Is Your Oil Running?

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HordeIs Your Oil Running?
Start Darla Drilldozer
End Darla Drilldozer
Level 49 (Requires 47)
Category Felwood
Experience 6,550
Reputation +250 Bilgewater Cartel
Rewards 70s


Collect 10 Crude Tarballs from Oily Sludges.


Last time we had an oil leak this bad, the oil itself tried to get away!

I don't know what does it, maybe all the demon goop floating around here, but when we get a big enough crude leak half of it globs together and tries to run away.

That's profit trying to escape! Go run after those oil sludges and bring back their sweet, precious oil!


That stuff better not still be moving when you bring it back here.


Thank goodness the oil is safe! Well done, <name>.


You will receive: 70s



  1. H [49] A Flare Fight & H [49] It's Time to Oil Up
  2. H [49] Take it to the Tree & H [49] Wisp-napping
  3. H [49] Slap and Cap & H [49] Is Your Oil Running?
  4. H [49] Pikwik in Peril
  5. H [49] Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
  6. H [49] Fire in the Hole!
  7. H [49] Timbermaw Hold (optional breadcrumb to Timbermaw Hold)

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