NeutralIrongrove Retreat
Irongrove Retreat.jpg
Type Camp
Leader(s) Mythandros Irongrove
Race(s) Night elfNight elf Night elf
Location Northwestern Suramar
Status Active

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Travel Done Flight Master(s)
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Sources: Legion

Irongrove Retreat is a small grove located just beyond the Feathermane Hunting Grounds in Suramar.[26, 32] The night elf refugees came here fleeing from Val'sharah when Ysera began her attack on the temple, many from villages that ended up getting destroyed from the Nightmare.

Many elves set out from these villages, but the Nightmare would follow them everywhere they went taking several lives before they finally crossed into Suramar, the Nightmare stopped following after that. In hopes of settling in their new location, they began befriending the creatures of the land to receive their blessings in order to create a new moonwell.


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A female Val'sharah Refugee sits at a table, with a Curious Owlkitten sitting on the table amongst plates of salad and mugs, looking at her.
Curious Owlkitten reaches a paw out and lightly bats at the cup.
Val'sharah Refugee says: Hey!
Val'Sharah[sic] Exile[sic] tries to shoo the kitten away.
Curious Owlkitten stares directly into Val'Sharah Exile's eyes.
Val'sharah Refugee says: No...!
Curious Owlkitten knocks the cup off the table.
The cup goes tumbling end over end to the ground.
Val'sharah Refugee says: Gah!