NeutralIzzy Hollyfizzle
Image of Izzy Hollyfizzle
Title <Events Coordinator>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lunarfall [44.3, 51.2] and Frostwall
Status Alive

Izzy Hollyfizzle is an events coordinator located in both Lunarfall and Frostwall. She is only present after upgrading the garrison to Tier 3.


Hallow's End
Feast of Winter Veil


  • Don't you just love holidays? I know I do!
  • All this fighting must wear on you. How about a party?
  • How about makin' this place a little more festive, Commander?

Buy Let me browse your goods.

Gossip How do I obtain spooky supplies and merry supplies?

During Hallow's End and the Feast of Winter Veil, locals may drop in and request your aid against some of the denizens of Draenor. They'll surely be willing to part with some festive supplies!
Hallow's Eve supply used

Gossip Make my garrison ready for a Hallow's Eve party.

Feast of Winter Veil supply used

Gossip Make my garrison ready for a Winter Veil party.

Remove decorations

Gossip The party's over. Get rid of these decorations, Izzy.


Izzy Hollyfizzle
<Events Coordinator>
Item Cost
 [Ghoulish Guises] 5 Spooky Supplies
 [Hallow's Glow] 5 Spooky Supplies
 [Seer's Invitation] 5 Spooky Supplies
 [Witch's Brew] 5 Spooky Supplies
 [Creepy Crawlers] 5 Spooky Supplies
 [Tricky Treat] 1 Spooky Supplies
 [Ball of Tangled Lights] 5 Merry Supplies
 [Imported Trees] 5 Merry Supplies
 [Little Helpers] 5 Merry Supplies
 [Festive Outfits] 5 Merry Supplies
 [Old Box of Decorations] 5 Merry Supplies
 [Savage Gift] 5 Merry Supplies
 [Crashin' Thrashin' Killdozer Controller] 5 Merry Supplies

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