NeutralIronhorn Enclave
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Race(s) TaurenTauren Tauren
Location Southern Highmountain[54.6, 84.8]

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A large anvil in the village called the Firmament Stone.

Ironhorn Enclave is a small village found on Highmountain Peak in Highmountain. It is home of the Ironhorn tribe. The village is mostly comprised of expert miners and blacksmiths who train novices. It is famous for its renowned founder, Rethu Ironhorn. The enclave is also under a minor threat from the drogbar in Highmountain Summit, however a member of the Skyhorn tribe, Jarum Skymane, is guarding them.


Many ages ago Rethu Ironhorn, a renowned smith and miner, was the first tauren to explore Highmountain Peak. He established a small camp and raised a family here. Many apprentices would hike the mountain and stay here in the cold, harsh weather just to learn from Rethu but after many years he suddenly disappeared in the night, forever. He left his knowledge to his apprentices and family, and they still carry his scholarship today.[1]

All greenhorn who seek to train here must first hear the legacy of Rethu from his ancestor Ronos Ironhorn.


Ronos Ironhorn and his brother Muirn Ironhorn are both trainers, but seem to be the only descendants of Rethu left in the camp. Thala Steeltotem, also instructs and guides students in blacksmithing, but is only a vendor for players.


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  • The flightmaster can be found across a small stream and up a hill, adjacent to the camp.
  • Legion's blacksmithing and mining profession questlines require players to travel here.


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  • Over a snowbank to the west of the camp, Stonecrown Cavern may have been where miners of the enclave dug, though this cannot be confirmed and no NPCs can be found inside.

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