Irontree Clearing

Irontree Clearing camp (Cataclysm).jpg
Irontree Clearing Horde camp
Irontree Clearing(Cataclysm).jpg
Irontree Clearing with Irontree Cavern

Irontree Clearing, located in Felwood, comprises the northern section of Irontree Woods that includes Irontree Cavern. It is a Horde-friendly area full of Irontree Shredders and a strip mining camp. The Clearing stretches from the area around the Cavern all the way across the main Felwood road to a small Horde camp and quest hub, complete with a flight master.

The goblins of this clearing have begun attacking the worgen and night elves located in nearby Talonbranch Glade who have attempted to stop their lumber operations. The Clearing's lower reaches are later attacked and destroyed by the Worgen following the increased hostility.

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