The Isle of Night.

The Isle of Night is a small isle, part of the Echo Isles. Zekhan remembers this isle from his childhood, and from all the islands that make up the Echo Isles, this is his favorite.

It is no bigger than a sand barge, and some Darkspears refuse to even call it an isle. It is a popular spot for many tests of courage among the Darkspear youth. There is a mighty tree at its center, and a little shrine for the bat loa, Hir'eek. Although no one remembers who built the shrine, most of the trolls still come here to leave offerings for her blessing of safe passage under the cover of darkness. According to Zekhan's grandmother, the totem is the reason for the eerie silence that hangs over the isle, broken only by the songs of the bats.[1]


  • Various critters also wander the isle.
  • While the island existed since Classic, the massive tree and totem were updated in Cataclysm.