Irontree Woods, Felwood.

Elf statue.

The new Ancient.

Irontree Woods lies in northern Felwood. Once a peaceful forest glade, it has been corrupted like the rest of Felwood by the demonic presence of the Burning Legion. Three Ancients - Hastat, Stoma and Vartrus, the great living trees of the night elves, have been petrified and remain permanently entombed within the Irontree Woods. Crazed treants, twisted bog beasts, ferocious wildlife, and corrupted water elementals also roam the woods, attacking any who venture near.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

While the Ancients are dead, life still spreads among them. When an adventurer pour moonwell water in the middle a small Lasher was born. After the short time taking care of it, it finally blossomed and when it was complete, it returned to the place it was born and will stay there until it is ready to take his place as the new Ancient.


After a player completes the questline, the ancient is phased in and will stay there.

Ironwood Digsite


Ironwood Digsite @ 49,32

The Ironwood is a night elf archaeology dig site that covers much of the southern area of the Irontree Woods.

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