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J'argg Bloodfyre
Image of J'argg Bloodfyre
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Old Horde and Shadowmoon clan
Occupation Captain
Status Deceased
Relative(s) J'amogg (father), Jaruk (brother), Relka (unknown relation)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

J'argg Bloodfyre was a Shadowmoon orc who lived on Draenor at the start of the genocide of the draenei. He became a leader of raids on the remaining draenei, and often urged his brother, Jaruk Bloodfyre, to drink the Blood of Mannoroth as well and join their slaughtering of man, woman and child alike. J'argg forced Jaruk to carry axes but they were ineffective in the shaman's hands.

During a raid, he thought he saved Jaruk's life by killing two draenei. In truth however, Jaruk was trying to help the draenei escape. When he threw a spear into the second draenei, Alius, he learned that one draenei escaped. He ordered Ra'nok to burn the corpses and went for the draenei. He found her as she was trying to distract the orcs. He killed her immediately and eventually found her daughter, Leena. He ordered Jaruk to kill the child but Jaruk refused, attacking him. During the battle, he lost his left eye. An ogre lord suddenly appeared and distracted the two combatants. J'argg for the last time tried to persuade Jaruk to help him. However, Jaruk instead took Leena and escaped. J'argg returned to camp, told the orcs about Jaruk's betrayal and prepared to track the traitor. Thanks to Ra'nok, who tracked them down, J'argg found them but Jaruk was able to stir a hive of fireflies and a spore walker, which attacked the approaching orcs. Some of his orcs died, but J'argg insisted on catching Jaruk.

Years later, he managed to catch Leena and her new cub, Pebbles. Eventually, he and his orcs approached Chantu's house. He tossed Pebbles and laughed when Leena called Jaruk father. He revealed that he had traveled to the Black Temple in order to get demon's blood for Jaruk, because he felt that it was his fault as he had not convinced Jaruk to drink it. As orcs seized Jaruk, J'argg made him drink the demon blood and demanded to kill Leena as a proof of his new allegiance. But Jaruk, still in control of his actions, attacked J'argg and his followers. Apparently victorious, he renounced his brother and walked off to embrace Leena. But in a final act of spite, the dying J'argg managed to thrust his blade through Jaruk's back. The shocked Leena picked up a fallen blade and pierced J'argg's neck, killing him.[1]