Ironforge Mountaineer

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Not to be confused with Ironforge Mountaineer (Legion Invasions) or Ironforge Mountaineer (Arathi Highlands).
AllianceIronforge Mountaineer
Image of Ironforge Mountaineer
Gender Both
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ironforge
Occupation Mountaineer
Location Dun Morogh

Ironforge Mountaineers are dwarves that protect the vast region of Dun Morogh. They patrol Kharanos and Ironforge Airfield and provide directions to various locations in Kharanos, Thelsamar, and Ironforge. Some of them are mounted on rams. They are also present at an unnamed farm in the Wetlands side of the Ironforge Mountain.


  • Cleave


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Gossip Bank
Gossip Gryphon Master
Gossip Guild Master & Vendor
Gossip The Inn
Gossip Stable Master
Gossip Class Trainer
Gossip Profession Trainer

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