A chart showing item levels over time at the tier breakpoints, overlayed on the expansions

Item level (often abbreviated as ilevel or simply ilvl) is a rather important property of every item. It has two main functions — to reflect the item's usefulness and at the same time determine the minimum level a character must have in order to use it.

Item level serves as a rough indicator of the power and usefulness of an item, designed to reflect the overall benefit of using the item. Two items of equal ilvl should in theory therefore be of equal potential use. However, each item spends its ilvl 'budget' differently, in various primary and secondary stats, as well as in procs and effects. Since each of these values provide different benefits to different classes and specs, the true value of an item varies depending on the user, and cannot be determined solely by ilvl. Additionally, PvP Power is not counted towards an item's ilvl budget, allowing PvP gear of a given ilvl to provide an advantage in PvP compared to non-PvP gear of the same ilvl.

Item level is widely used as a means of assessing a character's power. Ilvl is used as a gating requirement when queueing for dungeons, raids and scenarios, and is often used in a similar way by players organising raids.

Individual items' item levels can be found in their tooltips. Each character's average ilvl can be found in the character sheet.


  • Item level in battlegrounds, arena and rated battlegrounds is limited by the PvP item level cap.
  • Item level on item tooltips can be enabled or disabled via an option found in the Display section of the Interface Options menu. Up until patch 3.2, the true item level was hidden in the game, and only UI mods could read it via the function GetItemInfo.
  • Blizzard's use of a formula to calculate item level from an item's stats was first theorised by Hyzenthlei (Tauren Shaman 60 on Zul'Jin), and later confirmed by a presentation at Blizzcon.

Item level chart

Classic (minLevel = 1-60)

ilvl PvE (solo/party) PvE (raid) PvP Crafted
1-61 (heirloom) Heirlooms
2 (common) Initial quests level 1-4 zones
3 (common) Initial quests level 1-4 zones
4 (common) Initial quests level 1-4 zones
5 (common) Quests level 1-4 zones
6 (common) Quests level 5-10 zones
7 (common) Quests level 5-10 zones req. 2 crafted items
8 (common) Quests level 5-10 zones req. 3 crafted items
9 (common) Quests level 5-10 zones req. 4 crafted items
10 (common) Vendors level 1-10 zones
Quests level 5-10 zones
10 (uncommon) Finalizing quests at level 10 req. 5 crafted BoEs
12 (uncommon) Finalizing quests at level 10 req. 7 crafted BoEs
13 (uncommon) Finalizing quests at level 10 req. 8 crafted BoEs
14 (uncommon) Finalizing quests at level 10 req. 9 crafted BoEs
15 (uncommon) Horde Friendly and Revered reputation awards with Tranquillien req. 10 crafted BoEs
16 (uncommon) Finalizing quests at level 10 req. 11 crafted BoEs
17 (uncommon) Horde Honored reputation awards with Tranquillien req. 12 crafted BoEs
18 (rare) Ragefire Chasm
19 (uncommon) req. 14 crafted BoEs
20 (rare) Deadmines
21 (uncommon) req. 16 crafted BoEs
21 (rare) Shadowfang Keep
Wailing Caverns
Horde Exalted reputation awards with Tranquillien
 [Deviate Scale Belt]
22 (uncommon) req. 17 crafted BoEs
23 (uncommon) req. 18 crafted BoEs
24 (uncommon) req. 14 and 19 crafted BoEs
24 (rare)  [Spidersilk Boots]
 [Spidersilk Drape]
 [Toughened Leather Armor]
25 (uncommon) req. 20 crafted BoEs
25 (rare) Blackfathom Deeps
Stormwind Stockade
 [Fletcher's Gloves]
26 (uncommon) req. 21 crafted BoEs
27 (uncommon) req. 22 crafted BoEs
27 (rare)  [Toughened Leather Gloves]
28 (uncommon) req. 23 crafted BoEs
29 (uncommon) req. 24 crafted BoEs
29 (rare) Gnomeregan
30 (uncommon) req. 25 crafted BoEs
31 (rare) Scarlet Halls
32 (uncommon) req. 27 crafted BoEs
32 (rare)  [Barbaric Bracers]
33 (uncommon) req. 28 crafted BoEs
33 (rare) Scarlet Monastery
34 (uncommon) req. 29 crafted BoEs
35 (common)  [Haliscan Pantaloons]
 [Tuxedo Pants]
35 (uncommon) req. 30 crafted BoEs
35 (rare) Razorfen Kraul
Lord Vyletongue, Tinkerer Gizlock (Maraudon)
36 (uncommon) req. 31 crafted BoEs
37 (uncommon) req. 32 crafted BoEs
37 (rare) Celebras, Noxxion, Razorlash (Maraudon)  [Gem-Studded Leather Belt]
38 (rare)  [Robe of Power]
39 (uncommon) req. 34 crafted BoEs
39 (rare) Landslide, Meshlok the Harvester, Princess Theradras, Rotgrip (Maraudon)
39 (epic) Princess Theradras, Rotgrip (Maraudon)
40 (uncommon) req. 35 crafted BoEs
40 (rare) Uldaman  [Icy Cloak]
 [Comfortable Leather Hat]
 [Shadowskin Gloves]
41 (uncommon) req. 36 crafted BoEs
41 (rare) Dire Maul, East wing
Lady Falther'ess (Razorfen Downs)
42 (uncommon) req. 37 crafted BoEs
43 (uncommon) req. 38 crafted BoEs
43 (rare) Scholomance
45 (uncommon) req. 40 crafted BoEs
45 (rare) Dire Maul, West wing
Razorfen Downs
 [Dragonscale Gauntlets]
 [Dreamweave Gloves]
 [Dreamweave Vest]
 [Wolfshead Helm]
46 (uncommon) req. 41 crafted BoEs
46 (rare)  [Gauntlets of the Sea]
47 (uncommon) req. 42 crafted BoEs
47 (rare) Stratholme, Main Gate
47 (epic)  [Book of the Dead]
48 (uncommon) req. 43 crafted BoEs
49 (rare) Dire Maul, North wing
50 (rare) Stratholme, Main Gate  [Dreamweave Circlet]
 [Feathered Breastplate]
 [Helm of Fire]
51 (uncommon) req. 46 crafted BoEs
51 (rare)  [Dragonscale Breastplate]
52 (rare)  [Savage Gladiator Chain] various LW craftables
52 (epic) Blackrock Depths
53 (uncommon) Nerub'enkan (Stratholme, Service Entrance) req. 47 en 48 crafted BoEs
53 (rare) Skul (Stratholme), Main Gate
Stratholme, Service Entrance
53 (epic) Lord Aurius Rivendare (Stratholme), Main Gate
Stratholme, Service Entrance
55 (uncommon) Nerub'enkan (Stratholme, Service Entrance) req. 50 crafted BoEs
55 (rare) Sunken Temple  [Cloak of Fire]
55 (epic)  [Dragon's Call],  [Embrace of the Wind Serpent]
56 (uncommon) Nerub'enkan (Stratholme, Service Entrance) req. 51 crafted BoEs
56 (rare) Grim Guzzler, Inner and Outer Blackrock Depths
56 (epic)  [Circle of Flame]
57 (rare) req. 52 crafted BoEs
58 (rare) req. 53 crafted BoEs
58 (uncommon) req. 54 crafted BoEs
58 (rare) Lower Blackrock Spire
58 (epic)  [Felstriker]
 [Blackblade of Shahram]
craftable epics
58 (epic) craftable epics
58 (epic) craftable epics
58 (epic) Tier 1 sets (Molten Core)
General Rajaxx, Kurinnaxx (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj)
58 (epic) Ayamiss the Hunter, Buru the Gorger (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj)
58 (epic) Moam (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
58 (epic) General Rajaxx, Kurinnaxx (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj)
58 (epic) Ossirian the Unscarred (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj)
58 (epic) Shoulderpads, weapons (Razorgore, Blackwing Lair)
Ayamiss the Hunter, Buru the Gorger (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj)
The Profet Skeram (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
58 (epic) Moam (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
58 (epic) Tier 2 leggings (Ragnaros, Molten Core)
Other Tier 2 sets (Blackwing Lair)
Bracers (Razorgore, Blackwing Lair)
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
58 (epic) Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
58 (epic) Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
58 (legendary)  [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]
 [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]
59 (epic) Ouro, Twin Emperors (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
61-62 (epic) Tier 3 boots, shoulderpads, bracers (Black Market Auction House)
62 (epic) Tier 3 belts, gloves, headpieces, leggings (Black Market Auction House)
C'Thun (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
63 (legendary) Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
65 (epic) Tier 3 tunics (Black Market Auction House)

The Burning Crusade (minLevel = 58-80)

Noteworthy elements of TBC itemization include:

  • The introduction of the ratings system: rather than giving a flat 1% or 2% bonus to a stat, everything was converted to a point value that provided the equivalent percentage at level 60, but scaled downwards as character level increased. e.g. 1% crit became 14 crit rating, 1% hit became 10 hit rating.
  • Stamina was de-budgeted. 1 point of Stam cost 2/3 of a point. This was not retroactively applied to Classic items.
ilvl PvE (party) PvE (raid) PvP crafted
58-100 (heirloom) Heirlooms
81 (uncommon) req.57 world drop BoEs
initial quest rewards
85 (rare) Hellfire Ramparts
Honored reputation weapons and rings
88 (rare) Blood Furnace
91 (rare) Slave Pens
93 (uncommon) req. 61 crafted BoEs
94 (rare) Underbog
97 (rare) Mana-Tombs
102 (uncommon) req. 64 crafted BoEs
106 (rare) req. 67 crafted BoEs
108 (uncommon) req. 62 crafted BoEs
109 (rare) req. 69 crafted BoEs
111 (uncommon) req. 67 crafted BoEs
112 (rare) Escape from Durnholde Keep
Honored reputation recipes
Sethekk Halls and Heroic dungeons
req. 69 crafted BoEs
114 (rare) Honored reputation recipes req. 70 crafted BoEs
115 (rare) Heroic and level 70 dungeons
Honored reputation items
Revered reputation items
95 (epic) Terokkar spirit shard rings Basic engineering goggles
70 (epic) req.70 world drop BoEs
Exalted reputation weapons
Darkmoon cards
Heroic MT event rings (Yor)
105 (epic) Heroic end-boss weapons
Exalted reputation armor
Terokk BoE cloaks
Ogri'la event rings (Shartuul)
Ogri'la Apexis Infusion epics
most crafted BoEs
75 (epic) BS T1 weapons
110 (epic) Heroic end-boss armor
SW-MT Kael'thas (Normal)
2.0 badge loot (jewelry, off-hands, helms)

Seasonal event boss drops
Violet Signet (Honored)
113 (epic) S1 (General's/Marshal's) bracers

S1 necklaces

115 (epic) SW-MT (Heroic)
Exalted Shattered Sun
FR badge gear
 [Violet Badge]
 [Phoenix-Fire Band]
S1 relics BS FrR chest; NR chest/legs/helm
JC NR ring
LW set bracers/belts
Tailoring  [Primal Mooncloth Belt]
120 (epic) Tier 4 sets (Karazhan/Gruul/Magtheridon)
Violet Signet (Revered)
Outdoor raid boss drops
LW set chests
LW  [Cloak of Darkness]
Tailoring  [Primal Mooncloth Robe]
80 (epic) S1 Arena weapons
S1 Arena armor sets
S1 (General's/Marshal's) belt/boots
S1 (Sergeant's) cloaks
BS T2 weapons
125 (epic) SW-MT Kael'thas (Heroic) Karazhan end-boss (Malchezaar)
High King Maulgar/Gruul the Dragonkiller
JC T2 figurines
126 (epic) S2 (Veteran's) bracers
127 (epic) BS T2 armor
Eng T1 goggles
128 (epic) Zul'Aman badge gear Zul'Aman gear
Serpentshrine Cavern gear
Tempest Keep gear
Band of Eternity (Friendly)
S2 (Veteran's) rings/necklaces
S4 PVP trinket
SSC/TK crafted BoP boots
SSC/TK crafted BoE belts
130 (epic) Violet Signet (Exalted) BT crafted SR gear
80 (epic) Zul'Aman weapons
133 (epic) Tier 5 sets (SSC/TK)
Zul'Aman end-bosses (Malacrass/Zul'jin)
Battlemaster trinkets
134 (epic) SSC/TK weapons
84 (epic)  [The 2 Ring]
80 (epic) Band of Eternity (Honored) S2 (Merciless) Arena weapons
S2 (Merciless) Arena armor sets
S2 (Veteran's) belts/boots
S3 cloaks
BS T3 weapons
138 (epic) SSC/TK end-boss gear (Vashj/Kael'thas)
ZA end-boss weapons
141 (epic) Sunwell badge gear Hyjal/BT gear
SSC/TK end-boss weapons
S3 (Vindicator's) bracers/rings/necklaces Hyjal/BT crafted BoP shoulders
Hyjal/BT crafted BoE bracers
80 (epic) Band of Eternity (Revered)
146 (epic) Sunwell badge weapons Tier 6 sets (Hyjal/BT) S3 (Vengeful) Arena weapons
S3 (Vengeful) Arena armor sets
S3 (Vindicator's) belt/boots
BS T3 armor
151 (epic) Hyjal/BT end-boss weapons (Archimonde/Illidan)
BT trash rings
88 (epic) Band of Eternity (Exalted)
154 (epic) Tier 6 bracers/belt/boots
Sunwell Plateau gear
S4 (Brutal) Arena weapons
S4 (Guardian's) bracers/rings/necklaces
90 (legendary) Twin Blades of Azzinoth
92 (epic) Sunwell token-exchange gear S4 (Brutal) Arena armor sets
S4 (Guardian's) belt/boots
Eng T2 goggles
SWP crafted BoP chests
SWP crafted BoE gloves
JC BoE rings; BoP necklaces
94 (epic) Sunwell end-boss (Kil'jaeden)
 [Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury]

Wrath of the Lich King (minLevel = 58-80)

ilvl PvE (5-man party/solo) PvE (10-man raid) PvE (25-man raid) PvP Crafted
74-83 (uncommon) req.67 world drop BoEs
83 (uncommon) req.70 crafted BoEs
83 (uncommon) req.68 world drop BoEs
initial quest rewards in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord
req.68 crafted BoEs
83-87 (rare) final quest rewards in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord
87 (uncommon) req. 72 crafted BoEs
87-88 (uncommon) initial quest rewards in Dragonblight
89 (rare) finalizing quest rewards in Dragonblight req. 73 crafted BoEs
150 (uncommon)
94 (rare) req. 74 crafted BoEs
154 (uncommon) initial quest rewards in Grizzly Hills
154 (rare) group quest rewards in Grizzly Hills req. 75 crafted BoEs
155 (rare) Utgarde Keep
158 (uncommon) initial quest rewards in Zul'Drak req. 76 crafted BoEs
158 (rare) finalizing quest rewards in Zul'Drak
159 (rare) The Nexus
162 (uncommon) initial quest rewards in Sholazar Basin req. 77 crafted BoEs
163 (rare) Azjol-Nerub
167 (rare) Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
171 (rare) Drak'Tharon Keep
174 (uncommon) initial quest rewards in Icecrown
initial quest rewards in Storm Peaks
174 (rare) finalizing quest rewards in Icecrown
finalizing quest rewards in Storm Peaks
175 (rare) Violet Hold
group quest rewards in Zul'Drak
179 (rare) Gundrak
183 (rare) Halls of Stone
100 (rare) Normal lv80 instances
Honored reputation rewards
Rare craftables
100 (rare) Heroic instances
Revered reputation rewards
Argent Tournament armor
S5 Savage set
100 (epic) Heroic Dungeons (Final Boss) gear
Trial of the Champion
3.0 [Justice Points] rewards
Exalted reputation rewards
Argent Tournament weapons
World drop BoE epics
Heroes' Tier 7 sets
Obsidian Sanctum
S5 Hateful Set and Accessories
S5 Wintergrasp rewards (3.08)
 [Frozen Orb] craftables
Darkmoon cards
100  [The 5 Ring] (fishing daily reward)
100 3.0 [Justice Points] rewards Kel'thuzad
Eye of Eternity
Obsidian Sanctum (with Drakes)
Valorous Tier 7 sets
Obsidian Sanctum
S5 Deadly gear
S6 Wintergrasp rewards (3.1)
100 Heroic Trial of the Champion
Forge of Souls
Pit of Saron
Halls of Reflection
Valorous Tier 8 sets
100 3.1 [Justice Points] rewards Ulduar (Hard Modes) / Ulduar Weapons Kel'thuzad
Obsidian Sanctum (with Drakes)
Conqueror's Tier 8 Sets
S6 Furious honor accessories
S7 Wintergrasp rewards (3.2)
 [Runed Orb] craftables
100 Heroic Forge of Souls
Heroic Pit of Saron
Heroic Halls of Reflection
Ulduar Hard Mode Weapons
Trial of the Crusader
Conqueror's Tier 9 Sets
Ulduar weapons S6 Furious set pieces
S6 T1 Furious weapons
100 Ulduar (Hard Modes) S6 T2 Furious weapons
100 3.2 [Justice Points] rewards Trial of the Grand Crusader Triumphant Tier 9 Sets
Trial of the Crusader
 [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings]
S7 Relentless accessories
S7 T1 Relentless weapons
 [Crusader Orb] craftables
100 Quel'Delar quest rewards
Elemental Unrest Event Bosses
Tier 10 Sets
Icecrown Citadel
Ashen Verdict Friendly rings
S7 Relentless set pieces
S8 Wintergrasp rewards (3.3)
100 Trial of the Grand Crusader Tribute Chests
Lich King
Ruby Sanctum
Trial of the Grand Crusader
Totally Triumphant Tier 9 Sets
S7 T2 Relentless weapons
100 Ashen Verdict Honored rings
100 3.3 [Justice Points] rewards Sanctified Tier 10 Sets
Heroic Icecrown Citadel
Sanctified Tier 10 Sets
Icecrown Citadel
S8 Wrathful accessories
S8 T1 Wrathful weapons
 [Primordial Saronite] craftables
100 Ashen Verdict Revered rings
100 S8 Wrathful set pieces
S8 Wrathful off-hands, relics and shields
101 Heroic Lich King
Heroic Ruby Sanctum
Lich King
Ruby Sanctum
100 Trial of the Grand Crusader tribute chests
102 Ashen Verdict Exalted rings Tier 10 Heroic Sanctified sets
Heroic Icecrown Citadel
S8 T2 Wrathful weapons
102 Heroic Lich King
Heroic Ruby Sanctum

Cataclysm (minLevel = 80-90)

For Cataclysm items there no longer appears to be any relation between item budget and rarity; that is, an uncommon ilvl300 and a rare ilvl300 will have the same budget of points and potentially identical stats. The difference lies in the character level requirement, with rares being equippable one or more levels earlier than uncommon items of the same ilvl. World drop blues appear to be about one character level better than greens of the same ilvl, crafted items two levels, and zone drops up four levels earlier.

Uncommon/green quality caps out at ilvl 318 for Twilight Highlands quest rewards and world drops requiring character level 85. The highest rare/blue items are ilvl 346 with the exception of the upgraded crafting recipes for the later seasons' entry-level PVP gear.

In practice, almost all items from Cataclysm onward are similarly budgeted: all items of the same slot and equal ilvl will have equal amounts of primary stat and Stamina, as well as two roughly equal secondary stats, minus the points for sockets.

Cataclysm introduced reforging, allowing players to convert 40% of an item's secondary stat into another stat of their choice. Only one stat can be converted, and the points cannot be added to a stat that is already on the item. Reforging makes it easier to juggle hit and expertise caps, as well as "wasting" less points in an undesirable stat.

Also note that the Cataclysm-era PVP gear was reitemized prior to Mists of Pandaria with lower item levels but greater overall PVE stats. See below for details. Seasons 9-11 armor were affected by these changes, but not crafted gear. The Cataclysmic (S11) T1 weapons suffered an ilvl nerf without receiving the budget split or PVP power to offset it, but no other weapons were changed. The gear is listed here under the current ilvl along with its historic values.

ilvl PvE (solo/party/LFR) PvE (10/25-man raid) PvP Crafted
272 (uncommon) req.77 world drop BoEs
Hyjal/Vashj'jir quest rewards
278 (uncommon) req.78 world drop BoEs
283 (uncommon) req.79 world drop BoEs
289 (uncommon) req.80 world drop BoEs
Deepholm quest rewards
292 (rare) req.80 world drop BoEs
295 (uncommon) req.81 world drop BoEs
300 (rare) req.81 world drop BoEs req.79 crafted BoEs
308 req.78 world drop BoEs
req.82 world drop BoEs
Blackrock Caverns
Throne of the Tides
req.80 crafted BoEs
312 (uncommon) Uldum quest rewards
316 req.83 world drop BoEs
Vortex Pinnacle
req.81 crafted BoEs
318 (uncommon) Twilight Highlands quest rewards
325 req.84 world drop BoEs req.82 crafted BoEs
333 req.85 world drop BoEs
Grim Batol
Halls of Origination
Lost City of the Tol'vir
Honored reputation rewards
req.83 crafted BoEs
339 S9 Bloodthirsty armor (i352 during 4.x) S9 crafted PVP armor
346 (rare) Heroic dungeons
4.0 [Justice Points] rewards
Revered reputation rewards
Jewelcrafting rings/necks
4.0  [Chaos Orb] weapons/cloaks
352 (epic) S9 Vicious armor (i365 during 4.x)
353 Zul'Aman
358 S10 Vicious armor (i371 during 4.x) S10 Bloodthirsty PVP armor (rare)
359 4.? [Justice Points] rewards
Exalted reputation rewards
World boss BoEs
4.0 [Valor Points] rewards and Tier 11
Normal Blackwing Descent,
Normal Bastion of Twilight, and
Normal Throne of the Four Winds
S9 Vicious T1 weapons 4.0  [Chaos Orb] chests and belts
Archaeology artifacts
Darkmoon Card trinkets
365 Holiday event bosses
Elemental Bonds cloaks
[Mark of the World Tree] vendors
4.2  [Chaos Orb] weapons
371 S10 Ruthless armor (i384 during 4.x)
372 Heroic Blackwing Descent,
Heroic Bastion of Twilight,
Heroic Throne of the Four Winds and Tier 11
S9 Vicious T2 weapons
377 S11 Ruthless armor (i390 during 4.x) S11 Vicious PVP armor (rare)
378 End Time
Well of Eternity
Hour of Twilight
4.3 [Justice Points] rewards
4.2 [Valor Points] rewards and Tier 12
Avengers of Hyjal rewards
S10 Ruthless T1 weapons  [Living Ember] gloves and boots
379 Heroic Lady Sinestra
384 Raid Finder Dragon Soul and Tier 13 Ragnaros S11 Cataclysmic T1 weapons (i397 during 4.x)
390 Raid Finder Deathwing S11 Cataclysmic armor (i403 during 4.x)
391 Heroic Firelands and Tier 12
Avengers of Hyjal Exalted rings
S10 Ruthless T2 weapons
397 Heroic Ragnaros
 [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest]
4.3 [Valor Points] rewards
Normal Dragon Soul and Tier 13
 [Essence of Destruction] legs and bracers
403 Normal Deathwing
410 Heroic Dragon Soul and Tier 13 S11 Cataclysmic T2 weapons
416 Heroic Deathwing
Fangs of the Father

Mists of Pandaria (minLevel = 80-90)

As in Cataclysm, item budget is solely derived from item level. Rarity is purely cosmetic, designating the item's origins. The major addition is blue world drops from Pandaria with reduced (Cata-level) requirements, making them extremely useful to levelling alts.

Ghostcrawler had previously discussed the possibility of an "item squish", where item stats would be rescaled every expansion, adjusting damage, healing and health along with them. However, beta-test items listed on Wowhead indicated that this would not happen in Mists of Pandaria.

Patch 5.1 added an upgrade system in which items of ilvl 458 and higher could be upgraded +8 ilvls for 1500 of the relevant currency (Justice for PVE rares, Valor for PVE epics, Honor for PVP rares, Conquest for PVP epics). The epics are done in two steps of +4 ilvls for 750 VP/CP, while the rares are done in a single step. The upgrade simply adds more of the item's existing stats; as certain pieces (helms, chests, legs, and particularly weapons) have larger budgets than others (bracers, amulets, rings) at any given ilvl, the same number of points spent can add far more stats on different pieces. However, the total gained is typically much less than replacing a lower-level piece with a higher. The upgrade system was removed for 5.2, so players would not have to choose between upgrading old gear and purchasing new. The system was brought back for 5.3, with a reduced cost (2x250 VP) for PVE epics. Season 12 upgrades remained at their original cost, and no Season 13 or later PVP gear can be upgraded at all. In lieu of direct nerfs to Siege of Orgrimmar, 5.4.8 extended the item upgrade system, allowing SoO gear to be upgraded an additional two times for an additional 8 ilvls per piece (+16 total).

PVP gear underwent a number of changes. Resilience and a new stat, PVP power, became free additional stats to compensate for PVP gear now being lower ilvl than its PVE equivalent. The budgeting on PVP gear was changed from a split between primary/stamina/secondary/resilience to primary/stamina/secondary/secondary, making it exactly the same value as PVE gear of its level for PVE purposes. In Patch 5.3, baseline resilience was increased to 65%, while resilience was removed from all current gear and the power of PVP gems/enchants was reduced. Finally, the maximum ilvl in instanced PVP was set to be equal to that of current PVP gear. The net effect of all of these changes made PVE gear somewhat more useful for entry-level PVP, with current PVE gear being comparable to current honor gear. Baseline resilience was further increased to 72% with Patch 5.4 and to 77% with 5.4.7 and the stopgap Season 15.

ilvl PvE (solo/party/LFR) PvE (10/25-man raid) PvP Crafted
364 (uncommon) req.83 BoEs
372 (uncommon) initial quests
Jade Forest vendors
Valley of the Four Winds vendors
377 (uncommon) req.84 BoEs
384 (uncommon) Jade Forest quests BS/LW/T/JC initial crafted gear
390 (uncommon) req.85 BoEs
393 (uncommon) Kun-Lai Summit vendors
Townlong Steppes vendors
399 (uncommon) Valley of the Four Winds quests
Krasarang Wilds quests
400 (rare) Jade Forest rare spawns
403 (uncommon) req.86 BoEs
404 (rare) Jade Forest BoAs and rare quests BS/LW/T/JC initial crafted gear
408 (uncommon) Townlong Steppes vendors
Dread Wastes vendors
409 (rare) req.80 rare BoEs
410 (rare) Stormstout Brewery
Temple of the Jade Serpent
Valley of the Four Winds rare spawns
414 (uncommon) Kun-Lai Summit quests
416 (uncommon) req.87 BoEs
417 (rare) req.81 rare BoEs
419 (rare) Valley of the Four Winds BoAs and rare quests
Krasarang Wilds BoAs and rare quests
Kun-Lai Summit BoAs
420 (rare) Krasarang Wilds rare spawns
425 (rare) req.82 rare BoEs
429 (uncommon) Townlong Steppes quests
req.88 BoEs
430 (rare) Kun-Lai Summit rare spawns
433 (rare) req.83 rare BoEs
434 (rare) Kun-Lai Summit rare quests
Townlong Steppes BoAs
435 (rare) Shado-Pan Monastery
437 (uncommon) Dread Wastes quests
440 (rare) Townlong Steppes rare spawns
Dread Wastes rare spawns
Vale of Eternal Blossoms rare spawns
Krasarang Wilds rare spawns (epic)
442 (rare) Townlong Steppes rare quests
req. 84 rare BoEs
450 (rare) Dread Wastes BoAs and rare quests
Mogu'shan Palace
req.85 rare BoEs
S12 Contender's PvP armor
Jewelcrafting rings/amulets
458 (rare) 466 Honored 5.0 Justice vendors S12 Dreadful armor S13 crafted Dreadful armor
463 (rare) 471 Heroic dungeons
5.0  [Cache of Treasures] rewards
5.0 Blacksmithing weapons and shields
5.2 Blacksmithing TBC T1 weapons
Archaeology equipment
470 (epic) 478 Holiday event bosses S12 Malevolent weapons
S13 Malevolent weapons
476 (epic) 484 Raid Finder Mogu'shan Vaults
Heroic dungeons rare drops
5.1  [Greater Cache of Treasures] rewards
World drop BoE epics
S13 Malevolent armor BS/LW/Tailoring chests/gloves
Inscription staves and offhands
Engineering goggles
5.2 Blacksmithing TBC T2 weapons
483 (epic) 491 Raid Finder Tier 14 sets
Raid Finder Heart of Fear
Raid Finder Terrace of Endless Spring
S12 Malevolent armor
489 (epic) 497 5.0 Valor vendors
Exalted reputation quest rewards
Battlefield: Barrens armor rewards
Normal Mogu'shan Vaults
490 (epic) 498 S12 Malevolent Elite weapons
496 (epic) 504 Sha of Anger (T14 gloves/legs)
5.1 Dominance Offensive / Operation Shieldwall vendors
5.2 Sunreaver Onslaught / Kirin Tor Offensive vendors
5.4 Timeless Isle armor tokens
Normal Tier 14 sets
Normal Heart of Fear
Normal Terrace of Endless Spring
S13 Tyrannical armor  [Blood Spirit] chests/gloves
498 (epic) S13 Tyrannical weapons
502 (epic) 510 Raid Finder Tier 15 sets
Raid Finder Throne of Thunder
Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults 5.2 Blacksmithing TBC T3 weapons
503 (epic) 511 Normal Elite Terrace of Endless Spring
509 (epic) 517 Heroic Tier 14 sets
Heroic Heart of Fear
Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring
516 (epic) 524 5.3  [Heroic Cache of Treasures] Heroic Elite Terrace of Endless Spring
522 (epic) 530 Nalak (T15 gloves/legs)
5.2 Shado-Pan Assault vendors
Normal Tier 15 sets
Normal Throne of Thunder
S14 Grievous armor/weapons  [Haunting Spirit] helms/boots
528 (epic) 536 544 Raid Finder Tier 16 sets
Raid Finder Siege of Orgrimmar
Normal Thunderforged Throne of Thunder
535 (epic) 543 547 5.4  [Burden of Eternity] Timeless armor Heroic Tier 15 sets
Heroic Throne of Thunder
540 (epic) 548 556 Celestial world bosses (T16 gloves/legs) Normal Tier 16 sets
Normal Siege of Orgrimmar
Normal Hellscream BoAs
556 (heirloom)
541 (epic) 549 Heroic Thunderforged Throne of Thunder
550 (epic) S15 Prideful armor/weapons
553 (epic) 561 569 Heroic Tier 16 sets
Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar
Heroic Hellscream BoAs
 [Spirit of War] belts/legs
569 (heirloom)
559 (epic) 567 575 Ordos
566 (epic) 574 582 Mythic Tier 16 sets
Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar
Mythic Hellscream BoAs
582 (heirloom)
600 (epic) 608 616 Celestial Cloaks of Virtue
608 (legendary) 616

Warlords of Draenor (minLevel = 90-100)

The changes to items in WoD so far include:

  • The item level power curve has been squished.
  • Primary stats for armor slots (Head, Shoulders, Chest, Wrist, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet) now dynamically change depending on the specialization the character is currently in. For example, a plate intellect chest worn by a Holy Paladin will convert to strength if the player switches to Retribution. Secondary stats do not change based on spec.
  • Secondary stats removed: Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry
  • Secondary stats added: Multistrike, Versatility, Bonus Armor
  • Tertiary stats added: run speed, Leech, Avoidance, Indestructible
  • Items in raids can drop with any or all of: a tertiary stat, a bonus socket, or bonus ilvl (a la Thunderforged/Warforged). At last report, there was a separate 10% chance of each bonus, so the odds of an item with two is 1/100 and all three is 1/1000.
  • Item reforging removed
  • Item upgrading removed
  • Item enchants and sockets reduced
  • PVP gear has a base PVE ilvl that is boosted during PVP combat
ilvl PvE (solo/party/LFR) PvE (raid) PvP Crafted
req. 90 BoEs
req. 91 BoEs
req. 92 BoEs
Frostfire Ridge quest rewards
Shadowmoon Valley quest rewards
Warlords of Draenor intro experience rings, necklaces and cloaks
Frostfire Ridge rare quest rewards
Shadowmoon Valley rare quest rewards
req. 93 BoEs
Warlords of Draenor intro experience trinkets
Gorgrond quest rewards
req. 91 rare mob drops
req. 94 BoEs
Normal Bloodmaul Slag Mines
Gorgrond rare quest rewards
req. 92 rare mob drops
req. 95 BoEs
req. 92 BS/LW/Tailor pants
req. 92 JC rings
req. 91 Inscription trinket
Talador quest rewards
req. 96 BoEs
req. 93 rare mob drops
Normal Iron Docks
Level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire event
req. 95 JC amulets
Talador rare quest rewards
req. 97 BoEs
req. 94 rare mob drops
req. 95 BS/LW/Tailor chests
req. 95 Inscription trinket
Spires of Arak quest rewards
Normal Auchindoun
req. 98 BoEs
req. 95 rare mob drops
req. 99 BoEs
req. 96 rare mob drops req. 98 BS/LW/Tailor helms
req. 98 JC rings
req. 98 Inscription trinket
Nagrand quest rewards
Spires of Arak rare quest rewards
req. 100 BoEs
req. 97 rare mob drops
Normal Skyreach req. 91 Eng trinkets
req. 98 rare mob drops
Normal Everbloom
Normal Grimrail Depot
Normal Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
Normal Upper Blackrock Spire
S16 Primal Honor gear (PVP i675) req. 91 Alchemy trinket
req. 99 rare mob drops
136 (rare) Level 100 Heroic dungeons
Apexis stage 1 armor
Brawler's Guild ring (epic)
req. 91 BS/Eng/Scribe stage 1 weapons
req. 91 BS shield
req. 91 Inscription offhand
137 (epic) Raid Finder Highmaul
Challenge mode daily reward
Legendary quest stage 1 ring
req. 91 BS/LW/Tailor armor
req. 91 Tailoring cloaks
req. 91 JC rings/amulets
req. 91 Engineering stage 1 goggles
req. 91 BS stage 1 weapons
req. 91 BS stage 1 armor
137-138 (epic) Apexis stage 2 armor req. 91 BS/Eng/Scribe stage 2 weapons
138 (epic) Drov the Ruiner
Tarlna the Ageless
req. 95 BS stage 2 weapons
req. 95 BS stage 2 armor
138 (epic) Apexis stage 3 armor
Raid Finder Blackrock Foundry
Normal Highmaul req. 91 BS/Eng/Scribe stage 3 weapons
req. 91 Engineering stage 2 goggles
138 (epic) Raid Finder Blackrock Foundry sets S16 Primal gear (PVP i690)
138 (epic) Rukhmar Normal Tier 17 sets req. 91 Engineering stage 3 goggles
138-139 (epic) Heroic Highmaul
Normal Blackrock Foundry
req. 91 BS stage 3 weapons
req. 91 BS stage 3 armor
138 (epic) Raid Finder Hellfire Citadel (Early Bosses)
138 (epic) Legendary quest stage 2 ring
139 (epic) Level 100 Mythic dungeons
Raid Finder Hellfire Citadel (Late Bosses)
Mythic Highmaul
Heroic Tier 17 sets
Heroic Blackrock Foundry
req. 91 Alchemy stage 4 trinket
req. 91 BS stage 4 weapons
req. 91 BS stage 4 armor
140 (epic) Legendary quest stage 3 ring Normal Hellfire Citadel (Early Bosses)
141 (epic) Normal Tier 18 sets
Normal Hellfire Citadel (Middle Bosses)
140-142 (epic) Mythic Tier 17 sets
Normal Hellfire Citadel (Late Bosses)
Mythic Blackrock Foundry
S17 Wild gear (PVP i730) req. 91 Alchemy stage 5 trinket
req. 91 BS stage 5 weapons
req. 91 BS stage 5 armor
143 (epic) Normal Hellfire Citadel (Archimonde Only)
Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Early Bosses)
144 (epic) Heroic Tier 18 sets
Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Middle Bosses)
145 (epic) Legendary quest stage 4 ring Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Late Bosses) req. 91 Alchemy stage 6 trinket
req. 91 BS stage 6 weapons
req. 91 BS stage 6 armor
146 (epic) Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Archimonde Only)
Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Early Bosses)
147 (epic) Mythic Tier 18 sets
Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Middle Bosses)
148 (epic) Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Late Bosses)
149 (legendary) Legendary quest stage 5 ring Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Archimonde Only)

Legion (minLevel = 98-110)

The changes to items in Legion include:

  • Removal of multistrike, spirit and bonus armor.
  • Item level of drops in leveling zones and dungeons is dynamically adjusted to match the character's current level.
  • Increased likelihood of items randomly having higher ilvl ("Warforged" if +5 or +10, "Titanforged" if +15 or greater).
  • Mythic+ dungeons offer very high quality gear at top levels.
ilvl PvE (solo/party/LFR) PvE (raid) PvP Crafted
Class Trial and Class Boost starting gear
Demon hunter starting gear
Level 98 Legion dungeon gear
Demon Hunter starting zone quest rewards.
Level 99 Legion dungeon gear
Level 100 Legion dungeon gear
Level 101 Legion dungeon gear
Level 102 Legion dungeon gear
Level 103 Legion dungeon gear
Level 104 Legion dungeon gear
(rare, artifact)
Level 105 Legion dungeon gear
Artifacts (without relics)
Level 106 Legion dungeon gear
Level 108 Legion dungeon gear
(rare, epic)
Class Order Hall set items
Level 110 Legion Normal dungeon gear
Broken Shore Dauntless catchup gear
Legion Heroic dungeon gear
The Emerald Nightmare
Trial of Valor
Highest possible world quest reward (before warforging)
Final bosses of Legion zone invasions.
Broken Isles world bosses
The Nighthold
Legion Mythic dungeon gear
Tomb of Sargeras
Broken Shore world bosses
Argus Reliquary reward.
Argus world bosses
Antorus, the Burning Throne
Upgraded Legion legendary items

Battle for Azeroth (minLevel = 110-120)

The changes in BfA are so far:

  • Item level squish.
ilvl PvE (solo/party) PvE (raid) PvP Crafted
Class Boost starting gear
req.111 crafted BoEs
 [Heart of Azeroth]
Battle of Dazar'alor
Crucible of Storms
Eternal Palace
Ny'alotha, the Waking City

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