An Item suffix is a dedicated suffix given to equippable items that feature randomized secondary stat ratings upon generation. These suffixes indicate which secondary stats are present on an item.

Items of this type, like others, have a base item name. Unlike other items however, their name is followed by a suffix. These suffixes are similar to the item naming convention used in other Blizzard games such as Diablo and Diablo II. The suffix will always start with the word of followed by a few words that indicate quickly to the player what enhancements an item will give. The amount of secondary stat ratings an item gives is based on its item level, which dictates its item budget.

Items with suffixes are typically uncommon, and are often found as world drop BoEs. Although rare and epic items exist, these are most often limited to items created by professions.

On some crafting patterns, and item database websites (like Wowhead), these items are listed with their base name (for example,  [Slatesteel Girdle] or  [Pattern: Wild Leather Shoulders]) and the green text "<Random enchantment>" to indicate that the actual items have a randomly assigned enhancement matching the suffixes.

Item Suffixes

As of Battle for Azeroth, there are currently six item suffixes in use. Each suffix grants a randomized amount of its fixed two secondary stats. These suffixes are used throughout the game at all levels (suffixes that itemize mastery do not appear until Cataclysm). Tertiary stats have a chance of appearing on items starting from Warlords of Draenor and do not affect the amount of secondary stats granted.

Item Suffix Crit Haste Mastery Versatility
of the Aurora
Of the Feverflare
Of the Fireflash
Of the Harmonious
Of the Peerless
Of the Quickblade

Additional Suffixes

There are four additional item suffixes that only grant one secondary stat. These suffixes however are limited to a small set of specific gear in game, and do not appear elsewhere. Sources include gear from low level battleground crates (such as  [Crate of Battlefield Goods]), and crafted gear from the Legion expansion.

Item Suffix Secondary Stat
of the Adaptable Versatility
of the Decimator Critical Strike
of the Impatient Haste
of the Savant Mastery

Removed Suffixes

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.
  • Patch 8.0.1 featured an itemization overhaul on suffixed items and converted all previous item suffixes to those from the current in-use suffix list. This change was retroactive; all previously existing items had their original suffixes overwritten. The following information below is no longer accurate as nearly all previous suffixes no longer exist in game.

For the most part, animal, job and attribute suffixes are seen most commonly. Resistance and wrath drop less commonly, and the miscellaneous ones drop the least often. Of course, in some cases item suffixes are simply part of a unique name or are used to signify an item is part of a set.

Cataclysm introduced four-stat random enchantment items with the names of elemental powers and forces of nature, to go with the theme of the expansion. These items always have a primary stat, a large amount of stamina, and then two related secondary stats (i.e., expertise rating does not appear with intellect, but does exist with strength and agility; similarly spirit only appeared with intellect).

Certain classes, especially when leveling, will have more of this kind of item than uniquely named items (especially if you are hitting the auction house early rather than waiting on quest rewards or dungeon loot). To help find random enchantment gear that is beneficial for your class and specialization see the section Class Preferences below.

Class preferences

Class Specialization Most Useful suffixes
Death Knight Blood Stamina, Bear, Eluding, Champion, Bedrock
Frost, Unholy Strength, Bear, Soldier, Squire, Earthshaker, Earthbreaker
Druid Balance, Restoration Intellect, Owl, Eagle, Whale, Prophet, Elder, Undertow
Feral (bear) Stamina, Bear, Tiger, Monkey, Beast, Eluding, Nimbleness, Rockslab, Windstorm
Feral (cat) Agility, Monkey, Tiger, Bandit, Beast, Windstorm, Zephyr
Hunter All Agility, Bandit, Marksman, Monkey, Windflurry, Zephyr
Mage All Intellect, Eagle, Invoker, Sorcerer, Seer, Foreseer, Necromancer, Flameblaze, Wildfire
Paladin Holy Intellect, Whale, Eagle, Owl, Undertow, Wavecrest
Protection Stamina, Bear, Eluding, Rockslab, Bedrock, Bouldercrag
Retribution Strength, Mercenary, Soldier, Earthfall, Faultline
Priest Discipline, Holy Intellect, Eagle, Owl, Whale, Prophet, Wavecrest
Shadow Intellect, Eagle, Owl, Whale, Prophet, Invoker, Elder, Fireflash
Rogue All Agility, Bandit, Marksman, Monkey, Falcon, Zephyr, Galeburst
Shaman Elemental, Restoration Intellect, Eagle, Owl, Whale, Prophet, Elder, Invoker
Enhancement Agility, Monkey, Marksman, Bandit, Galeburst, Stormblast, Windstorm
Warlock All Intellect, Eagle, Invoker, Sorcerer, Seer, Foreseer, Necromancer, Feverflare, Fireflash
Warrior Arms, Fury Strength, Bear, Squire, Soldier, Mercenary, Earthshaker, Landslide
Protection Stamina, Bear, Beast, Champion, Soldier, Mercenary, Nimbleness, Bedrock, Bouldercrag, Rockslab
Note: of the Boar and Wolf are largely undesirable for all specializations and can safely be sold or disenchanted. Similarly, Gorilla and Falcon have very limited usefulness and can generally be sold or disenchanted.

Suffixes that increase a single attribute or stat

Items with an "of Attribute" suffix typically have less total attribute enhancement than "of the Animal". For example, a "Shortsword of Strength" may have +10 strength, whereas a "Shortsword of the Bear" of comparable level may have +6 strength and +6 stamina.

of Spirit
Increases Versatility when equipped.
of Intellect
Increases Intellect when equipped.
of Strength
Increases Strength when equipped.
of Stamina
Increases Stamina when equipped.
of Agility
Increases Agility when equipped.

In addition there are a number of suffixes that increase more generic stats, like attack power, spell power, or defenses.

of Defense and of Nimbleness
Both of these increase a player's dodge rating.
of Power
Increases a player's melee and ranged attack power. Of Power items can be used by all of the physical damage classes with only a minor penalty when compared to their primary stat. For example, consider two rings of the same level, one with +8 strength and one with +16 attack power. The ring with strength will be very slightly better for a Warrior or Paladin (they get two attack power from strength, plus other benefits from talents), but only half as good for a Rogue or Hunter (they get two attack power only from agility). However, the ring with attack power is equally good for all four of them.
of Speed
Increases a player's haste rating.

Spell damage suffixes

Another set of single stat suffixes increase the damage of certain schools of magic (or all schools equally).

of Frozen Wrath
Increases damage done by Frost spells
of Arcane Wrath
Increases damage done by Arcane spells.
of Fiery Wrath
Increases damage done by Fire spells.
of Nature's Wrath
Increase damage done by Nature spells.
of Shadow Wrath
Increases damage done by Shadow spells
of Holy Wrath
Increases damage done by Holy spells.
of Healing
Increases spell power (for all schools of damage and healing).
of Magic
Increases spell power (for all schools of damage and healing).

Health/Mana Regeneration

of Concentration
Regenerates mana while equipped.
of Regeneration
Regenerates health while equipped.


There are some items in the game that increase the chances that a school of magic will be resisted. There are currently no items that increase resistance to holy magic, though there are potions available that can absorb holy magic damage. Often suffix items "of X resistance" have some of the highest resistances available, and are useful for difficult resistances like Arcane or Frost, but are nearly impossible to farm.

of Fire Resistance
Increase resistance to Fire spells.
of Nature Resistance
Increase resistance to Nature spells.
of Arcane Resistance
Increase resistance to Arcane spells.
of Frost Resistance
Increase resistance to Frost spells.
of Shadow Resistance
Increase resistance to Shadow spells.

The following two-stat resistance suffixes were introduced with the Burning Crusade. They are only available for characters 57+ as drops in Outland onward, and are significantly superior to the older resistance greens, and in many cases better than the best resist gear blues or purples (in terms of pure resistance) since they have no other stats.

of Fire Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Fire spells.
of Nature Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Nature spells.
of Arcane Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Arcane spells.
of Frost Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Frost spells.
of Shadow Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Shadow spells.

Animal suffixes and other Two-stat suffixes

These are commonly found suffixes that indicate an item increases two attribute stats as shown in the tables below:

Animal suffix Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Versatility Hit
Of the Tiger*
Of the Bear
Of the Gorilla
Of the Boar
Of the Monkey
Of the Falcon
Of the Wolf
Of the Tiger**
Of the Eagle
Of the Whale
Of the Owl

* On items for levels 1 to 60

** Generally on items from Outland onward (exceptions exist)

Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Versatility
Strength N/A Tiger Bear Gorilla Boar
Agility Tiger N/A Monkey Falcon Wolf
Stamina Bear Monkey N/A Eagle Whale
Intellect Gorilla Falcon Eagle N/A Owl
Versatility Boar Wolf Whale Owl N/A

In addition to the animal suffixes, there are few more two-stat suffixes for avoidance and spell casting.

of Blocking
Increases block rating and strength. Typically found on Shields.
of Eluding
Increases agility and dodge rating, but is only available on rings and amulets.
of the Invoker
Increases intellect and critical strike rating, found on all types of gear form level 20 onwards.

Three-stat suffixes

For the most part, all of the three-stat suffixes were added in The Burning Crusade with a few additions for Wrath of the Lich King. Items with these random enchantments can be found in a Satchel of Helpful Goods, as drops from Outland onward, and as repeatable quest rewards. They can even be created with some luck by a few of the crafting professions. The more standard variations such as Beast and Prophet will drop quite frequently, while more obscure suffixes like Knight are very rare, and will only drop as Rare quality (Blue) gear.

You will notice that some suffixes add the same stats. The rarer suffixes with the same stats only appear on certain armor types or specific qualities (green, blue, etc.)


Name Strength Agility Stamina Crit Strike Haste Hit
of the Bandit
of the Beast
of the Grove*
of the Hunt*
of the Marksman
of the Shadow*
of Striking
of the Thief
of the Wild

* Appears only on leather


Name Stamina Intellect Versatility Crit Haste Hit
of the Elder
of the Foreseer
of the Mind
of the Moon
of the Necromancer
of the Nightmare
of the Prophet
of Restoration
of the Seer
of the Sorcerer
of the Sun
of the Vision


Name Strength Agility Stamina Crit Strike Dodge Haste Hit
of the Ancestor*
of Battle
of the Beast
of the Champion
of the Crusade
of the Mercenary
of the Soldier
of the Squire**
of Striking

* Appears only on mail

** Appears only on plate


Name Stamina Crit Strike Dodge Expertise Hit
of the Beast
of the Knight

Four-stat suffixes

This section lists the new four-stat random enchantment suffixes introduced in the Cataclysm expansion. These new suffixes all have four stat modifiers, two primary and two secondary.

Four-stat random enchantment gear has the same value of Stam and a second primary stat (agi, int, or str) as the three-stat suffixes (like of the Seer), and instead of one amount of secondary stat rating has two ratings, each at 2/3 the value of the single rating on a three-stat item (for example, trading 120 parry for 80 parry and 80 mastery)

Four-stat random enchantment items have the following properties:

  • Stamina is the highest stat value.
  • One of three primary stats (Agility, Intelligence or Strength), equal to the Stamina x 2/3, rounded up or down.
  • Two rating values (or one amount of rating and Spirit), both equal to the 'core stat' x 2/3, rounded up or down.

For example:

Talondeep Vest of the Zephyr 's four random enchant stats are:
330 Stamina
220 Agility
146 Haste Rating
146 Mastery Rating
330 stam x (2/3) = 220 agi
220 agi x (2/3) = 146 haste AND 146 mastery, rounded down.

This ratio remains constant for all of the Cataclysm four-stat random enchantment items.

Below are charts listing the rating combos for each of the variable primary stats.


Cata +AGI suffix Haste Hit Crit Expertise Mastery
Of the Galeburst
Of the Stormblast
Of the Windflurry
Of the Windstorm
Of the Zephyr


Cata +INT suffix Versatility Haste Hit Crit Mastery
Of the Feverflare
Of the Fireflash
Of the Flameblaze
Of the Undertow
Of the Wavecrest
Of the Wildfire


Cata +STR suffix Dodge Parry Haste Hit Crit Expertise Mastery
Of the Bedrock
Of the Bouldercrag
Of the Earthbreaker
Of the Earthfall
Of the Earthshaker
Of the Faultline
Of the Landslide
Of the Mountainbed
Of the Rockslab