Map Key
Class trainers

Deathknight Death knight Druid Druid
Hunter Hunter         Mage Mage
Monk Monk           Paladin Paladin
Priest Priest           Rogue Rogue
Shaman Shaman       Warlock Warlock
Warrior Warrior

Profession trainers

Archaeology Archaeology
Cooking Cooking
Fishing Fishing
First Aid First Aid
Herbalism Herbalism
Mining Mining
Skinning Skinning
Alchemy Alchemy
Blacksmithing Blacksmithing
Enchanting Enchanting
Engineering Engineering
Inscription Inscription
Jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting
Leatherworking Leatherworking
Tailoring Tailoring
Iconsmall poi36.png Riding


Inngossipicon.png Inn
MiniIcon Mailbox.png Mailbox
MiniIcon Banker.png Banker
MiniIcon Auctioneer.png Auctioneer
MiniIcon StableMaster.png Stable Master
MiniIcon BattleMaster.png Battle Master
MiniIcon FlightMaster.png Flight Master
Iconsmall poi145.png Boat
Iconsmall poi140.png Zeppelin
Iconsmall poi26.png Anvil
Vendorgossipicon.png Vendor
MiniIcon FoodDrink.png Food & Drink
MiniIcon Reagent.png Reagent
MiniIcon Guild.png Guild
Iconsmall poi43.png Alliance Quartermaster
Iconsmall poi44.png Horde Quartermaster
MiniIcon Barber.png Barber


Instance portal green.png Earthshrine Portals
Instance portal red.png To Blasted Lands
Instance portal blue.png Dungeon
Instance portal unknown.png Other


Deadly icon.png City Boss
Iconsmall poi7.png Quest board
Iconsmall poi8.png Grave
Gossipgossipicon.png Gossip

This map contains many of the points of interest within the city of Ironforge.

Points of interest

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