Springspindle Fizzlegear then. Why that little gnome and his gadgets... Let me tell you, if you're going to his shop in Tinker Town, keep your hands to yourself and don't pet any of his mechanical sheep!
Exploding sheep... now why would you even make such a thing?!
The tinkerer's craft for you is it? No doubt ye'll want to go see Springspindle Fizzlegear in Tinker Town.
Just head east from the gates of Ironforge, or follow the sound of the explosions.
Gossip First Aid
A valuable skill First Aid is. Our resident trainer, Nissa Firestone, can show ye how it's done. Look for her on the southern side of The Great Forge at the Ironforge Physician.
First Aid? Well ye don't look hurt to me. If yer really interested in learning First Aid, then Nissa Firestone is the one to learn from. Go see her over by The Great Forge in her shop, The Ironforge Physician.
Gossip Fishing
Grimnur Stonebrand will tell ye some whoppers about the one that got away, but he's still one o' the best fishermen around. He's got a shop set up in The Forlorn Cavern called the Traveling Fisherman.
I once heard ol' Grimnur say he fished up a sword. Or was it a swordfish? Damn that Grimnur, he's told so many fish tales I can't remember which is which. Well, why don't you go see him over in The Forlorn Cavern and have him tell you what it was.
Gossip Herbalism
Flowers and seeds and such? That would be Reyna Stonebranch's area of expertise. Ye can find her tending to her plants over at the Ironforge Physician on the southern side of The Great Forge.
Oh, ye want to learn to pick some daisies do ye? Ha! I'm just teasing ye <lad/lass>.
A fine profession it is, and Reyna Stonebranch can show ye how it's done. She works at the Ironforge Physician on th southern side of The Great Forge.
Gossip Inscription
Elise Brightletter is near the Great Forge adjacent to the Flight Master.
Gossip Jewelcrafting
Ye want Deepmountain Mining and Jewelcrafting[sic], over on the northern side of The Great Forge.
Gossip Leatherworking
Fimble Finespindle has a shop set up on the northwest side of The Great Forge. I wager he could show ye how to make some fine armor.
Sure ye don't want to be a Blacksmith? Well, if yer heart is set on Leatherworking, then you best talk to Fimble Finespindle over at his shop on the northwest side of The Great Forge.
Gossip Mining
Do we have Mining trainers here? Where do ye think ye are!?
Why you'll find one o' the best miners in all Dun Morogh at Deepmountain Mining and Jewelcrafting on the northern side of The Great Forge. There, Geofram Bouldertoe will show ye the true art of mining.
Well well! You've come to the right place to learn Mining, <boyo/girlie>! Geofram Bouldertoe himself resides at Deepmountain Mining and Jewelcrafting. Ye couldn't ask for a better instructor than him.
Gossip Skinning
Balthus Stoneflayer is the one to see about Skinning. If it can be skinned, he can teach ye how. Just walk yerself over to Finespindle's Leather Goods on the northern side of The Great Forge.
Skinning? The only thing ye look like ye could skin is yer own knee! Ha! Now why don't you go see Balthus Stoneflayer so he can teach you how to properly skin some animals. You'll find him in Finespindle's Leather Goods on the northern side of The Great Forge.
Gossip Tailoring
That Jormund Stonebrow has a knack for the needle, he does. Should you be needing some training, then you'll find him at Stonebrow's Clothier on the northern side of The Great Forge.
Ye might not know it, but in addition to being a skilled tailor, Jormund is also a slayer of giants! Why he must have overheard a few of us sharing stories when he shouted that he'd killed seven with one blow!
Ye should pay him a visit at his store on the north side of The Great Forge an' see if he'll tell ye the tale.


They also reply to several emotes targeting them:

  • /wave, they wave back.
  • /shy, they flex at you.
  • /rude, /Rasp or /Chicken, they point at you.
  • /kiss, they bow before you.
  • /salute, they salute back at you


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