AllianceIt's Raid Night Every Night
Start Sergeant Flinthammer [70.4, 48.9]
End Sergeant Flinthammer [70.4, 48.9]
Level 1-30 (Requires 1)
Category Dun Morogh
Experience 780
Reputation +250 Ironforge
+250 Gnomeregan
Rewards  [Robes of Endless Raiding]
or  [Boots of the Weary Raider]
or  [Bracer of the Nightly Raid]
or  [Well-Worn Raider Treads]
3s (or 4s 80c at max level)
Previous A [1-30] A Hand at the Ranch
Next A [1-30] Help for the Quarry


Help Sergeant Flinthammer and his mountaineers defend Amberstill Ranch from Frostmane Raiders.

  • Defend Amberstill Ranch


The reports I'm sending Captain Tharran can't really convey the amount of trouble the Frostmanes have created for us. Your assault on the village has started to relieve some of the pressure. The raids are still frequent, but the trolls don't have the numbers they once did.

Even so, my men are tired and their morale is flagging. Would you help us keep watch for the Frostmane raiders? They could turn up at any time.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth 84v2.png [Robes of Endless Raiding] Inv boots leather 10v4.png [Boots of the Weary Raider]
Inv bracer 61v2.png [Bracer of the Nightly Raid] Inv boots leather 10v4.png [Well-Worn Raider Treads]

You will also receive: 3s (or 4s 80c at max level)


We're glad to have your help, <name>.


With your help, we've managed to weaken the raiders considerably. They haven't suffered such losses since the raids began. Now is the time to press our advantage.


On accept, a script event starts:

Sergeant Flinthammer says: The Frostmane trolls have been raiding the ranch continuously.
Amberstill Mountaineer says: Does anyone hear something strange?
The trolls stealth past the guards and into the stables.
Sergeant Flinthammer says: As it is, there are barely enough of us to keep them from taking everything.
Sergeant Flinthammer says: They just take the rams and go. The herd can't take any more.
Amberstill Mountaineer says: There it is again! I know I heard something!
Sergeant Flinthammer yells: One of the mountaineers has seen something. Keep your eyes open!
The five raiders mount up and run out of the stable.
Amberstill Mountaineer yells: Frostmane raiders! Sound the alarm!
Amberstill Mountaineer yells: To arms, mountaineers! Take back those rams!
The trolls stop, form a line, and taunt the mountaineers.
Frostmaine Raider yells: If you want your rams back, come get them, cowards!

The raiders are now attackable, so help the mountaineers finish them off. When the fourth raider dies, the last breaks for it, making his way to safety.


  1. A [1-30] Frostmane Aggression
  2. A [1-30] Culling the Wendigos
  3. A [1-30] Beer Basted Boar Ribs / A [1-30] The Perfect Stout
  4. A [1-30] Pushing Forward
  5. A [1-30] Help from Steelgrill's Depot / A [1-30] Operation Recombobulation
  6. A [1-30] The Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher
  7. A [1-30] Eliminate the Resistance / A [1-30] Strike From Above
  8. A [1-30] A Hand at the Ranch
  9. A [1-30] It's Raid Night Every Night
  10. A [1-30] Rams on the Lam / A [1-30] Protecting the Herd
  11. A [1-30] Help for the Quarry (breadcrumb) / A [1-30] The Public Servant

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