It's a Trap

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Not to be confused with B [67] It's a Trap!, [It's a Trap!], or It's a Trap (mission).
NeutralIt's a Trap
Start Nadjia the Mistblade
End Nadjia the Mistblade
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Revendreth
Experience 9,700
Reputation +250 Court of Harvesters
Rewards  [Nobleman's Quickblade]
or  [Cavalier's Morningstar]
or  [Stonevigil Rapier]
or  [Briarbane Glaive]
or  [Briarbane Carbine]
or  [Sacred Morningstar]
or  [Thicket Sweeper]
or  [Briarbane Halberd]
or  [Sinstealer's Staff]
75g 81s 60c


Approach Matyas to start the duel. Assist Nadjia when Matyas cheats.

  • Nadjia's duel completed
  • Meet Nadjia back inside the tower.


At last, I will have my vengeance!

I am certain Matyas will flee again if he sees me first so you will need to confront him on my behalf, friend. Then, while he's distracted, I will engage him.

At that point, your obligation as my second is a formality. You must assure Matyas does not dishonor the duel and cheat. When he inevitably does, I expect you'll help me defeat him.

He's just through the portcullis there.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv knife 1h revendrethquest b 01.png [Nobleman's Quickblade] Inv mace 1h revendrethquest b 01.png [Cavalier's Morningstar]
Inv sword 1h revendrethquest b 01.png [Stonevigil Rapier] Inv glaive 1h revendrethquest b 01.png [Briarbane Glaive]
Inv firearm 2h revendrethquest b 01.png [Briarbane Carbine] Inv mace 1h revendrethquest b 01.png [Sacred Morningstar]
Inv polarm 2h revendrethquest b 01.png [Thicket Sweeper] Inv polarm 2h revendrethquest b 01.png [Briarbane Halberd]
Inv staff 2h revendrethquest b 01.png [Sinstealer's Staff]

You will also receive:


Matyas will apologize, or he will die.


I would have allowed an apology, but he chose treachery and has paid the price.


Open the Rampart Portcullis and attack the Taskmaster.

Taskmaster Matyas says: Maw Walker, you have made an unfortunate choice in befriending Nadjia and betraying me. The consequences are on your head.
Nadjia the Mistblade says: At long last! My time caged gave me rather a lot of time to plan this duel.
Taskmaster Matyas says: You are ever the fool, Nadjia. My guards will make short work of you.
Nadjia the Mistblade says: If you will not fight fairly, then neither shall I. Maw Walker, to my side!
Summoning a Stonebound Guardian
  • Taskmaster Matyas says: Where are my faithful servants? Kill them!
  • Taskmaster Matyas says: Guards! To me!
Matyas killed
Taskmaster Matyas says: No! Wait ...
Nadjia the Mistblade says: Even to the end he was honorless. Come, friend, we must go.
On completion
Nadjia the Mistblade says: My friend, thank you for ridding me of Matyas. I must leave now. If you would like a way down from here, follow me.
Nadjia runs to a Hulking Stoneborn and casts a spell on it.
Nadjia the Mistblade says: This stoneborn will take you to safety if you wish. I look forward to our next meeting. Till then, try not to get killed.


  1. N [58] A Curious Invitation
  2. N [58] The Lay of the Land
  3. N [58] Finders-Keepers, Sinners-Weepers
  4. N [58] Active Ingredients and N [58] A Fine Vintage
  5. N [58] Message for Matyas
  6. N [58] Comfortably Numb
  7. N [58] The Field of Honor and N [58] Offer of Freedom
  8. N [58] It's a Trap

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